Monday, May 1, 2017

Lucifer 2x14 Recap: “Candy Morningstar” (Everything Is Not What It Seems) [Guest Poster: Ilene Friedman]

“Candy Morningstar”
Original Airdate: May 1, 2017

Well, no one can say Lucifer doesn’t keep things interesting. I could not believe my own eyes when I saw Candy Morningstar walk into the room. Not gonna lie, my Deckerstar heart died a little.

This week’s episode picks up two weeks after Lucifer bails on the love of his life. Charlotte is making out with random strangers, trying to come to terms with Lucifer’s disappearance, while Maze mocks her for her terrible life choices. In fact, Maze is convinced that Lucifer is plotting his revenge against Mama Morningstar. And she is definitely not too far off about that. Meanwhile, Chloe is on a rampage. She cannot believe Lucifer left her without a word, and Dan and Ella are equally as baffled.

Now for the case of the week: our dead guy was the front man for an up-and-coming rock band with an abusive ex-wife. Lucifer shows up with Candy Morningstar on his arm just in time to identify the guy. Chloe is shocked at this sight, and I can’t blame her. Lucifer asks her if things can go back to the way things were “just friends” (and this is where I die, folks). Chloe kicks Lucifer out of the precinct and storms off, while Dan looks on sympathetically.

Chloe takes out her aggression on front man’s ex-wife’s interrogation. She obviously denies killing him. Chloe and her actually bond over the immaturity of the male species. Back at Mama Morningstar’s lair, Amenadiel shows Charlotte social media. Turns out, Lucifer and his new wife popped by an ice cream parlor and got their pictures taken. Charlotte is furious and hurt, cannot believing that Lucifer would get married without telling anyone. She truly believes he is broken and that it is completely her fault. Well, I am not disagreeing there.

Lucifer beseeches Dan for help in getting back into Chloe’s good graces. He feels for him and attempts to help him out, but not before Lucifer stops by Chloe’s house with Candy. Maze is ALL too happy to give her approval to Mrs. Morningstar, checking her out from head to toe. I have never seen someone so pleased by the choices of others. Candy ends up meeting Lucifer’s mother who is absolutely determined to figure out what Lucifer sees in her. When Charlotte can’t crack the woman, she rants to Amenadiel.

Lucifer gets a mediation appointment with one of the murder suspects, which Chloe decides to crash by pretending to be Candy. The two have a breakthrough in mediation, where they realize: 1) how much they hurt one another, and 2) that the mediator didn’t kill their victim. The two have another breakthrough as to who the actual killer is — but Chloe is still keeping Lucifer at arm’s length. The lead leads Chloe to a club where Lucifer serenades her on the stage and I died a shipper death yet again. This draws out the real killer — the band’s drummer. He wasn’t too happy that their lead wanted to go solo.

Amenadiel manages to get a heart-to-heart with Lucifer in the middle of all of this. Lucifer confides in Amenadiel that he married Candy to give Chloe choices outside their Father’s manipulation. Amenadiel finally understands where Lucifer is coming from and the two part ways. Charlotte then confronts Lucifer, begging him to help open heaven’s gates.

But the HUGE twist this episode is that Lucifer didn’t marry Candy. I know, folks. I can’t believe it either. She was a friend — a normal human being who was doing Lucifer a favor. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Maze was right. Fake Candy then tells Lucifer that he has a good thing going with Chloe and not to mess it up. Lucifer confides that he’s trying not to. At this point, just assume my shipper self is in tears.

Final Thoughts:
  • “You’re speaking but I do not know what you’re saying.” That’s the quote of the year. 
  • Lucifer trying to protect Chloe is everything I’ve needed, but he needs to tell her the truth.
  • Maze is a gift to Earth. 
  • Amenadiel being Chloe’s guardian while Lucifer was away was the best thing to ever happen. Actually, Amenadiel having a purpose is all I really needed in this show. I am SO happy he is back. 
  • Linda’s reaction to Candy is my favorite. Well, second favorite. Maze still rules my world. 

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  1. Great review! My shipper heart was reacting exactly like yours during every Deckerstar scene!

    The scene with Dr. Linda was hilarious but yes, Maze was top of the cake.