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iZombie 3x01 Recap: "Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother" (Zombieland) [Contributor: Isabella]

"Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother"
Original Airdate: April 4, 2017

"Is it too late to say I kinda liked being out of the loop on some of this?"

In case you need a quick recap of what happened at the end of last season: Liv has found out that there are a lot more zombies in Seattle than she had initially believed. Actually, a literal zombie army is in the works. There's not much else she, Major, and Clive can do, so they reluctantly go along with what Vivian Stoll — the general of this army — wants them to do. And what is that? Lie to law enforcement about what really went on in the season two finale.


At the start of the episode, Liv sets up where everyone stands now. She shot her boyfriend dead about four hours ago; Peyton was kidnapped by Seattle's "criminal kingpin" and then saved by now-amnesiac Blaine (which Ravi isn't too happy about); Major's frustrated and disappointed that he promised zombie Natalie that she'd wake up in a better world, and now he can't find her; Clive has just found out that zombies are a reality, and it doesn't get easier from there. Liv drops the bomb that Vivian's planning to turn Seattle into a zombie homeland.

To discuss this, Clive, Liv, and Major pay Vivian a visit. She tells them that they've upped the drug, MaxRager, to the new and improved SuperMax, which makes zombies that are stronger and even more capable to fight against humans that want to annihilate them. This is her reasoning for creating the army in the first place — to survive. She takes it one step further by showing her plans for transporting all zombies to their own island. They're even building a schoolhouse for undead children. Cute! Clive can't believe that zombie children are a thing, so she gives them a tour of the facilities, stopping by a classroom. It's there that Clive recognizes Wally, whose family lived in his building for a while. Clive and Liv leave the meeting not believing that humans would immediately kill them, but Major can see it happening (and I can too).

Ravi's currently very busy pining over Peyton and trying not to imagine her and Blaine together. If only he knew that they are actually getting closer. It seems that Blaine's amnesia has just bettered his life. He gets to completely start over as a nicer, albeit a little manipulative, person. Unfortunately for Major, he too has to start over, but with his negative reputation of being the Chaos Killer.

It doesn't help Ravi's case when Peyton finds out that someone's been sending her some freaky tweets, so she calls Ravi — who doesn't pick up — to see if he can come over and keep her company. She leaves him a voicemail, which he doesn't get a chance to listen to because Major walks in with the news that he's finally gotten a job where they don't care that he's the Chaos Killer: working at Vivian's company.


Clive and Liv are teaming up again to try to stop an eyewitness to the Max Rager massacre, a security guard by the name of Billy, from speaking to a radio show known for its belief in conspiracy theories. They get there a little too late though because Billy tells the radio show host about seeing people's eyes turn red and watching them die. When Clive bangs on the wall to get him to stop, Billy recognizes him from that night and is in shock he's even alive.

On their ride back home, Clive and Liv listen to the continuation of the radio show in which the host hints at the idea of a zombie apocalypse. Clive would like to tell a higher up in law enforcement or the government, so that they can help them deal with this zombie issue, but Liv doesn't know what to do. She breaks down crying in the car as the brain she's on, an army soldier's brain, is wearing off. The reality of her situation is sinking in — she killed her boyfriend. Clive comforts her by telling her that he was already dead; she just mercifully let him go. Clive listens to her concerns for the rest of the night, while she drinks the sorrow away.

The next day, it's Clive's turn to mourn. Clive, Ravi, and Liv are called in to investigate the murders of Wally's family. They were all shot in the head, which leaves Clive to suspect that this is a warning. Someone is out there hunting zombies. As much as Clive doesn't want to take this case because of his personal involvement with it, Liv convinces him to. They can't let this information get into the wrong hands when their priority now is to protect zombies.

Brainy Quotes and Undead Notes:
  • I've missed this show so much. I hadn't realized how much.
  • I think it's interesting that now we'll be seeing how both Major and Liv will be acting under the influence of the same brains.
  • Fillmore Graves: the name still doesn't get old.
  • Vivian seemed like a scary person at the end of season two, but hearing her side on all this, it makes sense... in a weird way. It's a matter of survival.


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