Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise 4x01 & 4x02 Roundtable: Matchmaking and Misconduct [Contributors: Chelsea, Alisa, & Rebecca]

Everyone's favorite Bachelor spin-off has returned. Chelsea, Alisa, and Rebecca settle in to talk about the contestants who arrived in Paradise, as well as predictions for the season.

What did you think about the contestants that came to Paradise? Any past favorites? Any couples you’re cheering on? 

Rebecca: I really like the mix of people they’ve brought out for this season of Paradise. My favorite couple as of now is Dean and Kristina, and I really hope they work through the rocky patch they were in at the close of Tuesday’s episode. They’re both total sweethearts who have good chemistry and a lot in common. I was also thrilled to see Diggy, Nurse Danielle, and Raven... and of course, my fave Alexis — I adore all of them and really hope they all find love in Mexico! I was also happy to see Wells back in action, even as “just the bartender.” I have a feeling someone may try to cozy up to him (*cough cough* Nurse Danielle *cough*).

Alisa: I really hope Kristina and Dean can make it work because they both deserve love so much and I think they could really be great together if they can get through their issues. I’m so happy Diggy came to Paradise because I adore him. Raven, Nurse Danielle, and Derek are also faves of mine.

Chelsea: They have a really fun cast this year. Nurse Danielle, Raven, and Wells are my obvious favorites. I’m hoping for something on the Nurse Danielle/Wells front since they were friends before the show and that would be cute. I also just really want Wells to be the Bachelor since he’s so much fun. More Wells is what I’m getting at. Dean and Kristina are a surprising match and are so cute. I cannot wait to see how that develops.

Going into this week, we’ve all been wondering what happened with the sexual misconduct allegations. How did you think the show handled it when production restarted? What did you think of the cast talking about it? 

Rebecca: Yikes... I am not even sure where to start. I guess I’ll begin with the fact it was totally, completely scripted. It could have been a really educational discussion about consent, slut-shaming, and race, but instead turned into a ploy for ABC to save face. It was so obvious that the producers fed lines to the contestants, which made the whole thing really uncomfortable and awkward to watch. This article really sums up how I felt about the discussion in much better words than I can find. That all being said, kudos to Raven for her bravery and sharing her story of surviving sexual assault.

Alisa: Seriously so proud of Raven for sharing her story. That’s so difficult and I really hope that no one pressured her to share it and it was really just because she felt impressed to in the moment. As for the rest of it, eh. I mean, I’m glad they had a conversation about it at all and brought up consent, slut-shaming, and racism — all of which were factors in what happened and the aftermath. But they did it in typical ABC fashion, unfortunately, and — like Rebecca said — it just rang a little hollow.

Chelsea: I’ve been in a lot of HR and Title IX training this week for my new job, and I think I’m okay with it being scripted here. These are important topics that need to be talked about in a blunt fashion and that never happens on TV. You need to hear men talk about consent in relationships and have a prominently white cast talk about how race was a factor in the accusations. You need to make people uncomfortable because these aren’t things that are talked about frankly. I don’t think they could have gone further this week if they didn’t do it like this, and I imagine most of these contestants needed a little training in all these areas. There was no way ABC wasn’t going to script that and drive those lessons into every single one of the cast members’ heads.

That all aside, I’m so proud of Raven for speaking up as a sexual assault survivor. Society needs to give survivors platforms to talk about their experiences and she’s using hers well. She’s always been a favorite of mine for other reasons and now I just have the greatest respect for her.

Chris Harrison is a treasure and complete delight in those opening credits. What’s your favorite Chris Harrison moment in Paradise so far? 

Rebecca: Chris Harrison is SUCH a gem. He truly is too good for the messiness that is the Bachelor franchise, but my heart will absolutely shatter if he ever walks away from the show. He really is the perfect host. I usually fast forward through the opening credits after the first episode, but I think I’ll continue watching them all season as he totally owns those credits in that dapper suit. I’d let him rescue me from the ocean any day.

Alisa: Okay, so Chris Harrison is my biggest celebrity crush and that’s no secret to anyone including my boyfriend. I swear we’ve seen more of Chris Harrison in the first week of Paradise than we did the WHOLE SEASON of The Bachelorette, and I hope the Chris-fest continues all season long! Also, I think Chris — who always looks quite dapper — has really stepped up his wardrobe this season. That suit in the opening credits...those perfectly tailored slim fit linen pants in episode two... the man knows how to dress. Or at least knows the importance of a good stylist. Either way, I am here for it!

Chelsea: Chris Harrison is just a treasure and I adore how dorky he was playing lifeguard in a suit in those opening credits. He’s here to save the cast and viewers from all the crazy things this season. Paradise looks so great on him and his wardrobe person deserves a raise and fruit basket.


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