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1st Annual Just About Write Golden Trio Awards — DRAMA WINNERS

Thank you all so very much for making the Just About Write Golden Trio Awards (our first ever!) such a booming success. We all here absolutely loved seeing you tweet and Tumble (is that the verb form of Tumblr? It should be) your votes for the people you hoped to see as the top three winners in each category. Just like the Olympics -- except not in every single way -- we bestowed upon each of our top three winners "medals" in the form of rankings. The nominee with the highest number of votes earned GOLD, the one in second place earned SILVER, and -- you guessed it! -- the nominee who rounded out our top three was awarded with a BRONZE medal.

Since our photo galleries crashed part-way through the voting period, our winners post features some blurbs by our writers regarding particular winners and their excitement. Did I mention that we had fun? We totally did.

Just like the nominations, our winners are split up into three separate posts! Be sure to check out each of the others to see who took home prizes. Thank you again for making this first awards experience fun for all of us involved. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. :)

And now... THE WINNERS ARE...


GOLD - The 100

Writer's praise: Look, this show could have been a trainwreck; it could have devolved into a teenage drama - instead it’s one of the edgier, most satisfying dramas on television, and one of those shows you can never, ever truly predict. - Lizzie

SILVER - The Flash

Writer's praise: I never expected to fall as head-over-heels for The Flash as I have. But the show's stellar first season interwove mystery, humor, crippling emotion, and gut-wrenching eleventh hour twists with the kind of sophistication and effortlessness usually reserved for long-standing Emmy-nominated series. This show is wonderful and it deserves all the accolades we can give it. - Jenn

BRONZE - Empire

Writer's praise: Empire’s groundbreaking first season gave us dynamite acting performances, phenomenal music, delicious drama, unique and compelling characters that instantly became a part of television history, and some of the best one-liners on television. - Maddie


GOLD - Stephen Amell (Arrow)

Writer's praise: Stephen Amell is the gold standard. Week after week, he turns in stellar performances. His ability to show a range of emotions with one look is the reason why fans connect to Oliver Queen. Stephen finds simple nuances in every scene, be it action or emotional or both, that reveal the rapid of emotions underneath Oliver’s still waters. He anchors the story and the cast. He defines leading man. - Jen

SILVER - Bob Morley (The 100)

Writer's praise: Morley plays Bellamy not like a hero, or like a reluctant leader, but  as a man trying to do the best with what he’s given, and there’s so much vulnerability in the quiet moments, in the spaces between words, that it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with Bellamy. Half of it is the script, the other half is Morley.  - Lizzie 

BRONZE - Sam Heughan (Outlander)

Writer's praise: Jamie Fraser should have been impossible to cast. He is wildly popular and nearly flawless in the book series, to the point where even his negative qualities are somehow swoon-worthy. Heughan swept in with his easy smile, rock hard abs and immense acting ability. He’s able to convey so much with a look or a grunt and manages to walk the fine line of vulnerable without weakness, strength without brutality.  It’s an electrifying performance that has somehow made legions of fans put book-Jamie aside.  - Alice 


GOLD - Missy Peregrym (Rookie Blue)

Writer's praise: Missy flawlessly weaves together the sides of Andy -- the determined cop, the deeply-loyal friend, and the openly imperfect -- and with each episode convinces the audience that they, too, can be both strong and human. - Hope

SILVER - Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter)

Writer's praise: Not only does the audience believe in Agent Peggy Carter, because of Atwell they believe her performance as well. Atwell genuinely plays this ultimate badass heroine with nuance, spot-on comedic timing, warmth, charisma, femininity, strength, and emotional layers. - Maddie

BRONZE - Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)

Writer's praise: Tatiana Maslany inhabits each of her characters so completely that I forget it is the same person acting on screen opposite herself. She grounds a crazy show with her brilliant acting, and there is nothing she can’t do.  - Rae


GOLD - David Ramsey (Arrow)

