Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The 100 4x09 Recap: “DNR” (Hitting the Ground… Limping) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

Original Airdate: April 26, 2017

The 100 came back from its spring hiatus, but I wouldn’t say it hit the ground running. We have a ton of delinquents choosing to die instead of going to the shelter, we have a ton of Grounders choosing death over the basics of sharing, and we have Clarke attempting to become the next Commander. Because why not?

Clarke and her group make it back to Polis, with Abby filling in her daughter along the way. What did Clarke miss during her long shower, you ask? Well Skaikru is now allied once again with Trikru and they are only willing to share the bunker if Ice Nation does not. Clarke is upset since she and Roan have become BFFs this half of the season, but Indra has agreed to let him in as long as he goes peacefully. But what about his people?

When Roan attempts to enter Polis, he is captured by Trikru warriors. That lasts all of ten seconds when Echo comes out of the bushes and captures everyone within a twenty-foot radius. Back in the Commander’s chambers, Roan and Clarke have another chat. I don’t know where Roan’s insane amount of faith in Clarke comes from, and I don’t know how I feel about it. Roan believes that if anyone can bring warring clans together, it’s Clarke.

This obviously fails.

Clarke and Roan speak with Indra in the bunker, and Clarke insists that Lexa would not have wanted them to fight. Indra points out that Lexa is not here and without a Commander to rule them, alliances can’t stand. This honestly doesn’t make any sense. Grounders aren’t idiots. The Commander cannot be the smartest human on Earth. At this point, Clarke goes to Gaia and asks to be made the next Commander. She shows Gaia her new nightblood and — without consulting anyone — Gaia sounds the ascension bell. Roan to the rescue! He stops the entire thing from happening, brings Abby in to explain how science made Clarke a nightblood, and now everyone is angry again.

Meanwhile, Octavia and Ilian are getting their domesticity on. They are farming Ilian’s land. That is, until Ankara comes to recruit him for war at Polis. Octavia could not look more excited, but Ilian believes it is pointless to go to war, with the end of the world in six days. I mean, he’s not wrong. Ankara will not take no for an answer. She comes by again to recruit Ilian, but he is nowhere to be found. She finds Octavia and immediately recognizes her as the girl who killed all her friends. Octavia obviously takes them out within a few seconds and tells Illian, while covered in blood, “This is who I am.” I’m actually not mad about this.

Back in Arkadia, everyone is packing for the bunker, but Jasper and a lot of delinquents have decided to ride out the end of the world and die. Monty tries to reason with both Jasper and Harper, but the pair both find no point in living underground for five years. The Jasper cult decides to lock themselves in the bar area, and Jaha and crew are unable to break in. Eventually, Bellamy talks some sense into everyone and tells them to just leave the group to die. You can’t force someone to live. Jaha and his guards agree, but Monty is not having it. When Skaikru is ready to leave, Bellamy says his goodbyes to Harper and Jasper, and Monty is nowhere to be found. Why? Because my fave has stayed behind at the bar. Harper kisses him and she says she’s glad he has stayed. And while I love Monty, I straight-up hated everyone in the underground bar. Monty is giving up his life for Harper which does not exactly make me happy.

While all this fun stuff is taking place, Murpjy, Emori, and Raven are still on the island gathering tech. The problem? Raven is at the hallucinating stage of dying. Becca has appeared to her and she is instructing Raven how to get back to space. Becca tells Raven that she is dying and Raven happily listens to her. Emori watches Raven’s deterioration and says nothing. Meanwhile, Jackson and Miller return to pick them up and go to Polis. However, Raven chooses to stay and Murphy is unable to convince her otherwise.

By the end of the episode Roan proposes a final conclave — one champion per clan, and whoever wins gets the bunker. Yes, let’s kill more people and thin out the human population in a bunker that can fit everyone. GENIUS. Clarke and Bellamy discuss how they can’t use weapons and Skaikru is screwed.

But then in rides Octavia ready to take the charge.

Final Thoughts: 
  • I know people are hardcore hating on Octavia, but she is the best character right now. She’s amazing, she’s damaged, and she’s still fighting. Plus, her outfits are on point. 
  • Bellamy being Bellamy is always the best. Ten cookies for you, Bellamy. 
  • Clarke becoming the Commander? I can’t even. 
  • Indra being stubborn is getting old for me. 
  • I’m not here for the Monty, Jasper, Raven, and Harper group death storyline.


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