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Wynonna Earp 2x04 Recap: "She Ain't Right" (Go All Wynonna) [Contributor: Isabella]

"She Ain't Right"
Original Airdate: June 30, 2017

This episode begins by closing up on different areas of the Earp homestead: the house, the windmill, straw on the ground, and Gooverly. It's dreary and quiet. She's walking, demon eyes out in full force and with a knife in hand. This all sets the mood for the rest of the episode in which Wynonna will learn the truth about Waverly (Gooverly) and what she must do to bring her sister back. Waverly comes out of the brief possession — the longest we've seen her in so far — after she finds Dolls' dog tags lying on the ground. And when Wynonna calls out to her, Waverly knows something is wrong but she plays the incident off as sleepwalking.

Our mystery of the week involves a man named Polgara, his bodyguard Cujo, and a man holding a briefcase. Apparently the pair really really wants the briefcase, and that they end up getting after a fight which results in Briefcase Man losing his hand. But Lucado sees this as a way out of Purgatory and into a promotion. She originally asks Wynonna for help, but Waverly volunteers, hoping to prove herself.

Wynonna encounters Nicole in the breakroom and apologizes for the way she acted with her in the last episode. If you remember, she berated Nicole for even entertaining the thought that there could possibly be something wrong with Waverly. But now, Wynonna's not so sure she was right before. She brings up Waverly's sleepwalking incident and how she's been acting rash, especially after signing up to help Lucado. They both agree something's up, and it only gets weirder when they realize that Waverly's stolen all the silverware. Wynonna's wearing Waverly's coat, so she takes this time to see if she's hidden something else in there, and she has: Dolls' dog tags.

Wynonna gasps and runs out, putting the pieces together that he's in their barn. That is where she finds him, but they don't exactly share the warmest hello. Dolls hasn't had his dose, which Doc is trying to concoct for him, so he's not fully aware of what's going on because he's in demon mode. He begins to choke Wynonna, but stops when he realizes it's her. He tries to get her to leave because he can't control himself, but she stands her ground. As he delves back into demon mode, she's forced to knock him out with the back of Peacemaker and wheel him out directly to Doc, who's trying to cook up the medicine in Shorty's basement.

The problem is that they don't know exactly how to make it, so they enlist Jeremy's help. He's excited because Dolls is apparently the only person who knows what happened to his mom, and also because Dolls helped Jeremy do a chin-up once. Doc leaves the two of them alone for a while where Wynonna tries to make Dolls feel better by telling him she's always be there, but he has other things on his mind. He warns her about looking into Waverly's eyes, basically confirming Wynonna's suspicions about her sister.

Speaking of, Waverly's at a nightclub working undercover on getting the briefcase for Lucado. She runs into Cujo who mistakes her for the entertainment of the night. He tells her to get on stage and start singing, which she does very beautifully if I might add. Waverly also successfully seduces Polgara and learns that he's in business trying to sell the briefcase. She follows as they leave the room and eavesdrops on the conversation. But before long, the buyer's dead and lying on the ground next to her.

Much to Waverly's surprise, Wynonna appears. But before they can run out, Cujo, Polgara, and another bodyguard show up with guns drawn. They tie them both up, and ask them what's inside the briefcase and what the initials E.E. stand for. The bad guys reveal nothing, much to Waverly and Wynonna's dismay, so they go into another room to try to break the briefcase open. While they're alone, Waverly brings up the weirdness that's been going on with her. She's aware that something's happening, and knows it started when she touched the goo. Wynonna promises that as soon as they get saved by Doc, they'll figure out what's going on.

Just as Doc and Rosita are about to inject their serum into Dolls, Jeremy comes running in to stop them, yelling about how it could be a lethal dose. He tells them that because Wynonna trusts him, they must too. He gets straight to work on creating the serum with Rosita, while Doc and Dolls share a nice heart-to-heart. Doc learns that Dolls was brought back to the Earp homestead by Juan Carlo, whom Doc knows. Before they can get any further into the subject, Doc gets interrupted by missed calls from the Earp sisters. Taking this as his cue, he runs off to go find them.

