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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x20 Recap: “Show Me Going” (Saving Rosa) [Contributor: Alisa Williams]

“Show Me Going”
Original Airdate: May 6, 2018

What a whirlwind of a week! We got the tragic news that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled by Fox and then three days later we received the most glorious announcement — the series had been picked up by NBC for season six! But before all of that craziness went down, we had a fantastic episode air, so let’s discuss that, as we bask in the knowledge that we have at least one more season to look forward to (and maybe even a Superstore and/or The Good Place crossover?!)

On the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Boyle are super excited because they’ve been tapped to join an inter-agency taskforce led by NYPD legend Boomer Maxwell that is set to take down a Fast & Furious-style underground car racing ring. If even half the stories about this guy are true (took down three serial killers in one week, defused a bomb with his teeth because his hands were tied up, etc.) than Jake and Boyle are in for a real treat.

Unfortunately, when they get to the task force meeting, they learn Boomer Maxwell isn’t leading it up anymore. Apparently he shattered both his legs jumping off the Chrysler Building chasing a perp, and now Detective Brett Booth is in charge and he is not a fan of Jake. They attended Academy together years ago where Jake shot him with a rubber bullet that somehow went up and under Booth’s goggles and permanently damaged his depth perception.

Sure enough, Booth walks in, promptly bumps into a water cooler, has a few choice words to share with Peralta (while looking at the guy next to him), and then storms back out of the room, running into the doorframe on the way. Even worse, Jake and Boyle both get kicked off the taskforce. They head back to the precinct and Jake tells Boyle they’ll just solve the case on their own, before Booth’s taskforce can. But before they can dig into the details, they come upon the rest of the team listening in to a dispatch call about an active shooter in a hotel. As they follow the conversation and hear the various officers who are at the scene state their names and badge numbers, suddenly they hear Rosa’s voice. She’s there, too.

Holt finds out that there are two, possibly three, shooters and three dead civilians, along with many more injured. Jake insists they rush in to help Rosa, but Holt says no. The officers on point say they have the situation handled. Rosa happened to be on scene when it went down so she got pulled into helping, but the rest of the Nine-Nine isn’t needed. Jake tries to focus on the car racing case, but he’s too worried about Rosa. They all are. Terry confesses to Holt that he’s terrified for Rosa and is now thinking about his own mortality. Holt, who is the worst at comforting people, does his best but only makes Terry more terrified that Rosa will die and he’ll die, too. Terry calls his insurance agency, hoping to bump up his life insurance plan to make sure his family will be covered if he dies.

The insurance agency sends a nurse to do a health check-up for Terry and is taking his blood pressure (which he says is usually pristine) just as Jake gets the news that there were shots fired at the hotel. Terry’s blood pressure skyrockets and breaks the machine. Jake storms into Holt’s office, who has already heard the news and tells Jake two officers are down, but neither is Rosa. Jake presses again that they need to head over there and help Rosa, but Holts says no again. They’ve been ordered by the commissioner not to interfere, and now Holt is ordering the same of Jake. Jake agrees but immediately leaves Holt’s office and enlists Boyle, Scully, and Hitchcock’s help to cause a distraction so he can check out tactical gear and go help Rosa.

Meanwhile, Amy and Gina have been dealing with their fear for Rosa in their own way. The Nine-Nine’s women’s bathroom toilet has been broken for over a week (thanks to Gina not calling the work order in when she was supposed to). Rosa has been the most vocal in complaining about it, and Amy says it would be great if they got it fixed before Rosa gets back, considering the rough day she’s having. They call a plumber but he says he won’t be able to fix it right away, so Amy and Gina decide to fix it themselves. I mean, how hard can it be? Apparently, super difficult. They make a huge mess and Amy ends up breaking it even worse than it was before.

While Amy and Gina continue trying to fix the toilet, Jake heads down to the armory to check out the tactical gear. Scully and Hitchcock cause a commotion in the bull pen, which causes Holt to run out of his office and break it up. As the armory officer calls Holt’s office to get his approval for Jake’s tactical gear, Boyle slips in and answers Holt’s phone to approve the request.

But their shenanigans prove useless because Holt catches Jake as he’s about to jump in his car and head over to the hotel. Holt reminds Jake that his team needs him. Jake says he tried to distract them from the seriousness of the situation, but Holt says what they need isn’t distraction. They need someone who will listen to their feelings. Jake says Holt should do that himself, but Holt admits that comforting people isn’t really his strong suit.

Jake says he has important things to do, like rescuing Rosa, and doesn’t have time for pointless emotional banter. Jake heads out but before he gets to the hotel he turns around and heads back to the precinct with pizza for everyone and a plan to talk about their feelings. It works and everyone calms down as they wait for news about Rosa. Even Terry’s blood pressure gets back to his normal range, and the nurse sent by the insurance agency can finally leave.

Just then they get word that the hotel shooters have been taken into custody, and they don’t have to wait long before Rosa appears back in the precinct, unharmed and happy to see them all. And Gina and Amy have a surprise. Well, sort of. The women’s toilet is definitely not fixed, but they think Rosa will appreciate the effort they went to, and the hurricane of destruction Amy left in her wake, and Rosa does. There’s hugs all around and the squad is back together!

Bullets on the Bulletin Board:
  • “But that’s just a suggestion, right? Like how they tell you to drink eight cups of water a month.” “A day.” “Sarge, come on. This is not the time for jokes.”
  • “I can’t help but notice you flattened your mouse.” “Sorry. I get crush-y when I’m nervous.” 
  • “You know what would make a great movie? One where the hero sits with his friend and they just talk about their emotions.”


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