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Younger 3x07 Recap: “Ladies Who Lust” (Imagination) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Ladies Who Lust”
Original Airdate: November 9, 2016

We begin this episode with the brand-new sensation from last week — Me, Myself, and O — taking over the literary world and social media. Everyone, from The Today Show to the Ladies Who Lust literary icons, want to know who the mysterious author is. Of course, Edward L.L. Moore cannot be revealed because it will not only ruin sales of the new phenomenon, but threaten sales for Crown of Kings as well. Diana, still completely out of the loop on this one due to an airtight NDA, doesn’t understand why the author just won’t reveal herself. In order not to pass up the opportunity to do a live reading of the book at the Ladies Who Lust benefit, Liza and Kelsey meet with the Moore and his agent over lunch to devise a new plan. They decide the best thing to do is to get a high-powered female celebrity to read in his honor.

Meanwhile, the entire crew (Lauren, her new beau, Josh, Liza, and Kelsey) goes out and talk more about Me, Myself, and O, and how many partners they each have had. Josh, feeling a bit confused and possibly insecure, asks Liza how many sexual partners she has had. Liza reveals to Josh is her number three, and he is worried that she will wake up one day and need to make up for lost time.

Maggie is all-in with new girlfriend Malkey, and decides to impress her with a homemade, extravagant Kosher meal for her and her friends. While at dinner, Maggie gets a taste of just how close this group of friends really is. They have limited space or secrets between them, and you can tell Maggie is suffocating a bit in their group. She tries to escape for a moment in the bathroom, but they follow her in there. It is in that moment that we know Maggie will call it quits on this relationship. While Maggie likes Malkey, she explains to her immediately after dinner that their relationship is becoming too much for her and it is over.

At the Ladies Who Lust reading, Moore unfortunately shows up. He is tired of other authors trying to steal credit for his work. He is rude and even more obnoxious than usual, having a hard time taking a back seat and not reaping the praise and gratuities for his work. Gwyneth Paltrow was supposed to do the reading, but has cancels, and Moore puts Empirical in an impossible decision: either he comes out at the female author of this sexual revolutionary book, or Liza must read in Gwyneth’s absence. Liza reluctantly agrees and even though she does exactly what Moore asks, he still has an outburst and declares that he is Aubrey Alexis. In that moment, Kelsey adopts the “I am Sparta” method of operation, standing and shouting that she, too, is Aubrey Alexis. Eventually, everyone in the room does similarly, and the reading is a success.

Amidst the chaos in the episode, Kelsey meets a handsome writer from The New Yorker. The two flirt a bit but the crisis of Gwyneth’s cancellation prevents her from getting his number. The next day, Diana informs Kelsey that she has been mentioned in The New Yorker. It turns out that the cute writer has sent Kelsey some glowing compliments through his article. He asks her out to dinner, so we will see if this lasts! Kelsey needs someone to help her move on from Thad.

Josh, after reading Me, Myself, and O — and still feeling like Liza needs to go explore her sexuality — gives Liza a free pass for guy number four. He says he never wants to know about it, but if she wants to use it, she is free to do so. Liza assures him that she has no plans to use it anytime soon, but she pockets it anyway. Hmm.

Charles and his girlfriend, who still is extremely insecure and likely hiding something in my eyes, attends the reading. But instead of enjoying it, she mostly follows Charles and Liza around. She clearly doesn’t trust their relationship — which is valid — but instead of being forward about this, she just comes off as someone who can’t let her man out of her sight.

So what did you think about the episode? Is Charles still using this new woman as a placeholder for Liza? Will Liza use her free pass with Charles?

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