Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dancing with the Stars 24x02 Roundtable: Foxtrot Out of a Ticket [Contributors: Chelsea and Megan]

This week on Dancing with the Stars, our resident dancing queens Megan and Chelsea start really sizing up the competition and figuring out their favorite dancers. See what they think about this week’s “sexy” routines, who’s the most fun, and who we think will go home.

Which "sexy" routine worked for you and which fell flat?

Megan: I loved the “Foxtrot out of a ticket” concept with Gleb and Erika. If ever I get pulled over, I would like that to be how things play out, to be honest. I was proud of Simone for fighting through that awkwardness that all teenagers face when having to play at intimacy with someone you barely know and really turned out a great number. And, no shocker here, Heather did an incredible job with her jive.

Chelsea: Heather is still a joy to watch and I like that they’re “making it more difficult” by giving her a different partner midway through as if that would slow her down. The judges are still underscoring her to keep the illusion that the show is hard for her.

I’m enjoying Normani and Simone being the two 20 year olds on the show and having very different journeys. Both of their careers lend themselves to this competition and give them a huge edge over everyone else (except maybe Heather Morris) but their backgrounds help make their dances so much more uniquely refined.

Sorry Nick, I wasn’t feeling your dance. Is it too late to swap his fiancee Vanessa in for him? She was crushing the steps in rehearsals.

Whose potential are you most anticipating?

Megan: You know, Nancy Kerrigan was a bit of a forgettable one in the first week, but I think I’m going to be really excited to see her progress! I was surprised to learn that she was so insecure, but I think having Artem as a partner is going to be good for her. And I just want Mr. T to be great. I think he’s such a sweet man and that has me rooting for him.

Chelsea: I’m with you on Nancy. She was just so much fun to watch and you just know that she’s just waiting for a dance that will let her shine. Erika Jayne came out so strong too and you can tell that her and Gleb are really starting to click.

Which routine was the most fun to watch?

Megan: Oh, man. I don’t know. I loved Keo and Charo’s Paso Doble. It had fire and fun and she was really going for it even if she minced a few steps. I read that she’s considering quitting because she thinks she’s getting unfair scores, but I hope not. She’s a real spitfire.

Chelsea: Again, it all comes back to Erika Jayne. It may not have been perfect but I really enjoy her presence. Heather too is just so nice to watch. Sometimes you just want a well-crafted routine and she knows how to deliver.

Who should go home and who will go home?

Megan: Next week, I think it could be anybody. I sort of knew that Chris and Witney would go home this week, which makes me sad, but that’s the truth. Charo was in the bottom, so she may just quit and there wouldn’t be an elimination. I thought everyone did really great this week, so it’s hard!

Chelsea: That’s tough. I knew Chris and Witney would be the ones to go even though I didn’t want him to leave. He’s having so much fun and sometimes you just need that kind of goofy person on the show. I feel like it’s down to Mr. T and Charo on who will leave. I know Nick has those lower scores but ABC has more incentive to keep him around longer. I could see Charo being the one to go since she kind of is a handful for the show to wrangle.


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