Sunday, November 19, 2017

Once Upon A Time 7x06 Review: “Wake Up Call” (The Queen is Back) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Wake Up Call”
Original Airdate: November 10, 2017

It’s time for another wake-up potion to come into play, meaning we are one character closer to getting to the point where things can actually start happening. At this rate, we will be lucky to have a real story start by the second half of the season. The only interesting thing to come out of this episode is the realization that the curse in Hyperion Heights may be better off left unbroken. However, we all know that’s not going to happen.


Oddly enough, Drizella was the one who cast the curse, not Lady Tremaine as it had seemed. Even more surprising, Drizella actually has magic powers, like Regina. Back in the fairy tale flashbacks, Regina takes Drizella under her wing and becomes the magic teacher she never had. Unfortunately, like most people with magic, Drizella favors her hatred for her mother and starts a downward spiral of doom and gloom.

Her spiraling is what appears to eventually allow her to form the curse, which she vows will be unbreakable. Cue the eye roll because if there really was an unbreakable curse, the show would be over. Plus, this is still a fairy tale show, so evil isn’t going to win. What doesn’t make sense is why Drizella wasn’t awake under the curse the whole time, which implies that something may have gone wrong. She decides to put her master plan into action in Hyperion Heights by waking up Regina, who she inexplicably hates. Now that Rumple and Regina are awake, only Hook has to gain his memories back for the party to begin.


I have hated almost all of the non-sequential flashback scenes so far, but I found this episode’s to be lightyears better. For starters, seeing Regina recognizing herself in Drizella and trying to help her was a great character moment. She has truly proven that she has chosen the hero path and isn’t looking back. Regina has had the biggest character arc over the series, so it is nice to see its continual evolution.

The other part of the flashbacks that was entertaining is a brief scene between Regina and Rumple. Coming pretty much out of thin air, Rumple has crossed realms and finds the camp that Regina, Hook, and Henry have become a part of. Rumple and Regina share a touching moment where he reveals his path to goodness. While it is nice to see Rumple’s turned leaf, he doesn’t appear to be too nice in Hyperion Heights.

This episode has also proven that the show can still be decent if it limits the use of its new characters. When the three returning cast members are on screen, things are great. However, most of the new characters are annoying. At this point, I only find Lucy and sometimes Drizella tolerable. At least the show is making more attempts each week to not be as stale.


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