Monday, July 31, 2017

The Bachelorette 13x09 Roundtable: Fantasy Suites [Contributors: Rebecca, Alisa, and Chelsea]

As we inch closer to this year's Bachelorette finale, who will Rachel choose? This week, our ladies discuss Rachel's family and how it's looking for the final few men.

Who was your favorite member of Rachel’s family? 

Rebecca: COPPER. No, but seriously, I loved everyone in her family. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I loved that they all kept it so real and didn’t take it easy on the guys. I was especially fond of her sister.

Alisa: Rachel’s sister, Constance, was just so lovely and wise. She asked great questions and held her ground when Rachel got defensive. I also adored Rachel’s mother. Really, the whole family was fantastic. And kudos to Uncle Jeff for actually chowing down on the amazing looking food on his plate. There’s a GIF going around on Twitter of him now and he’s basically my new personal hero.

Chelsea: Obviously Cooper is the best member of her family, but her sister was so on point with asking the guys all the right questions. We all need a family member like that. Her whole family was lovely and I’m sorry we couldn’t see her dad this time around. But it is completely understandable why he couldn’t film.

Also, I am Uncle Jeff at dinner.

How are Eric's chances looking after meeting Rachel's parents and their lovely date that ended in a fantasy suite?

Rebecca: I think we’re all surprised Eric made it this far, but I’ve really grown to like him. His smile and attitude are contagious, and I thought he got along really well with her family. He’s so fun and clearly has good chemistry with Rachel; however, he isn’t ready for marriage and I’m almost positive he’ll be eliminated next.

Alisa: Okay, so yes, yes, I know I have NOT been a fan of Eric this whole season. And I still say he’s too immature and lacks the confidence to be a good fit for Rachel. However, I will say that I really warmed to him this episode. I’ve said all along I think he’s a good guy, but his earnest sincerity really shone through this week and it’s just so adorable how smitten he is. But I do think he’s going to get his little heart broken and that makes me very sad.

Chelsea: I haven’t been a fan of Eric all season but the last two episodes have really put him in a better light. He seems more at ease with the process and comfortable around Rachel. I still don’t like him for Rachel and he’s pretty annoying, but better than he has been. I just don’t see their chemistry and Rachel looks at him like he’s her little brother.

Bryan has been a love him or hate him frontrunner this season. How do you feel about him and who do you want in the final two? 

Rebecca: I like him, and I feel like I’m in the minority. He seems nice, and it’s clear he and Rachel have great chemistry. His family seems very intense, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They seemed to like Rachel and vice versa. His meeting with her family was definitely awkward, but I think it ended on a high note. It’s also pretty obvious that he’s going to win, so perhaps the fact I stand for Rachel makes me susceptible to his charm.

Alisa: Ugh. I CANNOT STAND BRYAN. He is so fake and disingenuous and way too in love with himself. Seriously, when he said before the meet-the-parents date how he thought her family would be impressed with him? Please. Get over yourself. But I agree and I think he’ll win. I think Rachel’s family voicing some serious (and totally valid) doubts about him only pushed Rachel more in his direction, if that was even possible. I’d love to see Peter and Eric in the final two but I think we’ve seen the last of Peter (UNTIL HE BECOMES THE BACHELOR, THAT IS!).

Chelsea: I really like Bryan and his aggressive kissing. I know I’m in the minority for that but he reminds me of Shawn Booth in how he’s committed to the process of winning Rachel’s heart. Just the way they act around each other, how sweet he is to her, and how she smiles around him. I trust Rachel to make the right decision about him.

Obviously I want a final two of Peter and Bryan. Anybody else is just nonsense.

Peter is just the best and we all love him. What’s your favorite Peter date this season? 

Rebecca: Definitely the first date where they went to the dog party. I wasn’t sure if I was more jealous of Peter for getting to go on a date with Rachel, Rachel for getting to go on a date with Peter, or both of them from being surrounded by all of those precious pups.

Alisa: Oooh definitely the puppy date! Good call, Rebecca. Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what he and Rachel have done on any of their dates because everything else fades and all I see his is lovely face and adorable personality every time he’s on screen. I seriously need him to be the next Bachelor or what even is the point of this show?

Chelsea: Peter is such a cutie, and I love how seriously he’s taking this journey. These last couple episodes have made me think he isn’t super into Rachel and he’s starting to realize it. I’m okay with that if that means we get a whole season of him being the Bachelor. He’s just a cute, seems genuine, and a real adult with health insurance.

They’ve had so many great dates together. The puppy date was obviously a stand-out and the wine cellar was pretty cute, but we cannot forget the group date where they took a dip in the hot tub for several hours and left the guys waiting. What a power move, and good for them.

Fantasy League Scores:

  • Chelsea: 470 points
  • Alisa: 450 points
  • Rebecca: 400 points
  • Rae: 250 points


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