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Prison Break 5x07: “Wine Dark Sea” (Mask Off) [Guest Poster: Rebecca]

“Wine Dark Sea”
Original Airdate: May 16, 2017

Well, we finally know who Poseidon is, and I have mixed feelings about the person behind all of this “Kaniel Outis” stuff, and I’ll dive into my dilemma later on.

We’re getting into the home stretch of this reboot, and I’m sad to be nearing the end. Although I was a bit skeptical at first about how the producers and writers could continue Michael’s storyline, I’ve really enjoyed what they’ve done with this series. I’ll be sad when my Tuesday nights don’t include watching what shenanigans Michael, Lincoln, and their friends get into — and out of.


“Wine Dark Sea” (a mysterious phrase that is found often in Homer’s work) opens with Mike drawing a Greek hero in his sketchpad. He tells Sara he favors Greek heroes over superheroes because they’re mortal.

One of the Phaeacians offers to smuggle Michael into Greece to get to a doctor, but Lincoln knows he’ll be recognized as Kaniel Outis and arrested on site. Whip says their only other option is to let Michael die and accuses Lincoln of being a bad brother, but Lincoln says he has another idea.

In Ithaca, Sara gets a phone call from Lincoln informing her that someone stabbed and poisoned Michael with antifreeze. Sara reiterates that Michael needs medical attention from a real doctor, and finally agrees to meet them in Crete. Jacob tries to convince Sara to stay, citing that it’s not safe over there, but Sara refuses to listen and knows she is Michael’s only hope.


Ja decides to stay in Phaeacia to start over, but Whip tags along with Michael and Lincoln as they head for Crete. Michael doesn’t want Sara involved, but Lincoln tells him he’ll die without her help. It’s a 12-hour boat ride to Crete, but Michael isn’t sure he can make it that long. Upon arriving, Whip takes care of Michael until Sara gets there. Although Michael is asleep, Whip talks to him, asking why he’s Michael’s “whiphand.” Whip realizes his future is uncertain if Michael dies.

Meanwhile, Mike plays with a remote control helicopter in his backyard. The helicopter goes down behind some tries, and an unknown figure snatches Mike when he wanders into the trees to look for it.

Sara finally arrives in Crete. After an emotional reunion with Michael, she hooks Michael up to an IV and begins a blood transfusion. Whip apologizes for calling Lincoln’s loyalty to his brother into question, and the two try to figure out a way to get off the island. Whip says they need a boat, and Lincoln suddenly has an idea.

Van Gough and A&W meet with Agent Koshida, who is investigating 21 Void after the henchmen’s surprise visit to the NSA. Koshida asks who the henchman are working for and why they’re trying to kill Kaniel Outis. In response, A&W shoots him through the head.


Once Michael wakes up, he tells Sara he’ll explain everything if he can see a photo of Mike first. Sara hands Michael her cell phone, and in an attempt to see another photo of his son, Michael swipes left and sees a picture of Jacob with Sara. He then drops a huge bombshell on Sara: She’s married to the man who is behind everything that’s happened. Shocked, Sara explains she did catch Jacob in a lie, but that he covered his tracks well. Michael then tells her everything he explained to Lincoln previously: Poseidon is a deep over CIA operative undertaking a project called 21 Void. He needed Michael’s skills to break political prisoners out of jail, and threatened to imprison Sara and Lincoln if he didn’t comply. He also forced Michael to fake his death and cut off all communication with his family. Four years ago, Poseidon (but I guess we can just call him Jacob now) betrayed Michael by murdering the deputy director of the CIA who was investigating 21 Void and framing Michael for the crime. Apparently, Jacob killed the CIA director and had Michael move the body, explaining the security footage we saw in Kellerman’s office earlier this season. Sara suddenly realizes that Jacob is alone with Mike.

Lincoln calls Sucre (remember, he works for a cargo company), who is in Morocco. He tells Lincoln it will cost them $50,000 to ride on the boat. They obviously don’t have that kind of cash, but Sara offers up her grandmother’s ring, which is worth $125,000. As Sara gears up to head home to get Mike, Michael encourages her to play Jacob’s game until he can get back.

Meanwhile, Jacob tells Van Gough that Sara is coming home, which means Michael won’t be far behind. He asks Van Gough to plaster Michael’s face everywhere so he can’t travel.


