Saturday, November 4, 2017

Once Upon A Time 7x05 Recap: “Greenbacks” (Changing the World) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

November 3, 2017

After last episode’s reveal that Rumple is awake in Seattle and knows his whole past, the story isn’t continued! This is the epitome of the problems with this season of Once Upon A Time: Once an intriguing plotline starts, it is forgotten quickly. This latest episode takes one step forward and two steps back, which isn’t the direction any show wants to move in.


The first step backward is that Rumple is totally out of the picture after his awakening and doesn’t appear in the episode. Sure, he will more than likely be more of a focal point in the next episode, but it would have been better to explore his new state immediately. The second step backward is Tiana’s state of mind in the fairytale world. Once Upon A Time has always been about strong female characters who don’t need or seek a prince to save them in either the Enchanted Forest or reality. Unfortunately, Tiana’s kingdom is crumbling, and her only thought is that she needs to find a prince to save things.

While Tiana does eventually realize that she can solve her own problems without a man at her side, it still is a problem with the overall concept of the show. The female characters have never entertained the idea of needing a man, so this is deeply problematic for me. The show has always shown empowering female characters, so I hope this isn’t a major setback. On the bright side, Sabine, Tiana in Seattle, is quite the opposite of her other self. She is more of a trailblazer, as she tries to start her own business in retaliation of Victoria raising Sabine and Jocinda’s rent. While all of the acting in the Seattle scenes is extremely wooden, there is a nice concept hidden there.


In a very unexpected twist, Ivy is actually awake in Seattle and has been playing dumb for what seems to be a short amount of time. The creepy witch being kept in a locked room at the top of Victoria’s building definitely has something to do with this awakening. Ivy is setting some sort of plan in motion, but your guess is as good as mine as for what it is. She is probably genuine in her efforts to help Regina, Henry, and Hook take down Victoria, even after she is more than likely awoken in the timeframe the episode occurs in.

Speaking of Regina and Henry, a photo is found in the creepy room by Regina. This picture is bound to wake up more people, considering it shows Regina and young Henry in Storybrooke from back in season one. Obviously, both characters don’t recall the moment the picture captures, but maybe it will set the story more in motion. The creepy witch assumedly had something to do with the photo surfacing, but what is her role in the craziness? Hopefully, we will eventually learn what’s actually going on.


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