Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Bachelor 21x04 Roundtable: Do You Call This Immature? [Contributors: Alisa, Rebecca, Rae, Chelsea]

This week on The Bachelor, the ladies get really excited to go to Milwaukee in the winter, Nick runs into yet another ex, and Corinne reaches her full potential — of driving everyone crazy. At least Nick looks like he's having fun, though he may be the only one. See what Alisa, Rebecca, Rae, and Chelsea think of the episode and let us know your favorite Corinne quote in the comments.

This episode in particular seemed full of moments that made me wince. Which part of this episode made you cringe the most?

Alisa: Every scene Corinne was in made me cringe. She’s great entertainment but after three weeks, her antics are starting to get old. And slightly concerning. I mean, do they have an on-site therapist? If not, perhaps Corinne’s unraveling will be the impetus they need to invest in one. Oh, also when Nick was on his one-on-one with Danielle L. and they just happened to run into his ex. Please. So staged and super boring.

Rebecca: Definitely when Nick ran into his ex. It was obvious the show staged it, which made it even more uncomfortable. It was Danielle being fake-happy to get to talk to the ex that made me cringe. If my boyfriend and I ran into his ex on the street and he wanted to stop to talk to her, I’d kill them both. There’s no way she was that happy and cool with it.

Rae: Nick’s ex said, what, two words the whole time? It was so unnatural, and then nothing even happened. But I think the most cringe-worthy part was Corinne versus Taylor. I’m completely expecting them to both go on the two-on-one next week, and possibly both go home.

Chelsea: Honestly, I only remember the Corinne things and not much else. Her whole presence makes me cringe but she’s a glorious trainwreck. I don’t know how she has made it this far through life without being slapped. Nobody can be that obviously dumb. The two one-on-one dates didn’t really stick with me. Running into the ex didn’t really make an impact, and I couldn’t even try to guess which two gals got that time. I really felt like Nurse Danielle this episode when she was just listening to one of the girls complain about the Corinne and she looked like an exhausted mother having to deal with the children.

What do you think of Nick’s family?

Alisa: Nick’s family seems so nice and supportive. I vaguely remember them from past seasons (they sure have been through this a few times!). They seemed a bit skeptical of Nick’s feelings for these girls, and who can really blame them at this point? Bella obviously adores her big brother and that says something good about Nick, I guess. I always tend to like the families better than the bachelors.

Rebecca: I love Nick’s mom, I hope I look like her when I’m her age. She has the look nailed down with that short hair and leather jacket and I’m HERE for it. His sister was also very cute, and it’s adorable how much she looks up to him.

Rae: I wish we could see more of him family, but I guess that will hopefully come down the line. I’d love to see all of his brothers and sisters and in-laws navigate meeting a new girlfriend. They seem fine, but every big family has to be hiding at least a few crazy things, right?

Chelsea: I would’ve liked more time with his family. But it’s still super early in the show, so it was almost weird we were meeting them so soon. Parts of it were cute but forgettable. I’ll be more interested to see how they are down the line.

Raven had a breakout moment this episode — what do you think about her?

Alisa: Okay, so before the date, I just thought she was really weird and I was pretty sure she had a shrine to Nick in her childhood bedroom complete with a voodoo doll of him fashioned from the hair of a thousand cats. After the date, I’m even more convinced of these things, but I’m much more fond of her and find her seance-at-dusk vibe endearing. Her story about beating her cheating ex with a stiletto after pummeling the other woman with her bare fists was fantastic. I don’t even care if it was true or not. Anyone who can weave a story like that deserves a rose. Let’s keep her on through hometowns so she and Nick can light a candle at his shrine and perform a blood oath under the full moon to bond their souls for eternity.

Rebecca: I didn’t really have an opinion of her before, but I really like her now and I think she’s the dark horse of the competition. Echoing Alisa, she does seem a little crazy, but I like it. And I always love and appreciate any woman who gets revenge on her cheating ex. She’s cute, but I don’t see her winning... although maybe she’ll surprise us.

Rae: I love Raven now, and I would follow her to the ends of the earth. That story about her ex was so great. I hope she does make it to hometowns because I want to see the mother that told her to “go to him.” I also thought their date was really cute, and it looked like they had fun roller skating around. She seems to really like him! I hope she won’t be too sad when it’s all over.

Chelsea: Raven took me by these past couple of weeks, and I’m so glad I added her to my final four for the season. I think she has the potential to go far and has a good chemistry with Nick. She really stood out the most this episode without unnecessary drama. Her story about the cheating won all of us over, and I just want more of her.

Favorite Corinne quote of the night?

Alisa: Does her just drunkenly grabbing her own boobs and shouting something semi-coherent about not being immature count as a quote? Because that's what I'd like to pick.

Rebecca: It’s a tie between “I want to be in a spa eating a nice taco — preferably chicken” and “Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps.”

Rae: “I am not privileged in any way.” Or the 100 times she said “poop.” Also, who eats tacos in a spa? I haven’t been to very many spas, is that what they serve? Seems messy, at best.

Chelsea: I feel like my two-year-old niece has more coherent sentences than Corinne. My favorite quote of the week was actually the gal that told Corinne to “chew your food.” Does that count?

And, as we do each week, here are our Bachelor Fantasy League Standings:

  1. Chelsea (320 points)
  2. Patti (250 points)
  3. Alisa (210 points)
  4. Rae (190 points)
  5. Rebecca (140 points)


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