Sunday, April 9, 2017

Grey’s Anatomy 13x19 Review: “What’s Inside” (Welcome Back, Maggie) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“What’s Inside”
Original Airdate: April 6, 2017

For the first time in a long time, Grey’s Anatomy had a solid, positive episode. Things have been up and down during the second half of the season, so it was great to have multiple good storylines in the same episode. Maggie finally gets her groove back in this family-centric episode that epitomizes season 13.


This is the season of family; no matter how difficult the lives of the characters have gotten, family has prevailed. The families on the show have changed and expanded over the course of the nineteen episodes thus far, which was highlighted throughout this episode. First, Owen and Amelia have become more civil, so there might be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow sometime soon. Owen’s Army friends visit the hospital for a super intriguing fetal surgery, which expands his own circle.

The case also brings Maggie back to work and closer to Jackson, and the two of them apparently are newfound friends. Maggie has some ups and downs following her mother’s death, but the surgery helps her find some peace during her dark times. It was good to see Maggie gain some confidence back after a few weeks of downward spiraling. Maggie leans on Jackson, Meredith, and Amelia for support, which leads to a great classic Grey’s Anatomy moment.

Another interesting family dynamic occurs when intern Cross is admitted with abdominal pain. Edwards and DeLuca don’t take him seriously, only to find during surgery that he has abdominal tuberculosis. There is an intern-resident dynamic occurring that really hasn’t been shown since the early seasons of the show. It would be great to see more stories from this family because it could lead to more character development, like it did for Edwards in this episode. Edwards learned the valuable lesson of how not to treat someone you know because it will never end well.

Lastly, the Richard and Bailey fight has come to its conclusion. They finally decide to make up and go back to their normal bickering, thanks in part to Ben’s intervention. It is good to see everyone getting along again after the hospital was in ruins. On the bright side, the episode showed everyone being very civil and pleasant towards each other, but who knows how long that will last.


Other than family, a new relationship almost got off the ground. Meredith decided that once Maggie was back to her normal self, she would go out to dinner with Nathan. The moment finally arrives, and Meredith sets up a date with the very ecstatic Nathan. In typical Meredith fashion, she gets cold feet when Maggie comes home from the hospital in tears because she really isn’t holding it all together. Nathan comes to pick Meredith up, and she gives him a rather rude rejection.

Meredith needs to get over herself and realize that Nathan could be good for her. Every time she thinks she wants to try and date him, Meredith doubts herself and turns away. This is understandable to a degree because, as Arizona points out to Nathan, Derek was Meredith’s epic love. How could she manage to love again? Nathan could be the one to break Meredith’s depression and loneliness if she gave him the chance. It is clear that they have chemistry and that Nathan has the best of intentions.

There’s no need for Meredith to coldly reject Nathan when she is trying to make plans with him just because she isn’t ready to convince herself that maybe she could love again. Thankfully, it won’t be long before their potential relationship gets off the ground, literally. The preview for the next episode shows a potential mile-high hook-up with a nightmare for both the characters and audience. After the ninth season finale, a.k.a. the horribly emotional airplane crash episode, none of the characters — or the audience — should be subjected to another scenario like that again. I don’t expect the plane that Meredith and Nathan are on in the preview to actually crash, but it looks to be enough to really make Meredith go off the deep end again. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to see an old-fashioned Meredith breakdown, but not if it comes in this cruel manner.


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