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Twin Peaks: The Return 3x14 Recap: "Part 14: We Are Like The Dreamer" (Excuse Me While I Pick My Jaw Up Off The Floor) [Contributor: Erin Allen]


"Part 14: We Are Like The Dreamer"
Original Airdate: August 13, 2017

Part 14 is one of those episodes that has so much information and so much happens that it just about makes your head explode.

One of those head-exploding moments happens very early on, so it is difficult to keep up with everything that takes place after. I’m talking, of course, of the reveal that Diane and Janey-E are half-sisters. I never would’ve thought Vegas and the Blue Rose Task Force would connect in this way.

I am so in awe of this connection, that my brain was only partially functioning during Gordon’s telling of his dream. I had to go back and watch the dream scene right after the episode ended to really appreciate the beauty and mystery of it, AND THE PRESENCE OF DAVID BOWIE. His character’s name has been mentioned frequently throughout the season. Gordon’s dream includes a scene from Fire Walk With Me when Phillip Jeffries returns to the FBI. It was a thrilling scene then and it is thrilling now. That all of this FWWM stuff is so important to the mythology continually blows my mind.

In beautiful black and white, and partly taking place in Paris (in the dream), the scene has the feeling of a foreign film, complete with Monica Bellucci as herself. That’s right. Monica Bellucci plays herself in a dream. What a trip. And what a dream. “We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream. But who is the dreamer?” Errr, what? Like I wasn’t confused enough before. But, who is the dreamer, Monica Bellucci?! Please help! Is this all a dream? This is where Charlie comes in to tell me, “This is Existentialism 101,” right?

Still reeling from Gordon’s dream while still reeling from the Diane/Janey-E news, Lynch compounds the mind-bending element by taking us to Jack Rabbit’s Palace. 253 yards East, amidst smoke and flashing electricity, Bobby, Hawk, Frank, and Andy find Naido, naked on the forest floor. She is alive and speaking in that staticky, staccato noise. Before they can do anything, at exactly 2:53, a vortex opens in the sky above them, and Andy disappears.

He appears in the room where the season began, sitting across from The Giant or ???????. He calls himself the Fireman this time. So that’s what the seven questions marks were for! Brilliant! Andy is shown many visions which include Laura, the two Coopers, Woodsmen, and Naido.

They all materialize back at Jack Rabbit’s Palace not knowing what happened. Andy knows, and takes charge. He cradles Naido and tells the other men, “She’s very important, and there are people who want her dead. [...] Don’t tell anybody about this.” I never expected to see Naido again after she flung out into space on Part 3, so this is super intriguing.

Lucy and Andy set up Naido in one of the cells at the station to keep her safe. After they leave, a stressful scene takes place between Naido, a drunk, and Chad. The drunk repeats every noise he hears, Chad is an ornery jerk, and Naido makes chirps like a monkey. Since I first thought Naido could be Judy back on Part 3, the monkey sounds make me think of that again.

But straining for meaning in every single detail is kind of like fighting against the current. At this point, I think I just want to relax and let it take me where it will. We are approaching the end of this wild ride, and we may get answers, we may not. But, it’s still the most fun I have had watching television in quite awhile.

Speaking of fun, how cool is the story that Freddie tells James? Freddie went into one of these vortexes, was told by the Fireman to put on a certain glove, and then move to Twin Peaks from freakin’ England to find his destiny. Um, that’s AMAZING. The whole thing about the glove is fascinating — he’s like a Twin Peaks superhero!

Sarah Palmer also seems like she might be a superhero, exacting vengeance on scummy creeps. Has she had this power all along? She might have, and we only saw a small glimpse into it with what was shown on the original run. This scene was uncomfortable, and frightening, and satisfying. On a show where violence is inflicted upon women practically every episode, it was beyond refreshing to see a dirtbag get what he deserved. Go Sarah!

Part 14 ends in a similar fashion to Part 12. Two women, Megan and Sophie (new characters), at The Roadhouse discuss some other names. Billy’s name comes up again — his current whereabouts unknown. Also Tina’s name is mentioned. She is Megan’s mom and Megan suspects that her and Billy had a thing.

More questions, but that’s okay. All the delicious speculation helps occupy the time until the next episode. Happy clue hunting, Peakies (or Peakers, or whatever you wish to call yourselves)!  

Stray Observations:
  • This Lois Duffy case. Wow, Bob, wow.
  • That window squeegee bit! All of Gordon’s reactions were great!  
  • “Deputy Diane reporting.”
  • The scene at the Las Vegas Field Office is so random, yet fits in so beautifully. “Wilson, how many times have I told you, this is what we do at the FBI!”
  • “Last night I had another Monica Bellucci dream.”
  • The despicable Chad is arrested. Ah, sweet justice!
  • “Where I come from we call a bloke like this a “Jobsworth.” A person who delights in acting in an obstructive or otherwise unhelpful manner, as in “I can’t do that, it’s more than my job’s worth.””
  • “He just fell over.” “With half his neck missing?!” 
  • Lissie performs “Wild Wild West” on The Roadhouse stage as the credits roll. Credits which include Monica Bellucci as herself (still not over that) and “In Memory of David Bowie.” Ouch, my feels. 


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