Friday, April 20, 2018

Grey’s Anatomy 14x20 Review: “Judgement Day” (Cookies) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Judgement Day”
Original Airdate: April 19, 2018

There have been a lot of risky storylines on Grey’s Anatomy this year, and those risks have made this season one of the best in recent memory. For the first time ever, there is an episode dedicated to drugs, and it is probably the funniest episode of the entire series. Grey’s Anatomy rarely talks about drugs in any form, let alone recreational ones, so it was surprisingly great to watch it play out. There’s not much more that I need to say other than one of Arizona’s former patients, who happened to have cancer, made her a tin of cookies. The catch: neither Arizona nor the patient realized that the cookies had been made with a lot of cannabis-laced peanut butter. It is no coincidence that this episode aired the day before the cannabis “holiday” and that it is “Season 14, Episode 20,” which makes it even funnier.

The episode becomes hilarious when Arizona starts to distribute the cookies to all the doctors at the Surgical Innovation Contest’s presentation day, and I’m sure you can guess what happens from there. All of the doctors wind up high — minus Meredith, Jo, Richard, Owen, Amelia, and some interns — leading to the presentations to be postponed. There’s plenty of comedy from everyone in this episode, which is better left unspoiled. The few other stories of importance from the episode will be outlined below, but I encourage everyone to watch and enjoy this episode for themselves.


After getting high and being trapped in a room together, Catherine lets the truth slip about Harper Avery. Remember that big secret that she mentioned at the end of the previous episode after Jackson revoked the NDA from a doctor he wanted help from? Well, it’s a lot worse than anyone imagined and will cause a ton of grief for the rest of the season. Catherine reveals that Harper Avery was a sexual predator and paid off thirteen women to stay quiet about his sexual misconduct back in the day. If that’s not bad enough, Catherine helped orchestrate giving money to the women in exchange for their silence and never working at a Harper Avery Foundation hospital again.

Jackson, thankfully, has the correct response to the situation and is very disturbed about what his grandfather did. He wants to make the situation right, but that could mean bringing down the foundation and the many hospitals that hold his name, including Grey Sloan Memorial. It’s surprising that Catherine didn’t say something to Jackson before he nullified the NDA because the disaster that’s coming could have been avoided. Another interesting bit to come out of this is that Meredith’s Aunt Marie was one of Harper’s victims, which is why Ellis Grey took Marie’s name off their research to be eligible to win the Harper Avery Award. This is probably the biggest story to watch for the rest of the season.


Meredith and Jo are two of the remaining competent doctors in the hospital, so they take over everyone’s services for the day. Bailey, who ate a cookie, is in the middle of a surgery and pages Meredith for help. Meredith removes Bailey from the surgery and calls Jo to take Bailey to the other incapacitated doctors. When Jo tries to get Bailey to leave, Bailey accidentally swings a door right into Meredith’s hand. Meredith doesn’t think her hand is broken, but it looks pretty swollen and bruised up.

Jo takes over the gastrectomy, but is nervous since she hasn’t done one on her own yet. Considering that Jo will be completing her residency by the end of the season, this is a huge moment for her to show what kind of surgeon she is. Meredith stays in the OR with her for support, but doesn’t give her any help. Jo is indecisive about whether to remove the patient’s entire stomach or leave part of it intact. She can’t tell if the cancer has spread through the stomach, so she gets Richard to allow her to borrow his project: the special cancer detecting pen. The pen works, which is great for both Richard and the patient, and Jo is able to save part of the patient’s stomach. In all, Jo showed that she is going to be a great surgeon, and Richard might have a leg up on all the projects since his already works.


Outside of the hospital, Owen gets a call that he is getting a six-month-old foster baby. Of course, he wasn’t really prepared for a baby when he signed up to foster a kid last episode and doesn’t have his house ready for the social worker and baby’s arrival. He calls Amelia for back-up, and she shows up with Alex in tow. Amelia found Alex in their lab very high and playing with the equipment and didn’t want him to stay alone, so she dragged him to the place where a social worker would be coming by. The three of them make an awkward group, but it’s a pretty funny ride. Owen gets a very cute baby, has no idea what to do with it, and gets luckier when Amelia decides to stay the night to help out. Will Amelia realize that she does want a family and try to make it work with Owen and the baby? Who knows, but the subtle hint was put out there.


Lastly, the interns are told by Meredith and Jo to take over as many patients as possible and help wherever they can. The intern who accomplishes the most will get to scrub in on a whipple with Meredith. All of the interns say that they didn’t eat the cookies, but Vik lies and continues to help patients. Unfortunately for him, he can’t function when a patient is crashing and needs a chest tube. He tries to run out of the room telling the nurse to get another doctor, but he runs into a crash cart, goes flying, and somehow manages to get stabbed in the arm with a scalpel. Richard and the other interns help patch him up, but Vik causes his own demise when they want to sedate him. He says that they can’t give him the sedative because it reacts to other drugs. Richard runs a drug test and finds out that Vik has cannabis in his system. Richard is very upset that Vik put patients’ lives in danger and fires Vik as he is recovering in a hospital bed. Something bad had to come from all of this, and Vik wasn’t a very useful character anyway.


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