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Grey’s Anatomy 14x24 Recap: “All of Me” (Three Weddings and a Baby) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“All of Me”
Original Airdate: May 17, 2018

Humor, heart, and a whole lot of unexpected surprises make the fourteenth season finale of Grey’s Anatomy an unforgettable episode. Stay tuned until the very end, or else you will definitely miss something major. We all thought that we were going to be seeing Alex and Jo’s wedding and Arizona and April’s departures, but three weddings and one massive shocker play out in a way only Grey’s Anatomy can.


The first wedding that takes place isn’t the one anyone expected — especially Jackson, Maggie, Bailey, Ben, Catherine, Richard, and the interns... who all showed up to the wrong location. These wedding crashers don’t even realize they are at the wrong ceremony until the bride starts walking down the aisle. Their stunned faces and awkward attempts at exiting before it’s too late provide the best bits of comedy in the episode. However, it turns out that some good comes from showing up at the wrong wedding: the bride’s mother collapses just as she is giving her daughter away.

Bailey rushes to the mother and has Ben flag down an ambulance. Everyone else has made it out before the commotion, while Bailey and Ben take their patient back to Grey Sloan Memorial. With limited staff around thanks to Alex and Jo’s wedding, Bailey bumps into Teddy Altman at just the right time. Teddy comes strolling through the halls with a suitcase, trying to figure out where everyone is, and Bailey asks if she can scrub in with her for heart surgery on the bride’s mother. I’m really glad that Teddy came back for the finale because she was left in limbo when she kicked Owen out of her house in Germany.

The bride, groom, and all the wedding guests anxiously wait in the lobby for any news, and Ben stays with them to help keep them calm. During the surgery, Bailey asks Teddy why she is visiting... and Teddy asks if Bailey is hiring. This is quite surprising, but makes sense later; Teddy has a whopper of a secret that she doesn’t reveal until the very end of the episode. The surgery is successful, and the bride and groom want to postpone the wedding until the mother is well enough to attend. Like a good mother, she doesn’t want the wedding to be postponed when all the guests are already there. Bailey and Teddy set up an impromptu wedding for the couple at the hospital’s chapel and have Ben Skype in the mother.

This story ends with two surprising moments. Before the wedding, Bailey tells Teddy that she wants to take a brief sabbatical from being chief to live a little. Teddy accepts the role of interim chief of surgery, then sits with the recovering mother to watch the wedding. Teddy is rather emotional and reveals to her patient that she is expecting! There is no way that she isn’t expecting Owen’s baby, otherwise she wouldn’t be there. Also... no one else knows! This indicates that season fifteen will have to pick up right where this one ends because there is a lot of explaining to do. On the bright side, it looks like Kim Raver will be back next season. I’m hoping that she will be part of the full-time cast again and not just a recurring guest.


It’s time for the wedding you have all been waiting for — that is, if the bride and groom can be found! Alex and Jo’s wedding is quite a ride. Pretty much what can go wrong does go wrong in these hilarious scenes. It could be said that Alex and Jo bring it on themselves to have bad luck on their wedding day when they see each other twice before the ceremony. They say they don’t believe in superstition, but after this day, they might change their minds. Before the festivities, Jo comes over to Meredith’s house to tell Alex that she got accepted into a fellowship program for minimally invasive surgery at Massachusetts General. Meredith is quite upset by the news because if Jo takes the fellowship, then Alex will move away too.

Meredith spends the rest of the episode in a state of panic, leading Amelia to say that she must be in love with Alex. Of course, Meredith explains to her several times that she doesn’t love Alex, but that he is her best friend and she doesn’t know how she could lose another person close to her. Meredith gets the final laugh when she tells Amelia to stop projecting her love for Owen on her. Amelia spends the episode denying that she has feelings for Owen again but let’s face it: we all know that’s not true. Owen and Amelia have been living together with baby Leo and teen mom Betty for a month, and their dysfunctional family unit is quite fun to watch. It’s great to see Owen finally have everything that he has ever wanted. Little does he know that his rough year is going to get a lot rougher as soon as he sees Teddy.

Before the ceremony is supposed to start, Meredith finds Jo and offers her an attending job as a general surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial. Jo thinks that Alex put Meredith up to the offer, so she confronts him, only to learn that Meredith did it all on her own. Alex and Jo then decide that they have some time for an afternoon quickie and find a small shed on the property to shack up in.

Unfortunately for them, they get locked in and have no way out. The band continues to play loudly, so no one can hear them call for help. It gets funnier when Jo discovers a skeleton in the corner. As they are stuck, April and the other wedding planner are freaking out since nothing is going according to the plan. The Justice of the Peace has yet to arrive, the bride and groom are missing, the interns and DeLuca are trashed, the wedding planner has an allergic reaction to shrimp and needs an emergency thoracotomy in the middle of the aisle, and Schmidt passes out and knocks over the wedding cake. Considering their past, it’s a pretty appropriate wedding for Alex and Jo.

Meredith and DeLuca eventually find Alex and Jo, but everything has already been wrecked. Everyone decides to take the ferry back to the mainland and go to Catherine and Richard’s for a reception. While on the ferry, Maggie tells Alex that anyone can become an ordained minister online, and Alex asks Meredith if she will marry him and Jo. In a perfect moment on the back of the ferry, surrounded by their closest friends, Alex and Jo finally get married.


April, Matthew, Arizona, Sofia, and Jackson stay behind at the wedding location to help clean up once the rest of the group departs. The Justice of the Peace finally arrives all disheveled, saying that she got lost on her way there. In a spur of the moment decision, Matthew gets down on one knee and proposes to April in a very moving speech. April says yes with Arizona, Sofia, and Jackson watching. Since the wedding venue wasn’t put to good use, Matthew and April decide to get married on the spot. This is the best way for April to leave the show, as she is getting the ending that she always wanted. She has also left her job at the hospital to do volunteer work for the church. While she will still be living in Seattle, it is nice to know that April left on the proper note.

Arizona tells Alex at the beginning of the episode that she and Sofia are flying to New York after the wedding. She doesn’t want anyone to try and talk her out of leaving because she knows she is making the right choice. At the end of the episode, Arizona reveals that she might have feelings for Callie again, who is now single. The episode ends with Arizona receiving a text from Callie that says that she is excited to see Arizona, who replies that she can’t wait to see her too. I think all fans can agree that while we don’t know for sure what will happen, we are all happy that Callie and Arizona will end up together again. While we don’t get any big goodbyes or sendoffs from April and Arizona, they both get the happy endings they deserve.


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