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1st Annual Just About Write Golden Trio Awards — COMEDY/VARIETY WINNERS

Thank you all so very much for making the Just About Write Golden Trio Awards (our first ever!) such a booming success. We all here absolutely loved seeing you tweet and Tumble (is that the verb form of Tumblr? It should be) your votes for the people you hoped to see as the top three winners in each category. Just like the Olympics -- except not in every single way -- we bestowed upon each of our top three winners "medals" in the form of rankings. The nominee with the highest number of votes earned GOLD, the one in second place earned SILVER, and -- you guessed it! -- the nominee who rounded out our top three was awarded with a BRONZE medal.

Since our photo galleries crashed part-way through the voting period, our winners post features some blurbs by our writers regarding particular winners and their excitement. Did I mention that we had fun? We totally did.

Just like the nominations, our winners are split up into three separate posts! Be sure to check out each of the others to see who took home prizes. Thank you again for making this first awards experience fun for all of us involved. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. :)

And now... THE WINNERS ARE...


GOLD - Carmilla

Writer's praise: Carmilla is the feminist/queer show people deserve. It manages to tug at the heartstrings and make you care about every single character while being hilarious and romantic. - Chelsea

SILVER - Jane the Virgin

Writer's praise: They could’ve been melodramatic or stereotypical, and easily mishandled the concept. But from the acting, to the well-rounded characters, to the skillful storytelling... this show did everything right. - Hope

BRONZE - Parks and Recreation

Writer's praise: Parks and Recreation had always been an ambitiously optimistic comedy. It existed during a time where television shows were much more prone to be biting, sarcastic, and preferred dark humor over storylines that sought to find the good in people. The series ended its run stronger than any other comedy in recent history with the wonderful reminder that friends are the family we choose and that love will always be the thing that keeps us together. - Jenn


GOLD - Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)

Writer's praise: Parsons is Sheldon, and Sheldon is Parsons. That’s what makes this so easy, and so hard at the same time. He gets to make fun of himself every day! - Lizzie

SILVER - Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Writer's praise: Jake Peralta is a character that could easily cross the line to annoying at any moment. But Samberg’s portrayal of the character is anything but annoying, as he brings a depth to the character that is needed for him to lead such a great ensemble cast. - Laura

BRONZE - Joel McHale (Community)

Writer's praise: Joel McHale managed to carry an entire ensemble for six years without any recognition for it. The depth and range of emotion and comedy he conveyed as Jeff Winger throughout the series is astounding -- Jeff transitioned from heartless jerk to a loving, damaged, and ultimately redeemable character. That’s all thanks to Joel. - Jenn


GOLD - Elise Bauman (Carmilla)

Writer's praise: Few people can manage to not only carry a show but do so in a format where you are stuck acting from one angle and interacting with several characters. Bauman manages to balance the humor, drama, and romance with her own brand of dorky physical comedy and keep the audience engaged. - Chelsea

SILVER - Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin)

Writer's praise:  Jane Villanueva is the character television needed, and Gina is the actress we all needed to play her. She keeps Jane grounded, brave, and -- most importantly -- brilliantly human and relatable. - Hope

BRONZE - Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)

Writer's praise: If I never watched a second of Parks and Recreation, I would still think Amy Poehler is comedy royalty. But I have. So now I know it. - Lizzie 


GOLD - Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin)

Writer's praise: Rogelio de la Vega was easily the best character on television this season. He was self-absorbed and vain and dramatic and was absolutely hysterical in those moments (hashtags have never been so well-utilized in a show as they were in Jane the Virgin this year). But what Jaime Camil brought to this character was much more than just laughter -- he revealed to us a compassion and warmth to Rogelio that -- in the hands of any other actor -- would not have existed. Camil did an amazing job and cannot be praised enough. - Jenn

SILVER - George Segal (The Goldbergs)

Writer's praise: While everyone on this amazing show deserves recognition, George Segal brings a perfect mixture of heart and humor in his endearing portrayal of Pops, particularly in his interactions with Adam. Segal brings a level of warmth to his performance either reminds you of your own grandfather. - Maddie

BRONZE - Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation)

Writer's praise: Offerman took a curmudgeonly character and transformed him through hilarious one-liners, devotion to breakfast, and heartfelt moments into one of the most beloved & iconic characters on TV. - Jenn


GOLD - Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla)

Writer's praise: With the greatest reaction face on the planet, Negovanlis makes us care for this useless lesbian vampire and her philosophical ramblings. Be it her hilarious bickering with Laura or her heartbreaking scene with her mother, we find ourselves rooting for Carm as we follow her mystery down the rabbit hole. - Chelsea

SILVER - Yael Grobglas (Jane the Virgin)

