Thursday, November 9, 2017

Grey’s Anatomy 14x06 Recap: “Come On Down to My Boat, Baby” (Sick Day) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Come On Down to My Boat, Baby”
Original Airdate: November 2, 2017

A sick day on a whim led to a very entertaining hour and the first bro day in a long time for the doctors of Grey Sloan. The entertainment comes from all over, as the day on Jackson’s new boat and the women using dating apps add lots of humor. Then, there’s the hilarious medical situation that occurs due to an oddly placed gun. In between the comedy, a more serious story takes place with Meredith and Jo’s patient, leading to two very big announcements in this can’t-miss episode.


When an abnormally slow day puts all the doctors on edge, Jackson decides to randomly buy a boat and convinces Alex, Owen, Ben, and DeLuca to take a sick day and hang out on the sea. But, when a group of seasoned surgeons take a day off, you know they can’t resist a chance to work. Lots of day drinking leads to a funny set of boat-themed surgical challenges.

It was nice to see the guys de-stress a bit and bond, considering it doesn’t happen often. This storyline shows that the series and characters can still have fun without things being so serious all the time. The time on the boat also finally confirmed that Ben will be stepping out of his medical shoes and into firefighter boots. He has yet to tell Bailey his plans, so fireworks are bound to ignite sooner rather than later.


The women doctors had an interesting day too, starting with some awkward dating gap dialogue. With Arizona, April, and Maggie single and ready to mingle, who knows where sparks will fly during the remainder of the season. However, sparks continue to fly between step-siblings Jackson and Maggie, who appear to have come to the realization that they aren’t actually related. This is a sure hook-up that has been teased for over a year and is bound to happen. That would mean another Jackson/April/Maggie love triangle since April isn’t over her ex-husband quite yet.

Back to the medicine: the craziest case of smuggling leaves two injured. Let’s just say that young love has no limits. This side story only serves one major purpose, which is to add humor. There isn’t a ton of valuable meat here. It was semi-interesting to see Arizona becoming more comfortable with Sofia coming to live with her. This could play out a little longer prior to Sofia actually showing up. The change will also shift DeLuca’s living habits, who will move in with Owen since Amelia is back to living at Meredith’s house.


The best things to come out of the episode are much understated on screen. After Meredith and Jo’s risky surgery goes well, their patient dies from a clot. While Meredith is demoralized for a brief minute, she has a pretty great day overall. Her article on Megan Hunt’s surgery not only landed her on the cover of a big surgical magazine, but a huge honor in being nominated for a Harper Avery Award. This is a massive career milestone for the show’s main doctor, especially since it is something Derek never accomplished, as Bailey points out.

It is odd that more fanfare wasn’t given to Meredith’s huge accomplishment. However, there is a great tease as to how her career is about to explode, in hopefully a good way. Meredith, in way too short of time, has compiled a bunch of cases similar to the patient she lost in order to potentially save them using an experimental new procedure. She has had many career ups and downs over the years, and this could be the moment Meredith has always wanted. Maybe there is a Harper Avery Award coming to Seattle.

Jo also has her own big reveal that is sure to cause lots of drama. She has decided to finally file for divorce from estranged husband Paul. There are plenty of potential stories to come out of this shocker, but the most obvious one would be the return of Matthew Morrison, who played Paul last season. Paul will undoubtedly return, and don’t we all want to see him and Alex have an epic showdown? Maybe Jo and Alex will even finally get hitched at the end of the season if all goes well.


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