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Twin Peaks: The Return 3x12 Recap: "Part 12: Let’s Rock" (Who Are All These People?) [Contributor: Erin Allen]


"Part 12: Let’s Rock"
Original Airdate: July 30, 2017

Major plot development abounds, and a fan favorite finally makes her long-awaited appearance on Part 12 of Twin Peaks: The Return.

The episode begins with big news. Albert and Gordon offer Tammy a position on the top secret Blue Rose Task Force. She accepts without hesitation. Agents in the task force are a small and elite group consisting of Albert, Dale Cooper, Chet Desmond, and headed by Phillip Jeffries. Albert is the only agent not to have disappeared without a trace. Tammy is the first woman agent to join, and that is a big deal.

Diane gets deputized temporarily. It seems Albert and Gordon want to keep a close eye on her. She agrees by saying, “let’s rock” and making an oddly overt hand gesture. Also, this room is adorned with red velvet drapes, which is a Black Lodge aesthetic. So all this is a very big deal, too, but in what capacity? I have no idea.

Sarah Palmer is such a tortured soul. Can this woman ever have any peace? Even the new turkey jerky display at the grocery store prevents her from getting her alcohol and cigarettes. Grace Zabriskie blows my mind in every scene she’s in. I love the intensity. You have no idea what is happening in Sarah’s mind or what kind of cosmic connection she has, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to know. It seems terrifying. I’d probably live off of vodka and nicotine, too. This eerie scene is one of the best of the episode. Some of the score is very similar to sounds in Fire Walk With Me, which is an effectively creepy accompaniment.

Hawk goes to check on her, and she sends a whole lot of mixed signals. She flits between scared, agitated, inconvenienced, and nervous. That insidious fan is whirring and there is a strange noise that she says is coming from her kitchen. Hawk assures her that he is here for her. She replies through gritted teeth, “It’s a goddamn bad story, isn’t it, Hawk?” It certainly seems like a cry for help to me, but she says goodbye and shuts the door.

Frank has the unpleasant task of telling Ben Horne that his evil grandson killed that little boy and attempted to kill Miriam, who is now in intensive care. Ben says that Richard has “never been right.” Ben agrees to help Miriam with her medical bills and to notify Frank if he hears from Richard. Then he waxes sentimental about a bike he had when he was a boy. Cool story, bro, but when is Audrey’s name even going to be mentioned?!

Ben mentions the room key that was returned, and asks that he give it to Harry, thinking he might like it as a memento. Further proof that Harry S. Truman and Dale Cooper are a true BrOTP if even Ben picked up on it. Frank says that he think Harry would like to have the key and adds, “We are just opening an old case involving Agent Cooper. Strange this key shows up after all these years.” Yes. Yes, it is.

And the queen has returned. Couldn’t tell you much about her life, but she is back and that’s all that matters. Bless her heart, she still has her sass. If I closed my eyes, it was the Audrey from 25 years ago. Hers is one of the most anticipated appearances, and it lived up to the hype, in my opinion. Audrey is worth the wait. The baffling narrative of Audrey, Charlie, Tina, Chuck, Paul, and Billy that comprises her scene might be infuriating if it weren’t for the overdue presence of Audrey Horne. Brava to Sherilyn Fenn who brings her character back without missing a beat while the audiences is missing several beats. Clark Middleton who plays opposite her as her husband (by contract only?) rounds out the perplexing scene.

Are you confused yet? Well, hold on, the next scene introduces three new characters who spout off even more names. Abbie and Natalie discuss Clark, Mary, and Angela, and then Trick shows up, frazzled from getting in an accident on the way to The Roadhouse. Who are these people on the screen and who are these people about which they are talking. It’s possible that these Roadhouse vignettes are connected and will lead to something, but it is difficult to pay attention when you have no investment in the characters and what they are saying, especially following a scene that was deliberately ambiguous.

Stray Observations:
  • “Let’s rock.” Chills! Chills, I tell you!
  • Jerry has escaped the woods!
  • Is it about the turkey jerky?
  • And my fear of ceiling fans has returned. 
  • Carl is such a wonderful human. The scene with the trailer park tenant made my heart so full. 
  • This scene with Gordon, Albert, and the French woman could’ve lasted about 45 seconds, but David Lynch is not here for that. He’s here for pun-tastic turnip jokes, beautiful women (“That’s the kind of girl to make you wish you spoke a little French.”), and long silences with significant eye-contact.  
  • “Next stop, Wendy’s.”
  • Yay for more Dr. Amp and Nadine, but it’s just more of the same. 
  • Diane continues to be shady, but I don’t think she knows who she is working for. I still think she is one of the good guys. 
  • Husband? Really? She went from John Justice Wheeler to this whiny dude? 
  • Chromatics make their second Roadhouse appearance.


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