Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Bachelor 22x07 Roundtable: Road to Hometowns [Contributors: Alisa, Rebecca, and Chelsea]

Well, our ladies are back at it again. This week on their recap of The Bachelor, they discuss group dates and make hometown predictions. Join the fun!

Jacqueline captured our hearts this week when she downed a glass of wine and dumped Arie. How did you feel about her story this season and would you want to see her on Paradise or as the Bachelorette this summer? 

Alisa: I am all about a woman who pursues her education and career over a man, especially when that man is the most boring bachelor in all of TV history. Seriously, Jacqueline deserves way better than a man who admitted last week he’s not here for smart women. All the ladies need to go live their lives sans Arie. I don’t want to see Jacqueline back on this franchise until she has a “Dr.” in front of her name. See you in six years, lady!

Rebecca: Honestly, I had no idea who Jacqueline was until last week, but I’ve quickly fallen in love with her. She has perfect hair, she’s fun and relatable, and she doesn’t take things too seriously. I think it’s awesome she’s so into education and pursuing such a prestigious degree, and good for her for putting herself and her future over some guy she’s been non-monogamously dating for a few months. I hope for her sake we don’t see her in any other Bachelor franchise trainwrecks because I don’t want her to get sucked into the reality TV world. Get your degree girl!

Chelsea: Throughout the whole break-up scene and everything surrounding it, I was just in awe of Jacqueline being so strong in her convictions and knowing her path going forward. Only in the last few episodes has she really had any major screentime, but in her time it was so clear that she is the smartest person there and is way too good for this franchise. She got her European vacation in and she’s ready to bounce back into reality. As much as I would LOVE to see her show up again in Paradise or as the Bachelorette, she really needs to go out and make the world a better place. I’m going to miss her humor and fabulous hair.

Becca, Lauren, and Seinne all got one-on-one dates, while Bekah, Tia, and Kendall had a group date.  Who do you think deserved a one-on-one? Were you shocked when Seinne and Bekah went home?

Alisa: I was super disappointed to see Seinne go home, but I can’t say I was surprised. Arie’s sending the brightest bulbs away because he knows he can’t keep up. I think the ladies who deserved one-on-ones got them. I was surprised to see Bekah go home because I had her down for the final rose and now my bracket is ruined. RUINED. I really didn’t think Arie was going to let the age thing get in his head the way it did, but oh well. My current theory is that he’s just trying to recreate what he had with Emily with the girl who looks the most like her (Lauren B). Good luck, Lauren. And by that I mean run, girl. Get out while you can!

Rebecca: Yep, Lauren does resemble Emily more than any of the other women left, so I’m not surprised he’s falling so hard so quickly for her. I wish Bekah, Tia, and Kendall could have had one-on-ones and Lauren and Becca have a group date by themselves. Becca seems really sweet and really nice, but I’m not super into her. And I think Lauren is just boring. I was sad to see Seinne go home, but honestly, she’s better off without him — all of the remaining ladies are actually. Hopefully Seinne has made it far enough to have Bachelorette potential.

Chelsea: I do think Kendall deserved a one-on-one at this point in the show and I’m shocked that she didn’t get one before hometowns. Right now she’s my favorite person to watch and I would love to see her or Becca become Bachelorette. I’m genuinely worried for Lauren B. and really don’t think she knew what she was getting into when she signed up for this. She’s not playing things up for the camera like Tia or Bekah to get brand deals and looks to be treating this as an actual relationship. Like girl, GET OUT! He’s going to break your heart and I don’t want that for you.

I like Bekah and Seinne a lot but I’m not surprised they’re gone. Seinne is in Jacqueline’s boat in being way too smart for Arie, and Bekah’s age was always going to be an issue. They’re just in different parts of life and she’s way too fun for him.

Hometown prediction time: Who will have the wackiest family? Will Raven show up or will Uncle Gary win our hearts? Who makes it to fantasy suites? 

Alisa: I think hands-down Kendall’s family will be the wackiest. I mean, they produced a girl who is obsessed with taxidermy and intrigued by cannibalism. Despite being thoroughly creeped out by that lovable weirdo, I am really looking forward to Arie meeting her family. Also, in the previews her sister looks just like her and I kind of hope Arie confuses them and embarrasses himself, because this season could really use an infusion of drama. I think Becca, Tia, and Lauren will be the three who make it to fantasy suites, while Kendall gets sent home after hometowns. There’s only so much weird a person can take before it careens into crazy.

Rebecca: I agree with Alisa! Kendall, who casually talks about stuffing dead animals and eating other humans, absolutely has to have the wackiest family — but I think they’ll be wacky in a very endearing and loving way. Kendall is so kind and down-to-earth, I’m sure her family will be, too. I also agree that Kendall won’t make it to the fantasy suites. She has never even had a one-on-one with Arie, or really a whole lot of screentime overall, so I’m surprised she’s made it this far. I wonder if a family of Kendalls will be too much excitement for robo-Arie.

Chelsea: Between the twin sister named Kylie and the taxidermy animals, Kendall will be the most fun hometown. She’s such a lovable weirdo like Alisa mentioned and I cannot wait to see what other quirks she has up her sleeves. As much as I love her, I have to agree with the girls above and I don’t think she’ll make it to fantasy suites but I wouldn’t wish that on my favorite. I for one cannot wait to meet Becca’s Uncle Gary and see how he gives Arie the talk. I want him to be scared a little. And if Raven doesn’t show up to Tia’s hometown, this whole season will be for nothing.

And now, the Bachelor Fantasy League standings:

  1. Chelsea: 360 points
  2. Rebecca: 260 points
  3. Alisa: 260 points


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