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Will-They-Won't-They No More!: A Chat With the Cast and EPs of Midnight, Texas [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

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After months of will-they-won’t-they, Midnight, Texas finally got renewed for season two and I couldn’t be more thrilled! With new showrunners Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder (RingerSupernatural) on board, season two will be fresh and full of changes.

According to our new showrunning duo, what can we expect from the upcoming season? “In season two, we will dig deeper into character’s backstories; everybody is coupled off this season so they are morphing and growing into couples. We witness firsthand what the growing pains are for that evolution. Season two is sexier. True Blood was the perfect template for what this show should be.”

We also asked star Fran├žois Arnaud (Manfred Bernardo) what’s ahead for Manfred and he spoiled: “I am nude in the first episode of the season, but it’s less for sexy reasons and more for villainous reasons. The first shot I am in my underwear and cowboy boots and digging a grave in the desert for someone. I can’t tell you who though.” And what arc/character growth and development would he like to see this season?

“When the new writers got on board, I told them what I wanted to see what happened and they dove right in. So right at the top of the season, it is a really intense journey for Manfred. He goes sort of evil. He goes from savior to greatest threat. He can’t control his demonic cancer.”


With the twist that Manfred will be more foe than friend this season, what can we expect from our favorite witch, Fiji? Parisa Fitz-Henley shared:

“This year is really next-level stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else, where the writers are really allowing themselves to explore what it means to be human and what the power of a soul is. Also, identity. Who is Fiji? Are you who you are born as or are you who you make yourself? That’s a very big part of this season.”

What’s ahead for her and Bobo (Dylan Bruce) specifically? “Midnight’s core is love and this is a thing that’s happening between Bobo and Fiji. These people have been best friends for years and they have such an amazing bond; they just didn’t know that they could be together. It’s this incredible sense of freedom and exploration that they have and it is so, so, sweet. Really, really loving and fun. They both aged regressed 10 years and they are just like teenagers.

It is beautiful but it is Midnight and we know that Fiji has a history of terrible and tragic things happening around relationships. We start to see suspicious things happening this season to Bobo and putting him in harm’s way. Fiji’s understandably terrified. We get to explore the experience of is this the same thing happening again or is it not. The reality is, we are going to find out things about Fiji that Fiji doesn’t even know. Season one Fiji knew who she was but she hid it from herself and others. This year she has no idea what’s happening.”


For Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) and Lem (Peter Mensah), Midnight’s newest newlyweds, what has the evolution of their journey been so far and where is it going? According to Arielle, “Season one we were learning about the character. Olivia is a badass but she’s very broken and there’s this tragic past that she is very secretive about. Then there’s Lem and their relationship and marriage. Season two we dive more into married life and they are learning to grow together. They are a couple on a different level and this spills over into family. What does this mean for Olivia’s wounds and her family healing when it comes to her father and her past? It is a much more emotionally-driven season, there’s still a lot of action, but there’s a lot of drama. What’s interesting about it, she has the choice not to go through it alone and go through it with Lem, but will she? That’s a good question.”

How would Jason Lewis (Joe Strong) describe season two in three words? “Sexy, gritty, dirty.” Our favorite fallen angel continues, “This is a much more visceral season than the first season. The story and character development are strong.”

What is his ideal scenario for Joe in season two? “Joe spent a lot of time [in season one] hiding a secret and hiding from the world. Because Bowie (Breeda Wool) is gone, the show can explore much more of Joe. He is now trying to figure out his place in the world. He now has to take an active participation not only in the town but in who he is going to be.”


It sounds like everyone is excited for season two! Their affection for Midnight, Texas and the incredible supernatural world and foundation that author Charlaine Harris has built hasn’t waned a bit.

“Charlaine has an amazing imagination and she’s introduced some of the most amazing and coolest supernatural ideas ever,” Jason said. “One of the things that I love about Midnight is that it is not a singularity and it invites the idea of individualism, and individualism being awesome. I really love the idea of Midnight, whether it was The Goonies or X-Men, where you can feel like you belong... even if you don’t necessarily fit the norm. I know I look like the guy who always fits the norm, but I never did as a kid. I hid in movie theaters and libraries growing up, so stories were a safe place for me.”

Well said, Jason. Well said. I can’t wait for Midnight, Texas to be back on our screens October 26, only on NBC!


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