Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Younger 4x09 Recap: “The Incident at Pound Ridge” (Josh Gets Revenge) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“The Incident at Pound Ridge”
Original Airdate: August 23, 2017

This week’s episode of Younger begins with Josh and Claire are chatting about her hometown in Ireland. Josh says he will wait for her at the bar, until she's free. Claire says she took the night off the following day, and Josh invites her on a proper date.

At Empirical, the team learns that adult coloring books have grown significantly and that they should try to find a way to get into that market. Kelsey gets a bold idea to see if Josh can be lured with a $10,000 advance as long as he uses the tattoo designs he owns and creates an adult coloring book based on them. Josh is in. The only thing is that this would be in Millennial's imprint, and he would need to meet and be vetted by Charles first. Still reeling from the fact that Liza cheated on him with Charles, this could go terribly wrong for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Diana is spearheading the company picnic at Charles's house that weekend. All authors are invited, including Pauline. Charles states boldly that Pauline is staying with her sister, but she will receive an invitation just like everyone else. In an attempt to give Charles more of a narrative, we meet a no-name friend of his, who gives him unsolicited advice. He tells Charles that Pauline is a different person and maybe he should consider reconciling with her. (He also says all marriages are crazy and wishes his wife would leave him for a year, so take it with a grain of salt.) Charles says that he found someone else. He swears the man to secrecy about this vague piece of news before departing.

Liza and Pauline meet up for more book edits. Pauline starts the conversation on the wrong foot by gossiping with Liza. She heard that Charles might be seeing someone and she wants to know who. Liza stops her before the conversation spirals (and ultimately leads to Pauline finding out that the someone is her).

On their proper date, Claire talks about her video game internship and living in the moment. Claire and Josh eat jalapeños and it's Claire's first time being venturing into the land of heat. Afterwards, they go back to his place. While getting intimate, Josh starts screaming in pain. Apparently, her hands are still covered with jalapeño residue. Whoops!

The next day, Kelsey talks to Josh and thinks that he has real potential with his book deal. She recommends he attend the company picnic to meet the team. I realized in this moment that Josh was trying to keep Liza’s integrity and did not confide in Kelsey that Charles is one of the reasons they broke up. She keeps pushing the issue until Josh agrees. Josh tells Claire the story of everything that happened, and Claire recommends that he should go to the picnic and prove he's he the bigger man. ... And do it all while getting $10,000 from the company.

Before the picnic, Diana finds out that Liza introduced Josh and Claire and got him the job at Millennial. She says they need to have a chat about her not being a door mat. At the picnic, when Charles and Josh interact and re-introduce themselves, it is awkward and Liza is holding her breath while watching from afar.

Pauline pulls Liza to the side and finds out that Liza is her daughters' babysitter, when the kids rush to Liza with glee. Pauline offers a tour of the home but it feels odd considering the fact that they she no longer lives there. Pauline realizes that she is just a guest and there are no photos of her in the house she built anymore. She also keeps asking Liza about who Charles is seeing, but this is not Liza’s place or news to share really; this is a conversation she should be having with her estranged husband. Diana basically kidnaps Pauline so Liza can officiate the potato sack race.

In the potato sack race, of course Josh and Charles are neck-and-neck in competition. They fall at the same time, and Charles bumps into Josh on the way down. He immediately apologizes. But this is clearly a trigger for Josh, who then punches Charles and walks away. Josh could not control his emotions because one: he's obviously still not over Liza; and two, it was a bad idea for Kelsey to get him to come. Of course, Josh has still not told Kelsey the real reason why he and Liza broke up so she is majorly confused as to what happened.

Liza follows Charles, who is not actually upset. He realizes that Josh must have seen he and Liza kissing in the Hamptons, and feels like Josh's punch was warranted. The two then passionately kiss, and Charles asks Liza to stay the night. She declines, saying that everything has changed now. Charles says his feelings are the same, but Liza knows with Pauline back in the picture, things are different.

The night ends with Kelsey asking questions and going straight to Liza for answers. Liza confesses that she and Charles had a moment in the Hamptons. Kelsey sternly warns her not to sleep with him, because it will end badly for everyone if she does.

Why did Pauline keeping asking Liza about Charles' new woman? She needs to ask Charles directly. Do you think Liza and Charles are really done? Will Charles still give Josh the book deal since he understands why he punched him? Until next week! Share your thoughts below!


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