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Grey’s Anatomy 13x17 Review “’Till I Hear It From You” (Wrapping Up) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“’Till I Hear It From You”
Original Airdate: March 23, 2017

After many weeks of multiple storylines going unfinished, an episode has finally surfaced to tie up loose ends. While not all the missing stories have been fulfilled, it is good to know that they haven’t been completely forgotten about and left in limbo forever. The direction of this episode was wonderful, as director/actor Kevin McKidd always does a great job. Between story development and cinematography, this was the best episode of the past few weeks.


The truth usually strikes the doctors pretty hard, so it was no shocker that many characters got a twist they weren’t expecting. For once, the audience was way ahead of the action and knew what all the strife was about. Two characters had especially difficult times handling the truth, which has been put off for too long. First, Maggie’s mother makes her return to Seattle without having told her daughter that she has breast cancer. Just like Maggie, Diane Pierce is incredibly stubborn and refuses to disclose the truth until the very last moment.

Naturally, this causes problems between Maggie and Diane. However, the biggest grief is for the audience, as viewers must suffer through Maggie’s relentless complaining throughout the episode until she learns the truth behind her mother’s surgery. Maggie should feel like a terrible person for the way she treated her mother. The character was quite despicable, and she’s not usually that bad. Now, Maggie will be the worrywart family of a sick patient, which will, more than likely, make her more unbearable.

Owen and Amelia’s relationship has been in limbo since they got married, and it doesn’t appear the situation is getting better soon. Their biggest problem is that they don’t communicate, which led to the ordeal they are currently in. For those who have forgotten what their issue is, since it really hasn’t come up, Amelia is scared to death of having another child after her first baby was born without a brain and died less than an hour after birth. This is a completely reasonable reason to not want another child, but had Amelia told Owen the truth prior to tying the knot, all the arguing could have been avoided.

I blame Amelia for this debacle, as she has perpetually made it worse. She half-admits her past to Owen in this episode, which is at least a small step in the right direction. Even though the two took some great shots at each other, it’s good that they are sort of talking again. Will the relationship be repaired? It’s hard to say, but the show would be better off without the hassle of two messed up characters making each other’s lives worse.


Arizona and Richard used to be on the same side of the Minnick situation, until Richard caught Arizona kissing the enemy two episodes ago. Saying stuff hit the fan might be a bit of an understatement, as Richard feels that he has personally been betrayed. It is pretty terrible that Arizona would be falling for the enemy of one of her closest friends, so Richard is in the right again. The two have a mini make-up moment where Richard says he will eventually be able to forgive her.

The war on Minnick seems to have died off over the past two weeks or so, yet it’s rekindled with a single kiss. Unless Richard gives in or Minnick leaves, I don’t see the drama ending anytime soon. Every person has their own agenda at this point, so it seems impossible that everyone will give one way or another. The story is getting stale, yet it’s unclear whether it will continue to burn slowly or end in an explosive conclusion.


Meredith and Nathan have had an ongoing cat-and-mouse relationship that also hasn’t made any strides until this episode. By the end, Nathan is able to convince Meredith to go out with him in a speech about the first time he saw her that would melt anyone’s heart. These two characters have had their hearts ripped out and been depressed for years, so it was very good to see both have some genuinely positive emotions. Since Meredith has accepted Nathan’s date proposal, there should be more interesting stories to come out of their new relationship.

Last week’s budding romance between Jackson and April was completely non-existent in this episode, as Sarah Drew didn’t even appear. It hasn’t been unusual this season for a character to randomly not have a role in an episode, so it seems like it was April’s turn to have a week off. The timing is miserable considering the emotional turn of events her trip to Montana with Jackson turned into. Their story still remains open-ended and lost in the sea of unfinished business.

DeLuca is also in the same predicament, as he has finally professed his love for Jo. The love triangle between Alex, Jo, and DeLuca will certainly heat back up, which would allow all of those unfinished plot points from earlier in the year to be wrapped up. With so many questions unanswered all season, it was good to have some stories close and others rekindled. With six or seven episodes left in the season, let’s hope the rest of the stories will wrap up nicely.


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