Polgara and Cujo return to let the sisters know that they couldn't get the briefcase open so they're going to have to do things a little differently. Polgara unties Waverly and attaches her arm to a clamp so she can't escape. He keeps asking them questions about the initials and the combination — which they can't answer — so he unleashes what he uses to cut hands off: two spikes that protrude from his wrist. He slices the side of Waverly's wrist in frustration, but as Wynonna escapes her ties and gets into a fight with Cujo, he cuts Waverly's hand clean off.

I mean, WHAT?! It's just lying there on the floor.

They can't think about this for too long because there's a commotion happening upstairs, which means Doc's here. Polgara runs up to see what it's about, while Wynonna knocks out Cujo and helps Waverly out of the clamps. As they run out, Polgara runs after them and begins choking Wynonna, but stops when Doc kills him. She fills Doc in on Waverly's missing hand, but as she's going to retrieve the hand so that they can reattach it at the hospital, Waverly stops her. During all the commotion, Gooverly came out for a brief second, apparently regrowing her hand back perfectly. Wynonna knows that the hand thing has something to do with the Gooverly weirdness, but she can't ruminate on it for long because they need to go back and see how Dolls is doing.

When they get to Shorty's, they find Rosita locking Dolls downstairs. While they were gone, Rosita tried to flirt with Jeremy, for reasons still uncertain, but he was visibly uncomfortable. So all those times that he got excited over Doc did mean something: he's gay! And although she's beautiful and intelligent, she's just not his type. She sent him off to go get them lattes instead of whatever else she was originally trying to seduce him for. Now that she's alone with Dolls, she waves the serum around in front of him. Despite the risk that the serum might kill him, he snatches it from her and injects it. Before he fully transforms into his beast form, he tells her to run.

And so, they find Rosita. Wynonna's about to go in and help Dolls, when they get interrupted by Polgara holding Jeremy hostage. He asks for the briefcase and Peacemaker or he'll kill Jeremy. Wynonna agrees to it, but very slyly puts the items in front of the basement door. As Polgara's grabbing the briefcase, Dolls emerges and barbecues him with his fire-breathing skills. Everyone's in shock, not fully sure whether Dolls is in full beast mode, but then he gives a laugh that sounds very much like himself, and they all breathe a sigh of relief. Dolls is back, and with the craziest, best party trick. Wynonna runs into his arms to give him the hug they've been waiting for, and Doc shakes his hand, happy he's back. Polgara warns them that they're not ready for what's coming, but Wynonna's not so sure about that, and shoots him with Peacemaker.

Back at home, Wynonna and Waverly open the briefcase with the combination 6-18-40, Edwin Earp's birthday, only to find that it contains a plate of the Purgatory Fair from 1952. They don't really know what this means. But now that they've partially solved one mystery, they can discuss Gooverly. Speak of the devil and she doth appear: Gooverly takes over Waverly and tells Wynonna that she's happy she's willing to help because Gooverly's done trying to fight Waverly. Waverly's too strong for her. She needs a new host. And who's better than fun little Wynonna? Gooverly gets real close to Wynonna and kisses her, which transfers Gooverly into Wynonna.

Welcome, Goononna. We've been waiting for you.

Other Points of Interest:
  • Underappreciated beauties of this episode (and all the other episodes to be honest) are the cinematography and production design.
  • "We're not savages." Cut to the bloody hand dangling from the briefcase.
  • "I'll be here. I'll be here even if you turn into a lizard or a salamander or whatever you are. We'll buy you a terrarium, lil' sun lamp, a couple of plants."
  • Mercedes is scary now! Is she eating bacon that came from her sister?!
  • Doc stealing a bad guy's hat is gold.
  • I knew Jeremy was gay! His love for Doc was too obvious.
  • Ugh if Tucker wasn't gross enough, of course he wants a girl as his reward for helping his scary "sisters" with evil.


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