Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Once Upon A Time 6x12 Review: “Murder Most Fowl” (Changing Ways) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Murder Most Fowl”
Original Airdate: March 12, 2017

The latest episode of the fairytale drama takes a much needed break from the main plot of the season. The bromance between Hook and David was rekindled, but that might not last for long. Another surprise twist caps the episode that highlights how some people do (and don’t) change.


The major theme of the episode is one the show uses often: how the characters have changed for the better. The show likes to highlight how the central characters are not the same as their Enchanted Forest counterparts, which helps propel the overarching theme of hope. Hook tries to prove to David that he is no longer a pirate, liar, looter, or murderer in order to change David’s opinion of him. Hook wants to earn David’s blessing to ask Emma to marry him, which is noble for his character. It was nice to see that Hook truly has changed and wants everyone to see him as he is now, instead of how he used to be.

David takes a turn down the opposite path when he goes on a revenge tirade to find the person who killed his father. This storyline faded quite a few episodes ago, so it was surprising to see it come back up randomly. However, it was a nice break from all the doom and gloom that Emma has been the focus of all season. It was also nice to see David and Hook rekindle their bromance, as they do have good on-screen chemistry. These two should definitely go on more adventures together because they are one male duo that actually works well on the show.

The twist of the episode comes when Hook stops David from completing his revenge plot by showing him that killing someone is not the answer. It is impressive that Hook displays how much he has changed over the years in just one episode... so it comes as quite a shock when it is revealed that Hook was the person that killed David’s father. Only Hook and the audience are privy to this information, but I’m sure it’s not going to go over well when the secret is spilled. The best part of this twist is the fact that it wasn’t obvious or predictable throughout the entire episode. The writers always do a great job with the twists, which has always been the best part of the show. It was good to see the show go back to its roots (after it has been straying for a while).


The second story of the episode was also very interesting to watch play out. Regina and Snow quickly realize that the new Robin might not be who they think he is, which, for some reason, never came up in the mid-season premiere. With the sleeping curse still intact for who knows how much longer, Snow and David are still splitting time being awake. The new Robin turns out to have a dark streak and is probably working against the main group.

New Robin is seen stealing something that appears to be a heart in a box from Regina’s vault. It’s not clear what Robin wants with this object, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully, it won’t take forever to come back to this like the other storyline of the episode. This should continue in the next episode, which will help keep things going.

With two possible twists in the mix, there should be a lot of interesting plots coming up. Thankfully, it’s hard to tell where the show will be going next. It was getting boring to have things so predictable this season. The episode was actually very well-written and well-acted, so let’s hope the show can keep going in this new positive direction.


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