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The Bachelor 21x03 Roundtable: OMG We're Back Again [Contributors: Rae, Patti Murin, Alisa, Rebecca]

This week on The Bachelor, the women go to the stars — and I’m not just talking about their date with the Backstreet Boys. Vanessa wins the one-on-one date and defies gravity with Nick while getting motion sickness and the rose. Back at the mansion, Corinne turns up the drama at a pool party. See what Rae, Patti, Alisa, and Rebecca think of how Nick handles this week’s episode.

Is it time for Corinne to go home?

Rae: It is definitely time for Corinne to go home. We’ve seen about all we are ever going to see from Corinne, which is just: entitlement, being very, very drunk, and making out with Nick in increasingly ridiculous situations. I like that Nick is not throwing her under the bus, but he keeps talking about how “confident” she is and I feel like he is deeply misreading the situation. It’s not confidence if you cry with embarrassment after you do it — that is deep insecurity. A confident woman also wouldn’t feel the need to one-up every other woman on the show. Look at how Rachel handles herself compared to Corinne: Rachel tells Dominique to not worry about the other women and to just focus on her own relationship with Nick. That is what confidence actually looks like.

Patti: Nope, not yet! I think it’s time for Nick to start standing up to Corinne and admitting that letting go of her is letting go of his entire past, so he can truly look for a wife. But until he does that, and is truly ready to do that, having her around shines a very important light on him that can be beneficial to the women who are actually there to find love. Like Vanessa! She called him out on it, and told him point blank that she’s not judging Corinne, she’s judging HIS actions. I would hate for Vanessa to end up with a guy who was still this way on the inside, but at least with Corinne around, Vanessa (and the other ladies) can see EXACTLY what they’re getting themselves into.

Alisa: Oooh, what Patti said! I admit, I just want Corinne to stick around for purely selfish reasons like the great entertainment value she provides. But I think Patti brought up some really important points. And like Rae said, Corinne’s actions stem from deep insecurity not confidence. Nick needs to realize that. And he needs to realize something about himself in this process and see that his tendency to go for a girl based purely on superficial qualities has been his downfall time and time again. He’s mistaking insecurity for confidence and lust for love and he needs to get his head screwed on straight before all the incredible women who put their lives on hold to be here walk out the door and he’s left with only himself, a napping Corinne, and a bouncy castle.

Rebecca: Great point, Patti! I think it’s pretty clear Corrine isn’t going to make it very far on The Bachelor (see you in Paradise), but I have to admit that I like having her around for the Drama™. She’s extremely insecure and immature, and I feel like she’s one of those girls that feels like the only way to make someone interested in you is to have sex with them — which sometimes makes me feel bad for her... until her crazy and manipulative antics make me roll my eyes again. Like we’ve said before, she’s the perfect villain, but it’s time for Nick to get his head out of the clouds and send her home.

How do you think Nick is doing at balancing dating so many women?

Rae: I have some notes. Mainly, stop kissing girls in front of all the other girls! This makes everyone feel bad. Also, maybe if someone is being rude, don’t just go along with it. That makes you look bad. I do, however, like that he sends people home immediately when he knows he is not feeling it. That shows that he respects these women and their time.

Patti: YES, RAE! I completely agree. Kisses don’t mean anything if you just do it whenever and wherever you want. Do you REALLY like all of these women enough to actually put your tongue in their mouths? Like, NONE of them have a slight case of halitosis or are immediately in the Friend Zone? Come on, I don’t believe that.

Alisa: So far I am definitely NOT impressed with Nick’s handling of this situation. His whole, “oh dear me another girl wants to kiss me in front of everyone, oh gosh, oh my, okay, I guess I’ll go along with it,” has grown irksome. I almost threw something at my TV during that dreadful pool party when he kept getting mauled by one woman after another. It was clearly making the other women uncomfortable and he just acted completely helpless in the situation. Put your foot down and just say, “Hey, I’m really into you, but this is a party for all the women, so let’s all just hang out and have fun and save the make-out sesh for private, mmkay?” Is it really that hard to do? I do appreciate he’s letting girls go quickly and not stringing them along. But at the same time, the girls he IS keeping are worrisome. Okay, mainly just Corinne is worrisome. The rest all actually seem great. Seriously, this might be the best group of women the show has ever had.

Rebecca: I love this group of women, so I feel bad whenever they have to witness the man that they’re into make out with someone else right in front of them. It’s so disrespectful and just plain awkward. I get uncomfortable just watching it from my couch! Nick gets pleeeeeeenty of one-on-one time with the women; make out with them there instead of in front of the group. It’s just tacky. So, to answer the question, no, I don’t think he’s doing a good job. Echoing what others have said, I appreciate that he doesn’t just string people along, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he has no respect for the remaining women’s comfort.

Who do you think has the best connection with Nick so far?

Rae: I am Team Vanessa all the way, and I think if anyone can snap Nick out of whatever he’s feeling about Corinne, it will be her. They both looked like they had an emotional connection on their date, and was that the first time he’s cried (when not getting dumped)? I do like that the people he seems to be connecting with are generally cool women who seem age appropriate for him. Except, of course, Corinne.

Patti: Vanessa for the win. Damn, I keep typing “wine” whenever I mean to type “win.” I think I have a problem.

Alisa: Oh boy, that’s a tough one. I don’t know! I love Rachel, Vanessa, and Nurse Danielle. He certainly had a really strong connection with Vanessa this week but he had really strong connections with Rachel and Nurse Danielle in past weeks. And I feel like Danielle L. — the one who won the Backstreet Boys’ serenade — might prove to be the dark horse of the competition. She definitely caught his eye this week.

Rebecca: Vanessa! She’s the total package — funny, smart, caring, kind, fun, beautiful. I have the same favorites as Alisa, and I hope Rachel and both Danielles do well in the competition.

Bonus question: Were you an NSYNC or Backstreet Boys fan? 

Rae: NSYNC all the way, though I definitely would have been so stoked about meeting and dancing with the Backstreet Boys.

Backstreet Boys! NSYNC was a little too feminine for me. Hilarious, right?

Alisa: Uh, okay, so Backstreet Boys, hands down. But obviously I listened to NSYNC, too. BUT the gigantic poster on my bedroom wall was 98 Degrees all the way, baby. And I may have also harbored a secret crush on the guys from LFO. #NoShame

Rebecca: NSYNC, although I have to admit I didn’t really get on the boy band train until One Direction. I missed out on so many great years.

And now, as we do each week, here are our Bachelor Fantasy League standings:

  1. Chelsea (240)
  2. Patti (220)
  3. Rae (160)
  4. Alisa (150)
  5. Rebecca (60)


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