Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pretty Little Liars Rosewood Roundup ("Hush... Hush, Sweet Liars") [Contributor: Megan Mann]

"Hush... Hush, Sweet Liars"
Original Airdate: March 15, 2016

Okay, guys. It’s finally here: the spring finale. The time where we all sit around our TVs hoping for answers from Rosewood’s finest and wind up with more questions than we care to admit until we’re graced again with our pretty little liars. What do they have in store for us this time?

The crew sits waiting for Big Bad to get back to them after Hanna’s false confession in the barn. Hanna gets a response: “If you’re lying, I’ll shoot all of you.” After a brief discussion, Hanna responds saying that she’s not lying, that it’s the truth. “No police.” Already, this is going how they anticipated. Hanna asks for just one more day. “It’ll be your last.” Clearly, Big Bad has no qualms about ending the lives of our Liars.

Alison is resting at home when Elliot tells her that he has the same strength that Charlotte had. He still finds himself responsible for what happened, but Alison is quick to shut him down. They also discuss Jason’s whereabouts and thank god because I miss him and was wondering where he’s gone. Elliot offers to stay with Alison, but she recommends he leave for the conference in Chicago. Looks like we’re taking this to the bare bones of the group, guys.

The blueprints roll across the table as Spencer shows Toby what they discovered. The two exchange a sweet moment and it makes you yearn for them to get back together. Toby asks why they need the blueprints and Spencer explains that they believe this is the key to nailing Creepy Hands Sara as Big Bad. While they discuss the blueprints of The Radley, Emily meets up with Caleb to give him the necessities to build an electric fence. You know, because Real Disney Prince of Rosewood knows how to do such things.

Toby points out that there was a record room that now has no visible door. Only someone with serious knowledge of the place, someone like Charlotte, could have made that possible. He says that he’ll be participating in what goes down tomorrow, but Spencer is apprehensive. Does he really want to mess things up with Yvonne? He doesn’t, but he’s already complicit, so they might as well run with it.

At the loft, Aria looks up from what she’s doing to see Ezra motionless and staring straight ahead. She calls his name but instead of responding, he closes his laptop and moves to the couch. “Are you working on the last chapter?” she asks. “It’s finished,” he says. She offers to read it, but instead of saying yes or no, he opens up and starts to cry. He’s never going to see Nicole again and it’s not until now that he’s really allowed himself to believe it. “You’ve written a really beautiful love story for Nicole.” Aria assures him. The two share yet another tender moment and you really just want it to be like the old days where you knew they were perfect for each other. Come back to me, Ezria!

A melody starts to play and wakes Alison up from her sleep. When she goes to investigate, she discovers that it’s her ballerina jewelry box. A floorboard creaks and in the doorway is her mother, bruised and dirty. She drops the box and when she looks up, Mama Di is gone. The phone trills, but when she answers, she only hears static. Then, “did you miss me?” Okay, cool. Because that didn’t set my bones on fire or anything, writer’s room.

Obviously shaken by the incident, Alison confides in Emily about the dream that she had in the hospital. Emily relates and tells her of the dream that she had of her dad on the day of his funeral. She reminds Ali that those painkillers she’s on are pretty strong and can easily mess with your head which causes her to toss them out chalking the whole thing up to a hallucination. But they’re not alone. Someone’s watching through the bushes. Uh oh.

Toby is helping Yvonne set up decorations and decides that’s the best time to tell her that he won’t be able to make it to the party tomorrow because he has to help a friend. “It’s not something you have to take care of. It’s someone,” Yvonne points out. “Would her name be Spencer?” Ah, transparency.

The kitchen and living room area of the Hastings household is abuzz with the impending vote. Mona walks in and Spencer is as confused as we are. Mona wants to help Veronica, but Spencer is calling BS. “I’m not the enemy. I haven’t been for a long time.” She decides to allow it and passes Mona a clipboard and a cell phone. Is Mona really there to help Veronica or is this some game she’s playing for the opposition? If we know Mona, we know not to take this at face value.

Back at the coffee shop, Yvonne is visibly pissed at Toby. She’s angry that he won’t tell her what it is that Spencer needs. It’s complicated because it always is with these girls. Yvonne cuts the conversation short by saying, “I won’t let you turn me into the girl that says ‘pick me, not her.’” Mic drop.

Real Rosewood Disney Prince Caleb shows Hanna where the electric fence starts and stops. They also set up motion censors and cameras so that in the event that they realize it’s a set-up, at least they’ll have visual proof. Only we know our villains and they’re always a step ahead. Will this even be worth it?

Over glasses of wine in the DiLaurentis living room, Aria tells Emily that her chapters are maybe a little too honest and she’s worried that Liam will see right through them and doesn’t want to hurt him. But what’s more concerning is what’s happening Ali’s bedroom. A hand creeps over the sheet and entwines itself with Ali’s. She turns and instead of Elliot, it’s Wilden with a bloodstained shirt! She screams and the girls come running. She says it wasn’t a dream, she felt him. “What’s wrong with me?” she asks Aria.

The next morning, Spencer asks Caleb how he’s going to go around undetected by Creepy Hands or Big Bad. He’s got a plan in place, as usual. After all, it was his plan that lead to the girls being found in the bunker. He’s got this, girl. Spencer takes the time to really drink Caleb in and he the same. They don’t know what the night will bring. There’s an interruption at the door and as Caleb goes to leave, Spencer blurts out that she loves him. Is she that nervous about he and Hanna hatching this plan together? Yikes.

