Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to Get Away With Murder 3x05 Recap: "It’s About Frank" (Everyone is a Hot Mess) [Contributor: Jen W.]

"It’s About Frank"
Original Airdate: October 20, 2016

This week’s episode we find out Laurel from the brining house is in critical condition. Bonnie makes a phone call we’re to assume is to Frank, but knowing this show I don't believe it. Michaela makes a grown man cry, Annalise goes to AA, then goes on a bender, and Frank and Bonnie do the nasty after they reconnect because of Frank killing Bonnie's dad.


Here are some banner episode moments:

1. Annalise in the beauty shop

I've see a lot on social media about people not “getting this scene.” I don't really understand needing to translate a moment most women have had in their lives — going and getting their hair done and spending time with their friends — but I can tell you the prevalence of community in black and Latina hair salons is bar none. It's about feeling like you belong.

2. Annalise’s bender

We see the past Frank she helped get out on parole. We see her past struggles with infertility and miscarriage. We see the struggles and the love in her marriage with Sam. And it's all really devastatingly heartbreaking.

3. Michaela and that accent

The Murder 5 (or 6 now I guess) tease Michaela about her “backwoods” accent after she sets down that guy who's name I never remember because he's awful. They try to get her to talk about her parents, she flatly refuses.

4. Bonnie and Frank hookup. Then he leaves.

Bonnie comforts Frank, who was having a nightmare about his father. They're both truly damaged people from abusive homes, and this whole thing hurts, but I'm glad they could seek comfort in each other. Then Frank dips and doesn't say where he's going. I think Bonnie had convinced herself that he would come back with her.

5. Laurel tells Wes she knows where Frank is. Wes makes Laurel tell Annalise. Bonnie catches them in the act.

And that's how the episode ends!!!! Come on!

What was your top moment of the week?

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  1. I really enjoyed the bonnie and frank hook up. I can't wait see more of their interactions and the flashbacks were really intriguing.