Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Bachelor 21x09 Roundtable: Hot and Cold [Contributors: Patti, Alisa, Chelsea, Rebecca, Rae]

This week, on a short episode of The Bachelor, we finally said goodbye to this season’s villain and hello to the Northern Lights. See what Patti, Alisa, Chelsea, Rebecca, and Rae have to say about Corinne leaving and Raven’s unprecedented date.

Are you glad or sad to see Corinne leave?

Patti: Honestly, it’s time. And we are so close to the end, so I’m fine with it. But did you see how little Nick cared about letting her go? He cried so much when he sent Kristina home, but with Corinne he basically pushed her out the door! My husband was the first one to comment on it as she wept in his arms, and he was obviously looking around for the car where he could usher her into. This further supports my theory that she was kept this long by the producers only, and he just enjoyed making out with her in the meantime.

Alisa: Yeah, Nick was completely remorseless leading Corinne to the nearest exit. Their tongues may have had a strong connection all season, but Nick couldn’t wait to be done with her. It actually made me feel a little bad for her (just a little) as she clung to him sobbing, asking what she could have done differently. She’s so young and Nick is so... ugh. Ah well, she has a bright future as a cable TV correspondent ahead of her.

Chelsea: Yeah, I agree with Patti. She really was the producers’ pick this whole season because of her outrageous personality, and Nick looked so ready to get her out of there. It really was her time to go. She’s been interesting, but it was only until her limo ride out that I really loved anything she said as she advocated for her own happiness and not pleasing a man. It’s quite telling of how the producers got her to do things this semester.

Rebecca: Completely agree with all of the above. I’ve said before, Corinne and Nick simply do not have a connection, and that she’s been a prop manipulated by the producers to get people talking about the show. So I do feel bad for her, but only a little bit. It doesn’t excuse a lot of her actions, but I do have to admit that it was sad to see her weeping into Nick and him not give a crap.

Rae: It was way past time for Corinne to go home, and I also felt like she seemed really, really young during her exit. Nick, to me, seemed more brotherly than romantic when he was saying goodbye. But now that you guys mention it, it does seem like he was getting rid of her kind of quickly. I feel for her, and it does seem like her insecurities were played on during the show. Not changing yourself for a guy is a hard lesson to learn, and I can’t imagine having to go through that on national TV.

What do you think of Raven’s big reveals?

Patti: My mouth was hanging open in shock for a sensible three solid minutes. We’ve never heard anyone talk that way on these shows, and I’m still figuring out how I feel about it! As much as I don’t like Nick, we honestly have him to thank for opening up these Fantasy Suite conversations, which I do think are important and make the show more realistic and human. But did I need to know about Raven’s (non) orgasmic history? Nope, nope I didn’t.

Alisa: Well, it’s no wonder she took a stiletto to her ex. All those years of pent-up frustration lead to nowhere good. But based on Andi’s book, I don’t know that Nick is the choice candidate to turn to in her time of need. Hopefully things go well for them, but I also hope Raven tells us all about it if things are... less climactic than expected.

Chelsea: Ya know, I could have lived without that particular detail about her sex life. I’m not surprised she she had her love confession to Nick, and that part was really sweet. Raven is really the silent threat this season. I don’t think she is going to win, but she’s so consistent and watchable. I’m really enjoying her.

(Unrelated: I don’t want Nick on Dancing with the Stars. That is my break show during The Bachelor and I am so over watching him.)

Rebecca: I love Raven, and I love that she’s so open to talking about her sex life. Can you imagine the women talking like this in the first season? (Related: she posted a screencap of one of her confessionals on Instagram with a fantastic caption.) She’s so great!

And, agreed Chelsea. I’m very over Nick.

Rae: I am surprised at how much I like Raven. I love that she’s talking about her sex life — though I felt like she and Nick still couldn’t exactly talk openly about it. Didn’t it seem like Nick was holding back or being bashful? I don’t know if that’s because they couldn’t be explicit on TV, or if he just felt awkward. Either way, Raven is still great, and I felt like her declaration of love was very sincere. She seems like she’s in love!

And as we do every week, here are our standings in our Fantasy Bachelor League:

  1. Chelsea (740 points)
  2. Patti (690 points)
  3. Rae (520 points)
  4. Alisa (470 points)
  5. Rebecca (460 points)


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