Saturday, November 18, 2017

Scorpion 4x07 Review: "Go With the Flo(rence)" (Nerd Warfare) [Guest Contributor: Yasmine]

“Go With the Flo(rence)”
Original Airdate: November 6, 2017

In the seventh episode of the season, Team Scorpion gets an interesting new neighbor and help — then trick — the British government, all while taking huge strides in their personal growth.

Florence, a chemist, moves into the warehouse next door to Team Scorpion and her first neighborly act, as a reaction to them being loud, is to flood their space with a horrible smelling gas through the shared vent. The first meeting with Florence does not go so well and the team members complain about her lack of personal skills, which is absolutely hilarious because she is exactly who they were before Paige came into their lives and started helping them out.

But the neighborly visit does not last too long. The team is quickly contacted and recruited by MI-6 and the British government to help them locate and stop a group of terrorists who have hacked and stolen a British satellite and are planning a terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

The team are led by MI-6 agent Jemma Franklin — a woman who can be most politely described as the least friendly and the least cooperative person to work with — and Paige is quickly to pick up on all her negative vibes. They still manage to find the hacker, but he burns his laptop and sends the key-fob swimming into the sewers. Cabe and Toby take the hacker back to the garage to question him while the others work on locating the fob and trying to stop the satellite. Happy throws Toby’s “Attaboy” keychain — which she has updated with a GPS tracking software — after the fob to help them locate it.

Things get messy and gross with the team tracking in the sewers, as well as for Cabe and Toby, since the hacker refused to cooperate and Florence continues to barge in uninvited. The team eventually manages to redirect the strike and save the day but not without a huge sacrifice from Sylvester. Honestly, this show should be renamed “Sylvester Dodd Overcomes His Fears and Saves the Day” because every week, this young man takes a huge step in overcoming something that has crippled him his whole life and proves that his story is one of the most exciting. This week, Sly finds himself sucked into the sewers with a rodent on his shoulder. And yes, he does panic, but this does not stop him from putting his fear aside and doing what is needed to save the day.

While Sly is on a journey of overcoming his fears, Walter is on an educational one in the art of being in a relationship. I really appreciate how the writers are dealing with the Walter/Paige relationship and not glossing over how hard it is for two such individuals to be together, or Walter’s fears about being in a relationship or his lack of experience in a proper adult relationship. Each week is another baby step and another lesson for the both of them and I think that is great. They obviously love and care for each other, but it’s not enough, and the writers are dealing with it very delicately and respectfully.

This week’s lesson is in the art of communication — in listening to the other person, understanding their needs and not assuming what they want or acting on your own assumptions. It’s a tough lesson for Walter, who starts the episode by replacing all of Paige’s beauty products with a single product that he concocted that he claims will replace all the others. It’s a slow and tough journey but in the end, he does learn the lesson. And this also helps them in stopping the MI-6 agent and the British government from stealing the satellite they had falsely claimed as theirs. Walter tells Paige that he trusted her instincts and the bad vibes she picked off Jemma and had sent the satellite into deep space orbit after stopping the terrorists.

Another relationship that is growing nicely is that of Walter and Ralph. Walter’s role in Ralph’s life is very important and in this episode, they share a sweet moment in which Walter plays the fatherly role and tries to help Ralph out with his crush on Sly’s intern Patty.

Finally, Toby and Happy, who are trying to have a child of their own, continue to prove they have the parenting skills down — even if they’re applying them to the eldest member of the group. As Cabe continues to struggle with the possibility of ending up in prison, Toby tries his best — with Happy supporting him — to get Cabe to talk to him and open up. Cabe isn’t the easiest to crack and not the quickest to share his emotions, but Toby and Happy are not quitting on him and they’re already proving they are going to be great — albeit unconventional — parents.


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