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The Bachelor 22x06 Roundtable: We'll Always Have Paris [Contributors: Rebecca, Alisa, and Chelsea]

Last week, we took a break while the show gave us a filler episode that was really just build-up to this week’s crazy Krystal drama. While some of the eliminations were not very surprising, we still don’t have a clear idea of who our frontrunners are. Let’s see what the gang thought of all the chaos that was Paris.

This week gave us four different dates in Paris, with a group date, two 1-on-1 dates, and the two-on-one we’ve been waiting for all season. What were the highlights of Paris? Who would you give your group date rose to? 

Rebecca: I loved the Moulin Rouge date! Maybe I’m a little biased because I’m such a fan of the movie, but I thought it looked like a blast. The outfits and dancing were so lighthearted and fun, and I really like the group of girls he chose to take on the date.

Alisa: I’ve never seen Moulin Rouge (I hope I don’t get kicked out of the roundtable for that!), so for me the date was just okay. I was empathizing hard with Tia because I too am completely uncoordinated and cannot dance and that would have been me up there losing the choreography immediately and doing impromptu twirls at random intervals. She handled the date with much more grace and humor than I would have, and because of that I would have given her the rose. Or to Seinne because she was amazing, of course, having grown up a dancer. I felt bad for Seinne because she went into that date ready to win and killed it up there and then afterward Arie was like, “Oh yeah so I’m just going to give this group date rose to the lady I have the strongest connection with, not who did the best on stage today.” WHY ARE YOU EVEN STILL HERE, ARIE? SHOW YOURSELF OUT.

Chelsea: I agree with everyone else that the Moulin Rouge date was so much fun and personally, the most creative date of the season. The girls looked like they were having fun; even Tia in all her nervous glory looked great on stage and really got into it. All season long has consisted of bowling or random dates in the wilderness, which makes me think they’ve scaled back their budget or something but this is right in line with being entertaining and a great group activity. Of course, I wanted somebody else to get the rose like Seinne — who completely crushed this date — or Jenna, who did great while having the most fun. But we can’t deny that Arie is super into Bekah and talent did not matter here. Reminder, I also love Bekah but I don’t love Bekah with Arie (or anybody with Arie really).

Kendall and Krystal got the infamous two-on-one date with Arie and it was more mature than we thought the show could be. How did you think the ladies handled the situation, and do you think we’ll see Krystal in Paradise? 

Rebecca: Kendall is AMAZING for dealing with Krystal the way she did. I don’t think I could have been that big of a person. I really hope we don’t see Krystal in Paradise, but I have a feeling we might. She’s very attractive, so she would be someone many of the guys would be into, and she certainly brings the drama.

Alisa: Okay, so to be honest, Kendall still creeps me out a lot with her taxidermying and her nonchalance concerning cannibalism, but major props to her for showing more compassion and empathy toward a fellow contestant than I have ever witnessed on all the seasons combined. That was amazing, and she really tried to speak to Krystal’s humanity, which — of course — the rest of us know is pointless since Krystal is a sociopathic robot. I actually really hope we don’t see her in Paradise because I just don’t think she’d bring anything new. Her villain act is stale and we need some positive energy in paradise from people who speak at normal volume.

Chelsea: Kendall officially became the most mature person on this whole dang show for not going the typically fighting route and having a heart-to-heart with Krystal. I was so impressed and it made me think she has Bachelorette potential. Of course Krystal did not respond well to Kendall trying to be a good person and had to be petty back to her, but I really like that we got to see more of Kendall’s character.

As for Krystal in Paradise, I hope we don’t see her but right now she’d bring the only major drama to the show out of all the girls. Chelsea would be closest thing to another villain we had this season who could stir some things up in Paradise.

We’re down to seven ladies and hometown dates are right around the corner. Who did you initially have in your final four? Based on this week’s dates, would you change those standings? 

Rebecca: My final four are Becca (final rose), Bekah, Lauren, and Tia. I originally had Annalise in my final four, but luckily swapped her out for Lauren before our fantasy league picks were locked. I’m pretty confident with my picks, although I’m starting to wonder if I have underestimated Kendall. She hasn’t gotten a whole lot of screen time as of yet, and all we really knew about her before this week was that she’s a little weird (in a good way!). This episode really gave us insight into her as a person, though, and she seems like a very down-to-earth, mature, empathetic soul. I hope she sticks around!

Alisa: My final four were Becca, Bekah (final rose), Tia, and Krystal. Obviously Krystal’s gone, which despite RUINING my bracket, I’m happy about. She needed to go like three weeks ago. I’m still feeling really confident with my three other choices. As for who I’d add in (if I could) to replace Krystal, that’s tough. I just don’t think any of the other girls have a very strong connection with him yet. I would love to see Seinne get to final four because I think then she’d be a lock for Bachelorette and that would be awesome. But I think it will probably be Kendall who gets a hometown date because she’s gonna have to show him that taxidermy collection before he sends her packing.

Chelsea: My initial final four was Becca, Tia, Kendall, and Lauren, with Becca getting the final rose. But now I’m not so confident about that. I could easily see Bekah replacing either Tia or Becca right now since she has the strongest connection with Arie. I think Kendall would be a great hometown date for that taxidermy collection as well, and if Tia gets a hometown then I expect to see Raven there. It would feel pointless if she wasn’t. I initially stole Rebecca’s idea of Lauren getting to final four but now I really think she could win this if Bekah doesn’t. Normally I look at who the real adults are in the season and pick a few of them, but that tactic doesn’t seem to be working at all.

I do have to say since she left this week that I really thought Chelsea would be a bigger player this season, and I had her in my final four for a hot second. I was shocked to see where her story went after the premiere and how much of a non-threat she turned out to be.

And now, our Fantasy League standings:

  • Chelsea: 330 points
  • Rebecca: 230 points
  • Alisa: 210 points


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