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Comic-Con Roundtable Interviews: The Cast of Shadowhunters [Contributor: Jen]

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At Comic-Con this past week, I sat down with the cast of Shadowhunters to discuss the fan favorite ships and what's in store for the rest of season. So read on, fans, to get some of the exclusive scoop from the actors' mouths below!


Clary and Jace recently discovered they are not brother and sister, which opens the door to a romantic relationship again. However, there seems to be hesitation particularly on Clary's part. Dominic Sherwood has reassuring words for fans of Clace when asked if the relationship can be repaired. “Absolutely. Absolutely. One hundred percent. One hundred percent. And we're working on it. It's about finding its way to that.”

Sherwood and Katherine McNamara both say there is a monumental moment for their characters in episode 20, but they cannot reveal specifics. Sherwood says there parts of the scene in the Shadowhunters preview trailer, but “we're not going to tell you where.” McNamara calls the scene “brutal but amazing.”


We asked Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario why they think Malec is so relatable to fans. Shum said it was representation, but Daddario thought it went deeper than that.

"There's one thing about both the characters -- they put walls up. I think there are a lot of people who are hiding from themselves and are defined in that way, by putting those walls up. I think a lot of people act out a little bit like Magnus. Magnus is hiding in plain sight by putting on peacock feathers and distracting from the other things that cause misery. A lot of us do that."

Daddario continued, "And Alec is putting himself in this little bubble hiding from what he can't truly hide from, but he tries to as much as possible. I think people relate to that. Then when people find each other and bring those walls down, that's the dream. That's the ideal."

Shum concluded, "Being your true authentic self with each other."

Despite Luke being the linchpin of peace between the Downworlders and the Shadowhunters, Isaiah Mustafa promises "it all falls down like a house of cards. Luke realizes 'I can only do so much.'" Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario promise there will be a shift in relationships. And instead of giving out the advice, Luke will be getting some from a surprising source.


Isabelle and Simon are an important relationship in the Shadowhunters books. The two characters haven't spent much time together in season two thus far, but that's all about to change. Emeraude Toubia promises, “Next episode is a lot of Sizzy moments. Simon helps our Izzy with a task.”

Things will get worse before they get better though, according to Alberto Rosende. “These next four episodes are a whirlwind of intensity.” Rosende did acknowledge that Sizzy in season three is a possibility. “The cool thing is just like any great relationship they build a foundation first and I think that's where Sizzy is at right now. It's building this foundation of friendship and help and trust. Maybe that will be good starting blocks before he eventually dives in.”

Rosende says Climon is over and he is interested to see Simon explore who he is without Clary and “find people to connect with on a level that maybe Clary couldn't” like his budding romance with Maia.

The executive producers Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer and Matt Hastings discuss the cinematic feel of Shadowhunters, the undeniable chemistry in the cast and the passionate fan base. Shadowhunters gives them the opportunity, particularly with the Downworlders, to examine racism and elitism. When asked to describe the rest of the season in three words Swimmer called it, “Big, bold and heartbreaking.” Slavkin said, "Feels, feels and more feels,” and Hastings teased, “Emotionally resonant and EPIC.”

So buckle up, Shadowhunters fans! The conclusion of season two sounds like it's going to be a thrilling ride!


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