Writer's praise: David Ramsey’s John Diggle is the rock of Arrow. And he's Oliver’s rock, Team Arrow’s rock and the audience’s rock, too. David brings a gravitas to his performance that makes Diggle the voice of reason and the moral compass. He effortlessly portrays complex emotions that cut to the heart of every scene he’s in. David has also perfected the art of comedic timing and his humor brings a lightness to the show. There is no better supporting actor. - Jen

SILVER - Rick Hoffman (Suits)

Writer's praise: Rick Hoffman deserves every sort of award possible for playing Louis Litt. The way he can transition from rage to desperation to trepidation to exuberance is truly unparalleled. - Jenn

BRONZE - Tobias Menzies (Outlander)

Writer's praise: Menzies did Frank Randall justice, but it is his turn as Black Jack Randall (aka the most despicable character on television) that should win him every awards. He is simultaneously captivating, terrifying, and loathsome. - Maddie 


GOLD - Emily Bett Rickards (Arrow)

Writer's praise: With a tilt of her head we fell in love with Felicity Smoak. Season three of Arrow was an emotional beast that Emily Bett Rickards slayed with talent, charisma, and a deep understanding of what makes Felicity Smoak tick. She may have caught us with a head tilt, but she’s kept us enthralled with her profound ability to bring a heroine to life week after week. - Lynnie

SILVER - Sarah Rafferty (Suits)

Writer's praise: Suits would not be what it is without the performance of Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen. Quick-witted, sassy, intelligent, and fiercely loyal, the employees of Pearson Specter Litt revere Donna, and so do we. This year, we got to see Sarah Rafferty explore Donna's emotional range even further, portraying more vulnerability in her scenes with Harvey than we have seen throughout the series. Rafferty utterly shone in these moments and became more endearing to me and more beloved than ever before as a result. - Jenn

BRONZE - Chloe Bennet (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Writer's praise: If you need a perfect example of how S.H.I.E.L.D. has developed over the past two seasons, look no further than Chole Bennet as Agent Skye. She started a bit shaky, not really sure which direction she was going to go. Was she the star? The love interest? The comedic relief? A relative newcomer, her performance built with every episode of season one until she could easily carry a plot. As Skye has grown into a skilled, powerful agent, so has Bennet grown into one of the best actors on the show. She’s one of the few female superheroes out there, and she holds that title with relative ease. Plus, she can still make us laugh at every turn.  - Alice


GOLD - Arrow

Writer's praise: The Arrow writers interweave complex characters, past and present, into a fast-paced, action-packed story without losing the emotional depth. They dip into the deep well of comic history, but fearlessly chart their own course. Arrow’s consistently excellent writing make it the best show on television. The writers are, quite simply, creating one of the greatest heroic stories of our time. - Jen

SILVER - The 100

Writer's praise: This tightly-written series continues to defy expectations and raise the bar for honest, brave, and heartbreaking television. They push their protagonists’ boundaries and keep them unwaveringly human. - Hope

BRONZE - Orphan Black

Writer's praise: The Orphan Black writers have achieved the impossible: consistent writing that is varied, layered, dynamic, equal parts terrifying, suspenseful, and witty, and chock full of intriguing characters. Every episode builds steadily on the last, creating storylines that are carefully and perfectly crafted. - Meredith


GOLD - Arrow

Writer's praise: Antonio Negret’s masterful direction of “The Fallen” alone deserves endless accolades. Week in and week out, the brilliant directors of this show help each episode be more cinematic and epic than its predecessor. - Maddie 

SILVER - The 100

Writer's praise: Whether fighting on the ground or held captive in Mount Weather, The 100 did an amazing job contrasting its vast scenery and the characters therein this season. The shot of Clarke waking up in Mount Weather's too-bright and sterile hospital was beautiful and the show's choices to contrast layers of darkness with light (and beauty with grit and grime) were wonderful. - Jenn

BRONZE - Outlander

Writer's praise: This site’s credo of #LadiesSupportingLadies makes it imperative to celebrate Anna Foerster who directed one of the most beautiful episodes of television (“The Wedding”) and one of the most painful (“To Ransom a Man’s Soul”) with grave, nuance, heart, and depth. - Maddie

And now, onto the COMEDY or the SPECIAL CATEGORY winners!


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