Monday, August 28, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise 4x03 & 4x04 Roundtable: WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU! [Contributors: Chelsea, Alisa, and Rebecca]

The ladies are back for another round of Bachelor in Paradise discussion. This week, they talk about the couples they're rooting for and what they're anticipating for the remainder of the season.

Now that the show is back on track, how do you feel about the cast? Are there any couples you’re rooting for? 

Rebecca: I’m really liking the cast so far. They seem to have a good mix of people, a good amount of drama, and good couples that have started to form. Right now, it seems like Taylor and Derek are the only real couple, and I don’t really care about either one of them. I’m still rooting for Dean and Kristina to work things out, and I actually really like Adam and Raven together.

Alisa: So of course, I really loved Dean and Kristina at first, but then Dean turned into such a skeezy frat boy and just no. I think if Ben Z. could turn down the nerves a bit (hey, buddy, I get it, I’m obsessed with my dogs too, but maybe ask the girls questions about them, yeah?) then he and Kristina could be super cute together. I agree with Rebecca that Taylor and Derek seem really solid, but ugh, Taylor’s so annoying and I’m just over seeing them make out. Overall, I think the cast is pretty good, and I’m really rooting for Raven, Ben Z., Kristina, and Diggy to all hopefully find true love in paradise this season.

Chelsea: My heart is so hurt by Dean this week. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU! I don’t care what y’all say — I love Ben Z. talking about his dog. That is totally me and I respect a man that obsesses over his four-legged friend. Derek and Taylor may be the most real of the couples so far, but I cannot stand Derek. Knowing he broke up with Olivia right before heading to Paradise makes me question his intentions. He’s no better than Nick Viall.

I really just support Raven and all her life choices. She’s entertaining and knows what she’s here for.

Dean is breaking all of our hearts with this love triangle. Are you Team Kristina or Team Danielle L.? 

Rebecca: DEFINITELY Team Kristina. I love Dean, but I don’t like the way he’s playing her right now. I think his feelings for Danielle L. are fueled by lust whereas he seemed to have a real connection with Kristina, so he needs to get his act together

Alisa: Like, okay, I get it, Dean is damaged from a rocky childhood and losing his mother to cancer. That’s awful and heartbreaking. But Kristina was legit kicked out of her home as a child by her mom after she resorted to eating lipstick because she hadn’t eaten in like three days, ended up on the streets, and then in an orphanage, and finally fortunately adopted. Her childhood was beyond traumatic and damaging and she came out of it as this beautiful-souled human. And so honestly I need Dean to step up and realize that really bad things have happened to more people than just him and take the necessary steps to start to heal those childhood wounds. He and Kristina seemed like they had a genuine connection and an understanding of each other’s pain.

I have absolutely nothing against Danielle L., but I don’t think she’s looking for a deep connection; she’s in Paradise to have fun. And that’s totally fine, but she can have fun with anyone. Honestly, I think Dean realized he and Kristina could truly have something beautiful and it scared him so he ran from it. If he doesn’t fix this fast, it’s gonna be one of the biggest mistakes he ever makes.

Chelsea: I really just want Kristina to be happy. Dean and Kristina had such great potential and it was cute how they spent time outside of the show together when production was halted. I kind of want her to find someone new if Dean isn’t going to treat her right. I have nothing against Danielle L. but I really don’t know her and I don’t like Dean playing games. Grow up, man.

Four guys went home this week. Who were you happy to see leave? Who would you have given another chance to? 

Rebecca: I wasn’t super sad to see anyone go home. I found Vinny entertaining, but I wasn’t devastated to watch him leave. Although I wish he had hung around another week so I didn’t have to have that intense secondhand embarrassment about the rose shirt thing.

Alisa: I was bummed Vinny left so fast. He was pretty entertaining last season. But I honestly don’t even remember who else left, so good riddance.

Chelsea: It was nice to see Vinny again since he was such a major player last season but he really wasn’t doing much this year, so I wasn’t sad to see him go. I was cheering when Alex, Iggy, and Santa left. Like boys, BYE! I cannot stand those drama queens.


Rebecca: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. That kiss was so sweet and so romantic and so surprising and I absolutely loved everything about it. Nurse Danielle, I am so proud of you for jetting off to Africa to save lives, but PLEASE don’t meet anyone over there, okay? And Wells, you better wait for her, because she’ll be back, and you two need to be together forever.

(Can you tell I’m the one who added the bonus question?)

Alisa: Nurse Danielle and Wells are the pure and innocent Bachelor in Paradise couple we desperately needed but definitely don’t deserve. I think it’s adorable that Wells feels she’s out of his league and that they both just kept gushing about each other the whole time. I hope he’s there waiting with a rose in the Nashville airport when she gets back from Africa and that they live happily ever after and have lots of babies.

Chelsea: These two are my FAVORITE contestants from their respective seasons. When I heard on social media that they had been friends for years, I immediately wondered if anything was happening between them. Wells is such a cutie and deserves to find love, and Nurse Danielle has always been above this franchise. I don’t care if the show is just playing up an old friendship, they are both so lovely and I want them to have the cutest lives together. Also, OF COURSE NURSE DANIELLE WOULD LEAVE THIS NONSENSE TO GO SAVE THE WORLD; WE DO NOT DESERVE HER!


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