Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grey’s Anatomy 13x09 Review: “You Haven’t Done Nothin’” (Collide) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“You Haven’t Done Nothin’”
Original Airdate: November 17, 2016

It’s been a drama-filled first half of the season, but I was not prepared for the shocking mid-season finale. Grey’s Anatomy delivers its best episode of the season and serves up plenty of unforeseen surprises. What starts as a typical disaster story transforms into major changes in the doctors’ lives.


The day before the big assault trial of DeLuca vs. Karev doesn’t turn out quite as expected. After an apartment building collapses, the doctors have to come together to save the lives of the victims. Along the way, two huge secrets come out that are likely to shake up the second half of the season. First, Jo finally comes clean to Alex about her past. She is freaking out over being subpoenaed to testify in court because she’s afraid her abusive husband will hunt her down. She decides to pour her story out to Alex because she feels the whole situation is her fault for not telling him the real reason why she couldn’t marry him.

Jo isn’t entirely wrong — had she told Alex the truth from the get-go, it’s doubtful the assault would have ever happened. Alex and Jo are both distraught over the reveal, and it turns out that neither of them stopped loving the other. It will be interesting to see what comes of the minor reconciliation, but it doesn’t sound like DeLuca has a chance with Jo now. Two big issues still weren’t answered: what is Jo’s real name, and will Alex take a plea and go to jail to avoid Jo testifying? Alex wants to protect her, which is totally understandable, but he shouldn’t fall on the sword for her.

The other big secret that was revealed was the hiring of Dr. Minnick to take over the residency program. She shows up a few days early to help with the apartment collapse victims and tells Richard that she is now in charge of the program. Bailey doesn’t have the guts or heart to tell Richard that he is being demoted. After creating and building the program to what it is, Richard deserves better. Maggie is so against Bailey’s decision that she decides to rally the troops to fight it. By enlisting Jackson’s help, they are quickly able to get lots of doctors on their side. There is a potentially brutal fight on the horizon, and it is quite possible that someone is going to lose their job.


It’s no secret that Riggs and Owen have had some bad blood since Riggs arrived last season. Amelia has spent some time trying to fix things between them, and they finally have a break through. As they work together on one of the victims, Owen and Riggs open up to each other, which seems to instill more trust. Add in a good heart-to-heart chat, and we might be looking at a full recovery of their friendship. They are even planning to hang out at some point. This is a huge turn for Owen because he rarely changes.

As Owen makes up with Riggs, he realizes that he needs to fix things with Amelia. It’s unclear whether they have been staying in separate places or not, but it sounds like it has been a few days since they have talked. Owen wants to make amends over the baby situation and happily leaves the hospital to talk it out with Amelia. The scene quickly changes to Amelia penning a goodbye letter to Owen. Out of literally nowhere, Amelia is going to give up and leave?! Considering this is the only time we see her in the episode, this is a huge shock. I can’t help but feel bad for Owen, who doesn’t deserve a second wife to walk out on him. So this should be yet another major story to follow when the show returns.


As mentioned earlier, the biggest decision to come is whether Alex goes to court or takes a plea deal to go to jail for two years to protect Jo. Everyone tells Alex not to go to jail for her, but he doesn’t want to be responsible for Jo’s pain and suffering. It’s a noble but stupid move, as his life and career would be over. Meredith is probably the biggest factor, and she tries several times to talk Alex off the ledge. She finally admits that she wouldn’t be able to survive without him and that she can’t be the only one of the original five left. Her emotional voicemail affects Alex, but what will he do?

The definite in this situation is that Jo’s past is going to come back to get her. The whole hospital knows her story, so there are major repercussions to come. There are two ways Jo’s situation plays out: she will either have to face her husband and go through a major character arc, or she’s not going to make it back from the field assignment she leaves for at the end of the episode. There have been tons of major accidents involving main characters outside of the hospital, so I wouldn’t be surprised if another happens. Either way, judgement is coming for both Alex and Jo, so it should be an exciting second half of the season!


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