Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Bachelor 21x11 Roundtable: Women Tell All [Contributors: Rebecca, Alisa, Patti]

We are almost at the end of this season's fairy tale, and after this week's episode, Nick has two women left to choose as his queen. Not only that, but the women come back to face Nick on Women Tell All. Read on to see what Rebecca, Alisa, and Patti thought of this week's extended episode of The Bachelor.

Whose Fantasy date went the best? Worst?

Rebecca: I really liked Rachel’s date. The skiing looked fun. And it was nice that he made her breakfast. But honestly, I don’t remember Raven’s and the cold-to-hot thing Vanessa and Nick did just looked painful.

Alisa: Rachel’s date looked super fun. Even though I’m not really the outdoorsy type, I’d be up for some cross-country skiing. I also love that Rachel isn’t afraid to laugh at herself and just go with the flow. She was falling all over the place in those skis and still seemed like she had a great time. Vanessa and Nick’s date looked awful and if I had to keep jumping into freezing cold water, I would be in an incredibly bad mood for the rest of the day. Did Nick and Raven even have a date? All I remember is lots of convo about what would (or wouldn’t) happen in the fantasy suite.

Patti: I loved the first part of Vanessa’s date! That ice bath and how hilarious they were getting in and out of it made me wish that we saw more of that kind of casual, fun interaction on the show. The second half? Oh my God, my brain hurt so bad. It was like expecting cotton candy and then having to choke down stale taffy.

Did anything surprise you from Women Tell All?

Rebecca: I did like how “political” the show got. We don’t often see the show — especially the Bachelor — talk about race or sex as frankly as they have this season. Other then that, it was typical run-of-the-mill Women Tell All. Corinne is still entitled, Taylor is still annoying, Kristina is still precious, Alexis is still my fave (besides Rachel). Liz did redeem herself for me, and I liked the little speech she gave.

Alisa: I agree with Rebecca 100%. The Bachelor is actually talking about some very pointed issues this season instead of skirting around or ignoring them completely like it usually does. The only thing that surprised me was Liz. I was skeptical when she began her little women-empowerment speech, but by the end of it, I was applauding along with the other women. And I also appreciated that we finally got to learn stuff about her that matters — like her building wells in Africa. Good for her. Being known solely as The Woman Who Previously Slept With Nick isn’t something any woman should be saddled with.

Patti: Chris Harrison losing all control within three minutes was so telling. This was a season FULL of strong, and mostly intelligent women who were not afraid to show their true colors, good or bad. I was really impressed with all of them, even if I didn’t like what they were saying. I think we might finally be getting away from the sweet, dumb contestants of years past. At least, I pray we are.

We’re down to two. Who do you think Nick will pick?

Rebecca: Vanessa. I love Raven, but I just don’t see her as being “wife material,” for Nick. Vanessa and Nick are so alike and I feel like they have better chemistry. He also seems more serious about her.

Alisa: I think he’ll pick Raven. He and Vanessa are so much alike. Too much alike. And Nick has expressed several times that he worries that won’t work out for them. They’re both very stubborn and set in their ways, and even if he does end up picking her, I don’t see it working out long term. Plus, I mean, Vanessa deserves way better. I think Nick and Raven actually seem really compatible and in sync with each other. She likes to have fun and is pretty bold — both characteristics Nick has repeatedly said he’s looking for in a woman. And she seems go-with-the-flow enough to put up with Nick’s many eccentricities. As long as he doesn’t cheat on her.

Patti: I think he will pick Vanessa. He SHOULD pick Raven, but I think he will have some part of his weird male personality challenged by Vanessa, and not be able to let that go. She deserves better though.

And, as we do every week, here are our Bachelor Fantasy League standings:

  1. Patti (750 points)
  2. Chelsea (740 points)
  3. Rae (520 points)
  4. Rebecca (500 points)
  5. Alisa (470 points)


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