Friday, November 17, 2017

Series: Superhero of the Week -- Week 2 [Contributor: Jen]

Welcome back to our newest series, Superhero of the Week! If you missed it, you can check out the first week here. Each week, I'll continue to talk about who is the biggest superhero across the DCTV universe — whether they wear a mask or not.

SUPERHERO OF THE WEEK: Iris West (The Flash)

Iris continues to be the  best thing about season four of The Flash. Whether she's leading the team or setting Barry straight, Iris' approach has bonded the characters together in a way they haven't been before. The strongest part of Iris has always been her voice, which is why it was so maddening the way The Flash outright silenced her sometimes. However, season four Iris West is off the bench and bringing all the warmth and wisdom to the series that makes this character great.

When Caitlin Snow's cure begins to wear off and Killer Frost reappears, it's Iris who is able to finally get through to her. "You are free right now," she says, "but if you do this you will always be a killer. Killer Frost or Caitlin — you don't have to be one or the other. You get to decide who you are."

This is one of the many reasons why Iris West is the best: she speaks for the audience. Why Caitlin Snow is the only meta on Team Flash who can't control her powers is beyond me, but I've been screaming for a couple years now that she can be both. Iris appeals to both Caitlin's heart and her brain by using logic and warmth. Both women are part of who Caitlin Snow is and Iris is one of the first people to actually point that out in a way that is compassionate and makes sense.

Caitlin and Iris' lacking friendship is the direct result of The Flash ignoring these two female characters for the last four years. However, if this past week's episode is a turning point, then I don't think they could have a better start to their friendship. Iris is rapidly becoming the voice in everyone's head on Team Flash — and not just Barry Allen's.

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