Writer's praise: In a show where Petra Solano could have easily been stereotyped as a heartless, one-layer villain, Jane the Virgin excelled in providing viewers with comedic and dramatic layers to the character. Yael's performance was nothing short of stellar; even in her worst moments, we wanted her to find her own happiness and in her best moments... well, we wanted her to find that missing dog. - Jenn

BRONZE - Alison Brie (Community)

Writer's praise: Brie’s mixture of innocence and seductiveness light up the screen any time she’s on it. Her chemistry with co-star McHale stole the show, leading to a cult following for the will they/won’t they ‘ship. Her sass and spark are unparalleled, and viewers either want to date her, or be her very best friend. - Meredith


GOLD - Carmilla

Writer's praise: This show is totally dependent on the writing and the actors to convey co-creator Jordan Hall’s dialogue. To be able to tell a compelling story in this format and create four fully fleshed out female characters (and a nonbinary character) is truly amazing. - Chelsea 

SILVER - Jane the Virgin

Writer's praise: This show has masterfully crafted a perfect first season. It owns its concept with self-awareness, it creates realistic characters with strong dynamics, and it isn’t afraid to step outside the box and be silly, heartwarming, and shocking, all at once. - Hope

BRONZE - Parks and Recreation

Writer's praise: Parks had just thirteen episodes to create a satisfying ending, and it managed to give its characters real conflicts and changes in dynamics, seven years into what could have just been an easy formulaic show. - Jaime


GOLD - Jane the Virgin

Writer's praise: ........ see GIF. - Jenn

SILVER - The Mindy Project

Writer's praise: The directing is key for creating the rom-com feel of this show. The montage set to "XO" in the midseason finale is perfection as is Danny's striptease in the premiere. - Maddie

BRONZE - Modern Family

Writer's praise: I keep trying not to find Modern Family funny, to give new comedies a chance, to diversify... and I continue to fail, because the acting is superb, the writing is on point, directing is wonderful, and yes, Modern Family really is funny. There’s just no denying it. - Lizzie


GOLD - Inside Amy Schumer

Writer's praise: Because you CAN be a woman and be raunchy and out-there and STILL be funny. It’s allowed! Not only that, it’s AWESOME. - Lizzie

SILVER - @midnight

Writer's praise: This is a show that gets its audience and never fails to bring in the laughs. Also, Chris Hardwick is an amazing and super engaging TV host. Points! - Maddie

BRONZE - Saturday Night Live

Writer's praise: After the loss of Kristen Wiig, SNL gave rise to Kate McKinnon and now have us tuning in again every Saturday. With great hosts and musical guests, they've been better than recent years. - Megan


GOLD - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Writer's praise: The fact of the matter is that these days, I pretty much rely on Last Week Tonight for my news. John Oliver and his team explain current events and real issues with humor and an immense amount of intellect. I’ve actually LEARNED things watching this show (hey, net neutrality). Honestly, I would call this a satirical news program except that it’s not -- it’s a legitimate one and I love it. - Jenn

SILVER - The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Writer's praise: Jimmy Fallon’s name is synonymous with joyful exuberance. He does everything on his show with full commitment to being in love with it. He plays, he tells stories, and he brings you in on the journey with effortless charm and laughter. There is no one else on TV like him. - Lynnie

BRONZE - The Grace Helbig Show/It's Grace

Writer's praise: In a field dominated by men, Grace Helbig brought the Internet to late night and made it a fun space for introverts. Her YouTube channel where she posts vlogs of her week, podcast interviews, and fun random bits is where the content gets deep. She’s a refreshing voice for the millennial generation and an inspiration to women everywhere. - Chelsea


GOLD - Dancing With the Stars

Writer's praise: After 10 seasons of bedazzled amazing, DWTS brought its A-game this year. We got the return of Maksyl and The Carlton, the legendary Miss Patti LaBelle doing the salsa to "In Da Club" with a hot shirtless Russian, and my fave FINALLY won a mirrorball trophy with his stunning choreography and incredible partnership with Rumer Willis. - Maddie

SILVER - My Drunk Kitchen

Writer's praise: She might hit the wine hard during her show but there are beautiful life lessons cooked into each episode. Practice reckless optimism! - Chelsea

BRONZE - American Ninja Warrior

Writer's praise: For all its quirks, strange contestants, and dramatic intros, American Ninja Warrior is a solid test of fortitude, strength, and skill. From dangerous leaps, to balancing on a narrow ledge, the game has gotten bigger and better over the years. Here’s to many more years of ordinary people making extraordinary leaps! - Lynnie

And now, onto DRAMA or the SPECIAL CATEGORY winners!


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