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Legends of Tomorrow 3x17 Recap: "Guest Starring John Noble" (Make America Grodd Again) [Contributor: Marilyn]

"Guest Starring John Noble"
Original Airdate: April 2, 2018

Listen. I neither like Grodd nor the stupid slogan they’re poking fun of, but I like Legends of Tomorrow and I like their irreverent treatment of current events (and past events and future events...) so I’m willing to wave that annoying tagline aside as I dig in to what I hear is a pretty darn funny episode.

We begin almost exactly where we left off last week: Nate gathers the team on the bridge of the Waverider to tell them that one of the shuttles has been taken. They soon learn it was Amaya who took it back to 1992. But before they can go after her, they get a call from Rip Hunter. Grodd is going after Barack Obama at college in 1979. So they split up again — Wally and Nate go to Zambesi to talk some sense into Amaya, with Sara and the others going to save Obama. There’s a particularly amusing moment where Ray tells Obama to “Run, Barry, run!” before shrinking the overgrown gorilla. Sara zaps Obama’s memories so he won’t remember them.

Meanwhile, Mallus is rapidly taking over Nora’s body, much to Damien’s alarm. He fears that when the demon finally escapes his prison, his daughter will die. He’s a villain, yes, but right now his biggest concern is losing his daughter. He tells her he’s going to go check on Grodd, but he goes to the Legends instead.

In Zambesi, Nate and Wally quickly find Amaya and they try to talk her out of interfering. But it’s not working. While Sara and the team are headed back to the Waverider, they run into Damien. He needs their help. The team is rightfully skeptical of trusting him so he gives them the water totem as a gesture of good faith. He explains how he wants to save his daughter and stop Mallus, because otherwise she’ll die. Ray tries to get the team to give Damien a chance. Ava wants to take him into custody, but Sara chooses to trust him. For now. Ava’s not happy about that.

Meanwhile, Nate and Wally encounter the older Amaya where she’s presiding over a ceremony passing down the spirit totem to her daughter, Esi. But she’s chosen not to show up, much to the older Amaya’s consternation. Nate and Wally go ask the young Amaya what’s going on. She tells them she’s planning to convince her daughter to take the totem, which could save the village. Wally wants to adhere to the timeline but Nate is on Amaya’s side, offering to go talk to the older Amaya.

Sara really wants to kill Damien because she still hasn’t forgiven him for killing Laurel. And she’s annoyed right back at Ava for trusting Rip when he’d lied to her about being a clone. Sara wants Ava to talk to Rip about it and find out the rest of the story. So instead, Sara goes to talk to Obama for advice. He accepts the whole story from her pretty easily, considering. He urges her to go for the more unorthodox approach and she tells him she really misses him (honey, you’re not alone) before wiping his memories. Again.

Sara tells Darhk that she still doesn’t trust him but she’ll work with him under one condition: she gets to kill him when this is over. To restore the proper timeline, of course. And maybe soothe her need for revenge. That too. Damien agrees a little too readily. Shouldn’t that be setting off some warning bells or something? Together, they all plan a way to capture Nora. She’ll only listen to Mallus, so Ray wants to pretend to be Mallus and shrink down and go into her ear. They hear a voice that sounds exactly like aollus and it turns out to be Denethor on Lord of the Rings, which Mick is watching. So they travel to when the movie was being filmed and Ray approaches John Noble at his trailer, giving him new lines from Peter Jackson. He reads them and Ray records him. Very sneaky. And I’m cracking up.

In Zambesi, young Amaya approaches Esi, telling her she’s a distant cousin, and talks to her about taking the totem. She doesn’t want it, despite it being her destiny her whole life. She doesn’t feel she can live up to her mother’s example. So Amaya gives her a pep talk and it works. Meanwhile, Nate goes to take the totem from old Amaya’s room but she wakes up and stops him. She doesn’t recognize him so he shows her pictures of the two of them on his phone. She’s shook. He explains the Legends to her and she wants to know why he’s there. He said he wanted to keep his promise to her — to make sure Esi gets the totem. He tells her to make sure her daughter knows her mother is on her side.

Damien goes to Nora and she’s furious that Mallus is still imprisoned. While she’s distracted, a miniaturized Ray flies into Nora’s ear and plays the altered recording they got from John Noble. She hears “Mallus” tell her to go to the Waverider, take the totems, and follow Damien there. She’s eager to do Mallus’ bidding and so they go. Of course, she realizes she’s been tricked but before she can act against them, she’s trapped by magic. Damien talks to her, trying to reason with her. Mallus taunts him that Nora is gone, and that she willingly gave over to him.

Ava asks Rip why he picked her, and lets him know that she knows about the clone thing. But why did he pick her out of all of them? He said he erased her memory because that was “easier.” Then, she learns that she’s not the first Ava Sharpe. There have been eleven before her. This news rattles her. Sara talks to Damien and they have a bit of a heart-to-heart. He tells her that being without love makes people like them into monsters. That hits a little too close to home, and she walks off.

In Zambesi, young Amaya and Nate watch old Amaya give the totem to Esi. She thinks she erased her memory when she returned, and that’s why she didn’t remember Nate or the Legends. On the Waverider, the team is looking for a loophole that allows the village to be saved. Sara wonders if the only way to kill Mallus is to let him out. And so maybe that means they need to save the village and wield the totems in order to fight him when they do. Damien offers to wield the death totem, since he shares that quality with Sara. Ava hates the plan and goes to leave. Sara tries to stop her, telling her that she loves her but Ava insists there is no her to love and departs.

Wally and Ray go to Zambesi to tell Nate and Amaya what’s happening. They join them back on the Waverider and the team divides up the totems. Nate takes earth and Ray takes water. Damien sees a vision of Nora and she tells him that she’s not dead yet — that she’s still fighting Mallus. She says she made a mistake and apologizes. Damien is swayed by the vision and so he releases Grodd (and embiggens him to normal size) to destroy the village. Sara is angry but Damien insists he needs history to run its course so he can save his daughter.

Esi is trying to fight Grodd and Amaya runs out to help her, but Damien knocks her aside. Nate promises to help and Wally tries to take the totem from Damien, but he uses magic to stop the speedster. The team tries to fight him but they can’t and he pleads with them to let him save his daughter. Meanwhile, Esi is getting her butt kicked by Grodd. The gorilla takes out old Amaya and Nate charges in with the earth totem and flings Grodd away. Looks like he finally had the right motivation.

Damien frees Nora and Ray confronts him, but is unable to call up the totem. While he’s distracted choking Ray, Sara stabs Damien in the back, stopping him. He’s not dead, just injured. Meanwhile, Mallus gets free of his prison and takes over Nora’s body, killing her for good. Well... that sure backfired, didn’t it Damien? The actual Mallus is enormous and pretty freaky and he flies off.

Looks like the team has their work cut out for them. And by the looks of next week’s episode, the battle is going to be epic — in true Legends style.


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