Emily has left Ali alone in order to go vote and it makes Elliot uneasy. He claims what she’s experiencing is just misplaced guilt. She hangs up the phone and moves towards the picture of Charlotte when she sees a shadow and looks up to see her mother again, only this time she’s pointing behind her. She turns and sees Wilden again. “It wasn’t my fault!” Ali screams.

Aria heads to the loft with breakfast and finds Ezra on the phone with Jillian. As he ends the call, she immediately assumes that she loves Ezra’s chapters, hates her and she should have known that she would never get a fair chance. It’s refreshing to see the change in the girls and seeing that they are able to deal with this while still somehow maintaining their lives. She continues to freak out, but Ezra stops her and in a moment of excitement over the great news, she kisses him. They hesitate for a whole second before it’s back to the good old days we’ve all been waiting for as they take it to the bedroom. If you heard a shrill scream, that was me crying out in joy.

Another old school couple walks into another bedroom, but sadly, we’re not getting what we want. Hanna and Caleb check into a room to take the plan to the next level. As she watches him open his bag, Hanna has another flashback to the two of them in the fight that ended it all. He asks her to skip out on a trip with her boss and go to Europe with him like they had planned. Hanna thought they would work it out, but Caleb couldn’t do it anymore. The trip that brought Spencer and Caleb together was the trip taken just after they split. Back in the present, Caleb promises her she’ll be safe.

Emily walks back into the house and sees that Ali is gone and her phone isn’t on her. Uh-oh! Trouble is afoot!

Over at the Radley, the Hastings family is awaiting the results of the election, which is currently tied. They have a cute little moment as Spencer’s phone rings. Emily still hasn’t found Ali. Spencer suggests thinking of where Alison might feel safe. Of course, we see Alison walking toward the bell tower. How could she feel safe there? Nothing but bad things have happened there! Now I’ve got the bad feeling that Emily has. Ugh.

Aria asks if Hanna needs anything before going with Ezra to make sure the perimeter is ready. Hanna is scared, but Caleb reassures her that she’s going to be safe. He’s never let her down before, so why would he start now? “I’ve let you down,” she says. “What do you mean?” he asks. She brings up the flashback that she had earlier and says that there’s something he doesn’t know. As she sat in traffic that night, she called him and when he didn’t answer, she got out of the cab and ran back toward their apartment. When she got back, he was already gone. Again, she called only to see his phone on the table. “If I hadn’t left, things might be so different now.” She professes his love to her and he does what we’ve been waiting for: he kisses her! They break apart just as Ezra announces they’re ready.

As that part of the plan starts to play out, Spencer is down below the hotel with Toby hoping to find the door. Hanna texts her location and now, we wait.

Alison finds herself behind the pulpit of the church hoping for some sort of solace from the hallucinations. Emily finds her there. Ali thinks that they’re not hallucinations, that they’re real and ready to drag her down to hell. She’s scared that she can’t tell what’s real anymore. Poor girl.

As Toby and Spencer cut through the drywall and discover the door, they hear someone coming. A flashlight appears and of course, it’s Mona. “What are you looking for?” They don’t know, but they’re about to find out and since she’s here, she might as well participate. They walk through the door and see that there’s nothing there until they round a corner and spot a file folder. It’s the file for a woman named Mary Drake, a patient there 25 years ago. She had a child while there named Charles Drake, a child that was adopted by the DiLaurentis family. Maybe they didn’t want anyone to know that Charlotte was adopted. “Why would Charlotte go through so much trouble to hide this?” As Mona points out, maybe it was her mother, her real mother. Looks like we have another piece in a never-ending puzzle!

Through binoculars we see the flickering welcome sign of the inn. A few more looks around and the lenses find Hanna sitting by the door of her room. Aria, Caleb and Ezra are waiting in the woods and see that someone is approaching. The three start to move and when they think they’re upon Big Bad, bulbs start to go off and they realize they’ve been distracted by their own tools. They race back to the inn and find that Hanna is gone. I told you guys. Big Bad is always one step ahead of the game.

Alison signs into a hospital with Emily by her side. Even though she’s signing herself in, she’s not allowed to leave if a doctor believes she’s unfit. Emily has her own reservations, but Ali won’t be swayed. She wants to get better and not feel like she’s losing her mind, so she signs the papers and enters into treatment.

But there is good news: Veronica is made senator! But the joy is short lived for our band of survivors. Aria tells Spencer that Hanna is gone. Spencer and Toby run out of the room and Mona follows. They don’t understand how Hanna could have gotten out of the room until they move the bed and see that there’s a hole in the floor. Caleb is angry at himself for not thinking to check after all that they’ve been through. There’s a video of what went down and the group, now including Spencer, Toby and Mona, crowd around the laptop it’s downloaded to.

They rewind the tape and see a girl run across the screen. They all look at each other in confusion. “Can that even be possible?” Aria asks.

Wilden strolls into the room in his bloody shirt and reaches to take off what we assume is his tie, but is really the mask he’s wearing because it’s not Wilden; it’s Elliot! Did you hear me?! IT’S ELLIOT! He drove Ali crazy on purpose! And he’s not alone. Jessica is there too. But she’s not Jessica! She’s Mary Drake! Elliot was in love with Charlotte and he would have done anything for her including marrying Ali! What on earth is happening here?!

The group looks over the footage again and they see that it was Mrs. DiLaurentis (or should we call her Mary Drake? This is confusing already) as all of their phones chime. “Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go. A.D.” What does this even mean?!

Back at the bell tower, someone is dragging Hanna’s body toward what we can only assume is bad news. Where do we even go from here? How do we even proceed? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO HANNA? Oh God, I need it to be June now!


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