Monday, April 30, 2018

Grey’s Anatomy 14x21 Recap: “Bad Reputation” (Crisis Mode) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Bad Reputation”
Original Airdate: April 26, 2018

It’s full-blown crisis management time at Grey Sloan Memorial now that Harper Avery’s lifelong secret has made its way to the press. The hospital is left reeling when the staff learns another Avery secret: Jackson’s donation to fund the Surgical Innovation Contest and compete in it. The Avery Foundation needs something positive to happen quickly before everything hits the fan again.


Catherine Avery hires a crisis management fixer to help with the situation that could quickly get further out of control. The crisis lady feels that the best way to get ahead of the bad PR is to create some good press through fixing a child with a massive facial tumor. Jackson is forced to work with Meredith on the case, since Meredith gave back both of her mother’s and her own Harper Avery awards. Meredith decides that they will do the surgery pro bono after the foundation sponsoring the child wants to pull out of the surgery when they hear about the Avery scandal.

Jackson wants to be careful and not remove the whole tumor, but Meredith pushes him to be his regular, risk-taking self. Eventually, Jackson realizes that he is being silly by giving into the bad press and completes the whole surgery. During the surgery, Jackson and Meredith devise a plan to save the Harper Avery Foundation, all of the hospitals bearing the name, and Catherine from taking the fall.

Catherine is overcome by emotion when Jackson and Meredith present their plan of disbanding the Harper Avery Foundation to form the Catherine Fox Foundation and rehire all of the women that Harper abused. This is a really big step to fix the problem that the deceased man caused. However, the Surgical Innovation Contest might be over, but as Jackson reminds us, lots of good has come out of it.


Even the doctors not involved in the scandal aren’t having the best day. Alex and Jo have a shaky day that includes a familiar face returning to the hospital and the beginning of wedding planning. April does help the couple out by taking on the job as their wedding planner, so maybe the wedding will actually occur before the season ends, since Sarah Drew is not returning next season. Nurse Olivia, a.k.a. the nurse that got syphilis from Alex way back when, comes into the ER with her young son, who swallowed a whistle. Alex is more than surprised to see Olivia, especially because things didn’t end so well the last time.

Olivia takes the chance to spend another day bashing Alex and his past and doesn’t miss a beat when she finds out that he is engaged to Jo. Unfortunately, Jo is a bit concerned with the information she learns from Olivia, even though she should know better that Alex isn’t that person anymore. It does look like this experience will bring them closer together. The blasts from the past aren’t over for Alex yet, as he will go looking for his mother in the next episode.


The big happy storyline of the episode deals with Owen’s rapidly expanding household. Owen brings his foster baby, Leo, to the hospital for his six-month check-up and meets Leo’s mom, Betty, for the first time. The foster system allows Betty to attend Leo’s appointments so she can see her baby. Even more interesting: Betty is a fifteen-year-old drug addict, whom Amelia recognizes. Amelia takes Betty under her wing for the day and feels that she should take in the teen, who was living on the streets, to give her a better life.

She goes to Richard to ask for his advice on taking in a teen battling drug addiction, and he tells her to go for it if she really sees something good in the girl. Amelia decides to extend the offer to Betty, but doesn’t know how to ask Meredith if it’s all right to bring her into their home. Owen is proud of Amelia and her offer, so he tells her to stay with him for a while so Leo can have his mother in his life. Betty accepts and if it sticks, Owen is finally getting the family he always wanted.


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