Monday, October 23, 2017

Scorpion 4x04 Review: "Nuke Kids on the Block" (Being Human Sucks) [Guest Contributor: Yasmine]

"Nuke Kids on the Block"
Original Airdate: October 16, 2017

Can I just start by saying how much I love the episode titles on this show? It must be the nerd in me but I just do.

I also love when the team has a seemingly normal, unassuming job but the day still manages to turn into an end of the world scenario because one of those geniuses does something unbelievably stupid. And this is exactly what happened in this week’s episode.

The team gets a job to update software and replace old parts to decommission an old nuclear missile. Sounds simple and straightforward enough. But while Walter, Paige and Happy are working on the missile, a little... accident takes place. Happy and Paige had been arguing and bickering all day — about something we will get to shortly — and that leads to Happy mishandling a tool and dropping it, causing it to puncture the missile and release a toxic vapor.

Of course, that is not enough, because once they manage to solve one problem, something else comes up, and the team has to constantly expose themselves to the vapor until the only choice is to detonate the missile and then drive after it to diffuse the nuclear head, which I still don’t think is the craziest thing this team has ever had to do.

What made this week’s case especially tricky was the misbalance in the team’s energy. Everyone was going through something, whether individually or among each other, and that was demonstrated in how they worked together in the field.

The episode started with Paige voicing her concern to Walter that Happy had been spending a lot of time with them recently — practically third wheeling — and it has put a damper on their young relationship. Against Walter’s advice, Paige confronts Happy about that and just like Walter predicted, Happy does not take well to Paige’s comments. All Paige wants is to get some alone time with Walter, which is completely fair especially with them trying to understand their new relationship. But Happy takes it badly. She takes it as though her friendship is not welcome. Or at least that is what it appears to be on the surface.

That charged situation carries with them throughout the day, and even though Walter tries repeatedly to diffuse the situation, it just gets worse and worse. That is until Happy’s husband interferes and, being the great psychiatrist and better husband, he can tell exactly what Happy is going through.

The Quintis scene at the end was absolutely precious and showed once again why these two are perfect together and perfect for each other. Toby manages to help Happy realize what is truly bothering her and helps her admit it. One of the greatest things about their relationship is how Toby can always make Happy come to terms with emotional situations that she would otherwise be terribly uncomfortable with and situations that, without him, she would not have known how to handle or would have just ignored.

Happy wants a family. She wants a baby and she wants that baby and that family with Toby. And if that is not an amazing moment for the two of them, then I don’t know what is.

And speaking of couples who bring out the best in each other, Walter and Paige are still trying to figure out their new relationship. Having Happy third wheel them for a while may have been annoying to Paige, but Walter later admits that he was glad she’d been there. He admits to Paige that he is scared she might get bored of him. He tells her that is how all his previous relationships had gone.

I’m honestly glad this is an issue they have brought up because Walter’s low EQ and his terrible past experiences should be one of the biggest obstacles for them to face and overcome. Walter confesses that he is scared of being alone with Paige and her realizing that she is not interested in the things he has to say. He’s scared that she would get bored and get up and leave in a few weeks.

But Paige reassures him by reminding him that their intimacy may be a few weeks old, but their relationship is three years. She has known him all these years and knows she would never be bored with him. I am really looking forward to watching Walter’s confidence grow and his trust in himself and in the strength of their relationship grow as well.

And moving on to another Scorpion genius who is just realizing their amazing potential and whose trust in himself is growing exponentially, Sylvester certainly made great strides in this episode. With Patty, his young intern, on his back, pushing him to be the best Alderman he can be, and with the team needing him to get over his fears out in the field, Sylvester came to a very important realization this week. After managing to find a solution and get funding for the science club, Sly goes back to the garage and informs everyone that he will be taking the Bar Exam and representing Cabe as his lawyer in his case.

Comparing this Sylvester to the one we met in the pilot, the growth is just amazing, and it’s amazing how much he has become his own person: someone who is strong and determined, who knows his potential and self-worth and is willing to do anything and everything for the team. The self-esteem this young man now has is just brilliant. I just feel so proud of him.

As does the whole team, including Cabe, whose future now lies in the hands of this young genius. And they both deserve this. Cabe, especially, considering the horrible time he’s having — he just spent the day as Scorpion’s junior intern and the butt of every joke Toby made this episode, and as funny as that was, he isn’t a man who would be able to handle the situation for too long. He has a legal battle to fight and he has a badge and gun to get back.

And with Team Scorpion behind him, he can definitely win this fight — but it won’t be without a few hitches, I’m sure.


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