Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Scorpion 4x16 Review: "Nerd, Wine and Fire” (Scorpion Takes Care of Each Other) [Guest Poster: Yasmine]

"Nerd, Wine and Fire"
Original Airdate: February 5, 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day, but there is more than just love in the air. In fact, it’s the winds themselves that are the problem the team faces in this episode of Scorpion.

The Santa Ana winds are causing havoc around L.A. and just when they think they can have the day off, Team Scorpion is called in to help with a chopper that has been caught in a building that is still under construction. In the helicopter, the pilot and his passenger are stuck and unable to get out. The passenger is a doctor who was on route to perform a procedure only she is qualified for and her patient is hanging on to dear life.

Of course, because that is not enough, there is also a dangerous electrical charge and a leaking gas tank and potential explosion to deal with. And there’s Toby at the hospital trying to keep the patient alive long enough for the doctor to arrive.

The team manages to use the wind to their advantage. They are able to rig a zip-line from the roof across the street to the building where the chopper is stuck. Walter rappels across the street, grounds the electricity and rescues the two from the chopper. But Walter can’t get across because the line breaks and the only way to safety is to actually jump off the building and hope the next gust of winds is strong enough to push him back into the building onto a floor which he can get out of.

And of course, this is Scorpion, and Walter makes it with only minor injuries.

Meanwhile, at the garage, Ralph, still infatuated with Patty, finds himself stuck tutoring a guy in math. The guy is not the brightest one around, and the only reason he is doing it is because Patty has a crush on him and the only way she can go out with him is if he passes. Patty asks Ralph for the favor and he says yes even before he knows what it is — because he is a boy with a crush. But once he finds out the truth, Ralph sabotages the tutoring to try to make him fail, much to the disappointment of everyone around him.

Also at the garage, Paige has stayed behind with the flu, but her illness is not the worst thing she has to deal with. Walter has taken this holiday to heart and is trying to win the boyfriend of the year award by copying every move from the Boyfriend’s Guide to Valentine’s. He’s there with the flowers and the chocolates and the surprise singing woodland creature telegram. As sweet and supposedly romantic that all is, it is not what Paige wants or needs. And on top of that, Flo finds out, accidentally, from Sly that Paige knows about the dream and things get awkward between the two, again.

Fortunately, Paige and Flo have a heart to heart in which Paige tells Flo there is nothing to be awkward about and Flo reassures her she has no feelings for Walt. As Flo describes her perfect guy, Sly overhears the conversation and realizes he would be Flo’s perfect guy. But while Sly considers that maybe he does have feelings for her, he still does not think he should act on them because he does not want to be unfaithful to Meghan’s memory.

As the team returns to the garage, Paige finds the tape that Walt once did for her that has the song he’d written and recorded for her. While I do wonder why Walter has not cleaned under his bed in months, it’s still an adorable moment between the two when Paige listens to it. She tells him he does not need to do all those overt gestures for her or to follow some made up rules for what Valentine’s Day should be about. This tape is perfect because it’s honest and from his heart and that is what Valentine’s is all about.

But a happy Valentine’s Day is not the books for everyone. Happy and Toby are still trying to get pregnant but it does not seem to be working, so they went to a doctor to get tested. Unfortunately, the results to show that the reason is Toby. And while there is a treatment, it is one that would be very expensive and the couple would not be able to afford it.

That is where the team comes in. They inform Happy and Toby that they are all going to pitch in for the treatment because Team Scorpion watches out for each other — even the members who are not born yet. They are doing this for baby Quintis.

And that moment for me is what this show is about: this family that will do absolutely anything for one another, no questions asked.


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