Thursday, October 26, 2017

Legends of Tomorrow 3x03 Recap: "Zari" (Ode to a Water Metahuman) [Contributor: Marilyn]

Original Airdate: October 23, 2017

The episode opens with Seattle in 2042. ARGUS is transporting a prisoner in an armored tank when a puddle of water forms into a woman, just like we saw in the premiere. She gets into the van and goes to free the prisoner. But the prisoner is already gone. A Time Bureau agent sees this and calls in a Code 99.

Nate is talking to a reluctant Stein about Amaya when they find her on the ceiling... sleepwalking as a spider. They wake her and she’s shaken by her lack of control. Stein want to science the problem, taking her to the med bay. Sara intercepts the distress call from the Agent (Gary). She's curious and wants to help. So the Legends go to 2042 and find a world that is under martial law. It looks like ARGUS is running things — or at least acting as the heavy in this new police state. They find Gary hiding and ask him about the female meta he saw.

They’re interested in this water meta, and realize she was there to kill the ARGUS prisoner — a rogue hacker. They track the woman, Zari, and offer her their protection. An ARGUS droid finds them, telling them they’re under arrest for violating the Anti-Metahuman Act of 2021. Zari hacks the droid so she’s not spotted and gets away while soldiers run in.

The Legends don’t go quietly of course. They fight the ARGUS soldiers and disable them easily. In fact, Mick is disappointed he doesn’t get a chance to shoot anyone. They don’t notice the water metahuman watching them speculatively. Onboard the Waverider, Stein wants to run more tests on Amaya but she doesn’t want any of that. She tells him and Nate that it’s her totem. Stein suggests they go to talk to Amaya’s ancestors, see if they know what’s going on.

The Legends are trying to track Zari... again. But she’s doing a better job of hiding from them again. She’s a hacker with a long rap sheet. Mick suggests they look for her at his old bar. Except his old bar is practically unrecognizable. But they find her there and Mick talks to her. Again, the team tries to convince her to take their offer but before she can answer, the water meta finds them. They try to fight her but she overpowers Sara. They get Zari to the ship get nowhere with the water meta.

Zari gets introduced to the Waverider and the team grills her. Gary isn’t too happy to see her there, saying she’s not allowed to know about time travel. They tell her that the police state that is 2042 is basically their fault, because they broke time, and they plan to fix it but they wanted to help her too. She asks for their help breaking her brother out of prison. Mick is all for it (snort) while Gary sputters. The rest of the Legends want to do it so the Agent is overridden.

Nate suggests Amaya taking something to help her do a vision quest to visit her ancestors and find out what’s going on with her totem. Nate tested it, to make sure it was safe. Amaya goes along with it and they attempt to do the vision quest.

Back in 2042, the Legends infiltrate the ARGUS prison and find out everyone locked up is a meta, and they’re getting experimented on. Jax decides to free all of them all at once. The prison is chaos and they lose track of Zari. We see her grab a totem out of a lockbox and she admits to the Legends, when they catch up with her, that she used them to pull of this heist. She taps the totem and Amaya’s totem is activated at the same time.

Ray calls Nate to bring the Waverider to them but he’s feeling awfully high. On the ground, Zari uses her totem to call a tornado and rises up in the sky. Ray goes after her, but Nate is having trouble operating the Waverider. The Legends finally make it on board the Waverider. They want to apprehend Zari but Gary cautions against that. He wants them to put things back the way they should be, darnit! But Sara’s not interested in that. At least, not until she thinks about it. She’s mad at Zari for playing them. Jax pleads her case, suggesting they help her rather than turning her over to prison.

Nate is still high and Sara has just about had it with everything at this point. Amaya is still under, caught in her vision — in the world between worlds. She comes across a woman who represents her ancestors. She tells the woman of her troubles. The woman tells her to embrace her totem, not fight it. The totem becomes more powerful as the threats become more powerful. She tells her to find “the girl,” who needs her protection. That must be Zari.

Zari finds all her people gone, their camp destroyed. She tells Ray about her totem, which had belonged to her brother. ARGUS killed her brother and took the totem. The water meta shows up and Ray tells Sara. Meanwhile, the Time Bureau displays excellent timing by arriving with an even bigger ship, just to make things interesting.

Sara yells at Gary for telling the Time Bureau where they were and he runs away through a portal. Agent Sharp calls them up, snarking at them about how awful they are. She and Sara trade some barbs but Ray renews his call for help. Sharp offers to help with Ray but the Legends don’t want to involve them and let them take control. Sara fakes them out and they get away. The water meta has Ray in a precarious position but Zari distracts her with the totem. She offers Zari revenge against ARGUS in exchange for the totem. She tells her she can’t control the power, she can free her from the burden and help her get justice.

Zari turns her down and grabs Ray so they can run from the water meta who isn’t terribly pleased to be rejected. Sara works to evade the Time Bureau ship, then plays chicken with them. Oh yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. The Time Bureau ship jumps away at the last minute. Meanwhile, the Waverider’s shuttle is en route to help out Ray and Zari. Amaya faces off against the water meta, using her totem against her. And it seems she’s a good match for her. The meta activates her own totem and disappears. Very interesting.

Sharp warns Sara that the next time they cross paths, she’s going to exile the Legends. Sara isn’t too worried. They go to 2042 to pick up the rest of the team. Amaya thanks Nate for helping her get a handle on her totem. He’s worried she’ll leave now that everything is better. She says she can’t leave. She has to stay for Zari. But Sara intends to drop Zari off in 2042. Amaya tells Zari she’s not safe, then she tells her about her own totem, and how they’re bound together. She asks her to come with them. Mick suggests that this is doing something rather than sitting around waiting. So she agrees to join them — at least for now.

We end with a vision from Ivy Town in 1988. Little Ray Palmer is being pursued by bullies on his bike. He hides in a sewer drain and inside the drain is... no, not Pennywise the clown. Admit it, you had that thought too. But no, not him. That’s for next week’s Halloween episode, which looks frankly amazing.

Again, if you’re not watching Legends of Tomorrow, you’re missing out. You can’t take it too seriously... it’s even sillier than The Flash is when that show is at its best.  If you want a chuckle, you can’t go wrong.


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