Sucre and Michael reunite, and Michael wonders how Sucre ended up working on a boat when he’s afraid of water. Sucre says that most people won’t hire someone with a record, but more importantly, he can use the ship to house his project.

Sara returns to Ithaca and tries to pretend like everything is okay with Jacob. He tells her Mike is at his friend Patrick’s house and asks about Michael. Sara convincingly explains that Michael was barely alive and that he slept most of the time. She says he changed and isn’t the guy she knew anymore, casually mentioning that Lincoln was also there. Jacob notices her grandmother’s ring is gone, and Sara says she misplaced it, but Jacob seems skeptical. Sara sneaks away into her bathroom and calls her friend Heather, asking her to pick Mike up from his friend’s house.

On the cargo ship, the captain receives a fax of Michael’s picture and an explanation that he’s a wanted man. He sends out a naval alert informing the Navy SEALS of his location in the Mediterranean, and SEALS and helicopters are deployed to “seek and destroy Kaniel Outis.” Lincoln, Sucre, Whip, and Michael can hear all the commotion and quickly devise a plan to get out of their locked cabin.

The SEAL team breaks into the cabin and finds Sucre tied up with a black eye. He says Michael jumped out the window, and that he’s got no part in this; he’s just a member of the crew. The SEALS believe him and take him upstairs, allowing Michael and the others to climb out of their hiding spaces.

Upstairs, the captain punches Sucre for allowing a criminal on board. Sucre informs the captain that he accepted Michael’s payment, so he’s partially responsible too. Additionally, it seems as though the captain has some illegal weapons on board that could land him on the terrorist list. The captain realizes Sucre planned the entire thing. Meanwhile, a group of SEALS discover Michael and the others and try to smoke them out, but they manage to escape.


Jacob sneaks up on Sara as she’s trying to leave to go get Mike and asks if she remembers their honeymoon. He reminds Sara that she once told him she was ashamed of what she did at Fox River and sometimes regrets knowing Michael. Once he finally leaves, Sara retrieves her gun from its hiding place and loads it.

Back at sea, the SEALS realize the ship’s navigation and control are not working. They’re moving towards Algeria at top speeds and they don’t have time to fix the controls. Soon, they’ll be out of international waters and wouldn’t be able to continue the mission without permission from Algerian forces. A&W calls Jacob to inform him that the Navy decided the pull the team, and Jacob says he’ll handle it from here.

Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, and Whip notice the ship is a little too quiet and realize that there is a missile headed straight for them. As they’re jumping off the ship, it explodes, and we are unsure of their fates. While this is happening, Sara pulls her gun on Jacob and tells him to explain everything.

Upon returning home with Mike, Heather finds Van Gough in her house. Jacob tells Sara he has Mike and doesn’t want to hurt him, but will if Sara doesn’t put the gun down. Reluctantly, she complies.


This episode was absolutely wild from start to finish. I was starting to lean toward thinking Koshida was Poseidon, but it seems that my first instinct was right; however, I have some mixed feelings about the reveal. On the one hand, I don’t want Sara and Mike in danger, since I definitely wouldn’t put it past Jacob to kill his stepson if it meant protecting his identity from the government. On the other hand, though, Sara’s current husband turning out to be an insane evil mass murderer gives her a pretty valid excuse to leave him and get back with Michael. I know, Michael has changed and Sara has changed and it may be selfish for me to want them to continue their happy ending, but it’s how I feel. Although a part of Sara will always love Michael, she did (does?) love Jacob too, and I think her leaving him for Michael would feel contrived — if he wasn’t the insane evil mass murderer that he is. So I’m confident we’ll get our happy ending.

Honorable Events Worth Mentioning:
  • Why does Ja have to be so cryptic about whether or not he actually has Freddie Mercury’s ashes? (I think he does.)
  • “There’s a drawing hanging on Sara’s fridge that Mike did of him, Sara, and Jacob. Jacob is labeled as “step-dad,” which seemed kind of odd to me. Why wouldn’t he be called “Jacob” or even “Dad?” After all, Mike never knew his real father; Jacob is the only “dad” he knows. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched to me that Mike would have grown up calling Jacob “dad.”
  • “I feel like we’ve been brothers since we met.” Okay, right in the feels.
  • Sucre’s comeback to the captain calling him a good-for-nothing Mexican: A punch in the face followed by “I’m Puerto Rican.”
  • This doesn’t really have a lot to do with the show, but something my boyfriend said about Lincoln: “Why do his shirts always gotta be so tight?”


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