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Dancing with the Stars: Dancing Queens Pre-Show Roundtable [Contributors: Chelsea, Megan, and Maddie]

It's that time of year again where we transition from judging people who are “here for the right reasons” in pursuit of a rose to instead debating the ability of celebrities (of varying levels of fame) to execute a botafogo or jive kicks and flicks. Amid all the bedazzled ridiculata, Maddie, Megan, and Chelsea will be discussing this season of Dancing With The Stars (abbreviated as DWTS from here on out). Before tonight’s season premiere, us ladies are analyzing first impressions of the partners, season predictions, and why we love this over-the-top show.

How long have you been watching the show? What's your favorite part of DWTS?

Megan: I’ve been watching for a reaaaaaaaaaaally long time. I took a break for a few seasons because there wasn’t anyone on that I wanted to watch, but I’ve seen most of the seasons. That seems crazy because the show has been on for over a decade! (I also cried at least 23 times per season on average.)

Maddie: I have watched every single episode since it premiered way back in 2005. This show has always been a bright spot in my week and not just because of the sequins and rhinestones. I love everything about this show. The pros — Bergeron, Len, Bruno, and Carrie Ann — are like old friends at this point. However, if I had to choose one element of the show I most enjoyed, it would be the level of passion that the pros have for have for ballroom dance and the bond that develops when their partner develops that same passion.

Chelsea: Much like The Bachelor franchise, before last year, I had only watched bits and pieces of Dancing with the Stars. As a chronic workaholic, there was no big reason for me to catch up on something that I was already spoiled on, and I didn’t recognize most of the “celebrities” competing. But post-Olympics blues got me good, and Baby Shakira Laurie Hernandez gave me reason to watch this glitzy show consistently. I’m a sucker for reality TV and ESPECIALLY live television productions, since it was my major in undergrad. I came for my Olympian and stayed for the awesome camera work and production value.

Which partnership are you most excited to see dance?

Megan: ERIKA JAYNE AND GLEB. This could also totally be because I am majorly obsessed with Erike Jayne, but it’s okay. I’m also excited to see Simone and Sasha because I think the partnership is a really solid one. I always love Sharna even though it seems like they’re just making her take on the partner with the most emotional story.

Maddie: Since I already know that Chelsea is going to sing the praises of Actual Ray of Sunshine™ Simone Biles, I'm going to be predictable and say that I am most looking forward to Val Chmerkovskiy and Normani Kordei. Judging by their Instagram posts, they already get along well, and she has the dance background which will allow Val to truly push her to greatness. Plus, as much as he and Laurie were sheer adorableness last season, I do miss the sexiness that some of Val’s routines are bound to have.

Chelsea: Maddie knows I am here for the Olympians. Simone might be my fourth favorite of the Final Five girls, but that’s like saying I prefer Fruit Loops to Apple Jacks. I’m here for them all. She and Sasha are already super adorable on Snapchat and I cannot wait to see them perform. I am also here for the other Olympian, Nancy Kerrigan. I hope she and Biles have a lot of interaction — and we all know Nancy’s gonna have the most heart-wrenching packages talking about her past.

I will say, I do wish Sharna had a contestant I recognized but I’m super happy they didn’t saddle her with Nick. I love The Bachelor for the garbage it is, but I’ve had my fill of Mr. Viall. He’s gonna be the Ryan Lochte of the season and the producer’s choice to stay as long as they can possibly keep him.

Who do you think is going to be the dark horse competitor? Does Heather Morris have an unfair advantage? 

Megan: That’s hard! I’m always surprised by someone I least expect and I expect the least from a handful of people, which sounds awful, but that’s just how it is. I always anticipate the housewife of the season to fail, but since I’m rallying so hard for Erika Jayne, I can’t say anything against her.

As for Heather Morris, I agree with her having an unfair advantage. She is a professional dancer and she’s coming onto a show that banks on people having little to no experience which is what makes the growth of the “star” so great. I felt the same when Zendaya was on, as well as Nicole Scherzinger, and even to an extent Joey Fatone, Meryl Davism and Drew Lachey. I know sometimes people think the gymnasts have an advantage, but they focus more on tricks and technicality rather than the choreography. So, long story short, yes, I think she has an unfair advantage.

Maddie: When it comes to the dark horse, I always check and see what partnership my grandma is excited about, because old women from middle America are a huge voting block for this show. That's why I think Nancy Kerrigan and Artem Chigvintsev will be the surprise contenders. Ice skaters always do well, but people may overlook her since we have a fair amount of young talent on this season.

I will admit that Heather Morris is the most egregious ringer to ever compete on this show. However, I also know that the judges will be brutally detailed with her in their critiques for this very reason. Likewise, her being paired with Maks means that he will demand technical perfection from her. Does she have an advantage over someone like Mr. T? Absolutely. Regardless, I'm still excited to see her journey on this show.

Chelsea: I can see Simone really having an edge here. She is one of the few artistic gymnasts today that really incorporates dance elements well into her floor routines, and it’s one of the things that makes her unbeatable on that event. I can see her translating that and her training well into the dance floor like Laurie did last season. I think Nancy also had that competitive edge coming into the show. She hasn’t competed on the ice in a minute but there are so many techniques that she can bring into her training from years of having to learn new routines.

Okay sure, Heather Morris is a professional and was a dancer for Beyonce. I’m still happy to see her on the show, and agree that she will be judged differently than the other contestants. I think they’re going to give her styles outside of her wheelhouse, at first, to really push her. She’s hilarious and it will be fun watching her shine on TV each week.

Who do you think will make it to the top three? Who will be the first elimination?

Megan: Top three will definitely include Heather Morris and probably Simone Biles. I feel like Nick Viall won’t last long and neither will Charro. I want Mr. T to last long just because I feel like that’s going to be such an entertaining bit of each episode. I’m always surprised by the athletes, so I feel like they’re going to last awhile too. It’ll be interesting to see how everything goes!

Maddie: While it may be obvious, I don't see how there could be a top three besides Normani, Simone, and Heather. I think Nick will be the first to go because audiences are sick of him at this point and I highly doubt he's going to do well.

Chelsea: Ya know, I’m gonna guess Heather, Simone, and one of the sports guys just for fun, I don’t care which one. I think the Fifth Harmony fans are going to keep Normani in for a VERY long time, so I know not to count her out.

I think Chris Kattan will be the first celebrity eliminated. Those Roxbury moves won’t get him very far here.

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