Monday, August 7, 2017

The Bachelorette 13x10 Roundtable: Men Tell All [Contributors: Chelsea, Alisa, and Rebecca]

As we head into the final night of The Bachelorette, our ladies discuss the Men Tell All special, and who they think will be left standing at the end of the finale.

What is your impression of Men Tell All? Favorite confrontation? Anything you wish they had addressed?

Rebecca: I loved the montage they did at the beginning of the best “Men Tell All” moments. I had forgotten about some of them (like Kalon, for instance). And I loved that they showed Ashley and JP getting the ultrasound done to find out the sex of their baby. What a sweet moment! I also loved the blooper reel — that’s always my favorite part. The best confrontation was when Kenny and Josiah put Lee in his place. I love that Josiah straight-up asked Lee why his racist self came on the show to date a black woman.

Alisa: I forgot about all those great moments from the Men Tell Alls of yore, so that was definitely a highlight. And the blooper reel is always my favorite part. As for confrontations, Kenny brought his A-game for the inevitable dragging of Lee.

Chelsea: My favorite thing about the Men Tell All was easily Dean’s suit. He just looked so dapper with his socks matching his pocket square. I’m glad he got proper closure with Rachel. I found it fitting that they only spent like two minutes talking to Matt and Adam about why they were kept so long, since we didn’t know who they were all season. I would have liked to hear them talk a little more though.

Men Tell All spent most of the episode focused on Lee and his racism. How do you think the show handled the subject matter?

Rebecca: I’m torn. Part of me wishes the show didn’t give Lee more attention than they already did, but part of me hopes that the confrontation provided a learning experience for viewers who may not have seen the issue with his tweets and actions. I remember one moment from the season where Lee called (I think Kenny?) “aggressive,” and one of the men explained the connotation and history behind that word when used to describe a black man, and that was something I had never known. I think there were plenty of moments like that where ABC could have addressed microaggressions, but failed to do so. Hopefully this was a learning experience for ABC just as much as I hope it was for Lee. I don’t know if I buy his apology, but I’m glad that he was forced to listen to Kenny go IN on him — and forced to listen to Chris when he pulled receipts on Lee.

Alisa: Ugh. Well, unfortunately I didn’t expect any better of them but to give Lee even MORE time to make up excuses for his racism. I wish they hadn’t given him the Men Tell All platform, but like I said above, Kenny came prepared and Chris pulled out tweet receipts and in the end, Lee got dragged hard and he deserved it. I genuinely hope he really has grown and learned from all this but I’m skeptical. And seriously, there are way easier ways to educate yourself and overcome your ignorance than by wasting the time of the first black Bachelorette in history.

Chelsea: Like the girls said, I’m glad Chris Harrison came prepared and that all the guys had large platform to talk about race, microaggressions, and systemic racism, but I think they just gave Lee too much time to try to sweet talk his way around an apology. It was just uncomfortable any time he spoke and I do hope ABC learned its lesson about vetting contestants and how they need to do their homework.

Final predictions for the final two men and winner. Which of Rachel’s men do you want to see in Paradise with Dean? 

Rebecca: Bryan will win, Peter will come in second, Eric will go home next. In Paradise, I’d like to see Alex, Diggy, Kenny, Anthony, Will, and BLAKE K. (heart eyes emoji).

Alisa: I agree Bryan will win. Though, they’re realllly pushing this tension between Rachel and Peter which makes me think he will at least end up in the final two after all. That’s the same thing they did last season with Nick and Vanessa, showing them fighting all the time and then she won. Oh man, I am SO HAPPY Dean is going to paradise. That little nugget deserves all the love in the world. I’d also like to see Anthony, Diggy, Will, and YES OF COURSE BLAKE K. in Paradise.

Chelsea: Bryan will win because Peter has to be the Bachelor. I don’t care about Eric and am surprised he made it this far. Bryan has been consistently in love with her all season and I think they’ve done a good job the past few episodes setting up Peter as a good candidate for The Bachelor.

I’m so happy Dean is going to Paradise and can relax a little. He seems like the type that would thrive on the beach. I’m hoping we get Will, Anthony, Alex, and OF COURSE BLAKE K.! It’s not too late to make Blake K. the Bachelor is it? Or sign him up for next season of The Bachelorette?

Fantasy League Scores: 

  • Chelsea: 500 points
  • Alisa: 470 points
  • Rebecca: 430 points
  • Rae: 270 points


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