Monday, August 31, 2015

VMAs Fashion 2015: The Good and The Oh-So Bad [Contributor: Rae Nudson]

The fashion at the VMAs is different than other awards shows. It is crazy and out there, and weird and wonderful. Whereas The Oscars contain fashion that is timeless, the VMAs contain fashion that is trendy. The biggest mistake you could make at the VMAs is showing up in a classic (boring) little black dress. For better or worse, the show features fashion that just wouldn’t work anywhere else. Usually, I think it’s for the better. Anything in fashion that pushes boundaries, or is straight-up weird, makes fashion interesting and fun. And when you have permission to go totally off the rails at these kind of awards ceremonies, I tend to hope that people go as far as they can. Here are my picks for the top fashion moments from the VMAs which include the good, the bad, and the oh-so bad. 

Miley Cyrus

I clearly can’t continue until I talk about Miley Cyrus. Her red carpet look was the suspenders she wore in the VMA commercials, but turned up to an eleven. It was Versace Atelier, and it was very on-brand. The greatest sin at the VMAs is to be boring, and this is definitely not that. It is very Cher at The Oscars, or Cher at a concert, or Cher, like, running an errand on a Tuesday — look, it is just very Cher. (Only Cher would not be so toned down.) I’d like to see Miley try something new, but bless her for at least bringing the weird. The hair, though, is problematic.

My favorite look of Miley’s was the rainbow jumpsuit she started out in on stage. It was very mod and cute, and I thought it was fun and flattering while still being in Miley’s wheelhouse. ... The hair was still problematic.

Nicki Minaj

Best-dressed of the evening was Nicki in La Bourjoisie. This was actually very restrained for Nicki, but it works. It is beautiful, and her hair and low-key make up really make the look. Only at the VMAs could a partly see-through gold sparkly evening gown with a deep V be considered "restrained."

Demi Lovato

If you’re going to arrive at the VMAs wearing a bodycon minidress, you better make sure it is the best bodycon minidress at the event. Demi looks fantastic, the color is great on her, and her hair and make up are fresh and don’t distract from her look. She looks great. 

Taylor Swift

This is what I’m talking about — houndstooth sparkly pajamas (they are Ashish) are not a look that would work at any other event. She is on point for the VMAs. Not to mom her, but I wish she would have stopped pulling up her pants on camera. I liked this very much when Taylor got onstage and was the sparkliest disco ball around, but I wish she hadn’t abandoned her signature red lip. And her hair could be a little edgier, now that I’m thinking about it. And I love the shoes, but they maybe compete with the houndstooth a little too much. But having said that, if you’re done with it, Taylor, can I borrow it?

The real fashion winner of the evening was Taylor Swift — but not at the show. Her video for Wildest Dreams premiered, and the fashion in the video is so good. It was classic and glamorous, and the yellow gown blowing in the wind is absolutely stunning. 

Selena Gomez

Selena, I love you, but this boring black Calvin Klein dress is not your best look. (That length? Those shoes?) Her hair looks amazing though; that whole Pantene spokesperson thing must be going very well for her. Selena appeared to be wearing a different dress once she was inside of the awards that I thought was way better on her.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily came out on stage to present an award, and she looked very chic while still being VMA-appropriate. It was an all black look, sure, but the metallic pattern was interesting, and it looked great on her. Her make-up and hair were also very low-key, which I think is a good choice with this dress, so not too much was going on at once. A great choice for not being up for an award, but still knowing she’ll be on stage.

Jared Leto

I haven’t forgotten about the boys, but honestly they were mostly so boring they didn’t give me much to talk about. Jared Leto combined some of my favorite things into one look: polka dots, pink hair, and a leather jacket. It all fit him well, and it matches his style enough that he looked cool and not totally out of his comfort zone. This look also works better at this event than it would anywhere else, so he gets points for that too.

What do you think — who was your favorite, and who really missed the mark at this year's VMAs? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us!


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