Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Get Away With Murder 3x03 Recap: "Always Bet on Black" (Morality Shmorality, Amirite?) [Contributor: Jen W.]

"Always Bet on Black"
Original Airdate: October 6, 2016

On a near-regular basis, How to Get Away With Murder does something that squicks the average moralist out. Meaning, Annalise and company take on cases that would make someone with your average take on morality feel pretty gross about themselves. Like, five-showers-in-a-day-to-wash-off-the-ick gross. And this week was no different. After last week’s debacle and Annalise refusing to step down, she’s taken on the case of a man who ended up buying a hooker, who then OD’d and passed out. Instead calling the cops, the man took a selfie with the woman, then realized she was dead and dragged her body to another location.

But wait! There’s more!

This isn’t the rub — he actually killed another woman because she made fun of him. #malefragility. Annalise manages to get him a reduced sentence while bringing closure to his victim’s family (a difficult task, considering he put her body in a freezer).

Yeah, sometimes I just don’t know, y’all.

Anyway, here are my highlights from the third episode of How to Get Away With Murder's season three:

1. Annalise slaps the heck out of her client Toby.

Annalise has no time to suffer Toby’s foolishness and, in a rare show of animosity and anger, Annalise slaps him into another stratosphere and tells him to take the plea bargain she’s arranged with the DA. I felt that in my own back teeth, fam.

2. Laurel was kidnapped at the age of sixteen.

It was kind of a throwaway comment, and I can’t remember if we already knew this, but Laurel was kidnapped before and her father didn’t want to pay the ransom. A lot of the animosity between she and her (recast) father stems from this fact.

3. Michaela steals $20k and she, Asher, Connor, and Ollie go to Atlantic City.

Toby, their heinous client, was apparently being blackmailed by one of his previous defense attorneys. So he withdrew $200k and was on his way to make the payment when he was intercepted by Annalise and Bonnie. In a fit of pique for being taken off the case, Michaela steals 20 large and they go to have fun in Atlantic City. Always bet on black, baby.

4. Meggie (Megi/Meggi?) doesn’t know what her place with Wes is.

In a surprisingly Wes-lite episode, Meggie discovers when Wes’s birthday is and is gung-ho to give him a present, but is weary about his relationship with Laurel. As she should be. I can see this trainwreck coming from a mile away.

5. Nate is living with Annalise... kind of.

Out of fear for what Frank may actually do, Nate’s moved in with Annalise. And because his body is a work of art, he makes healthy food and green smoothies for Annalise. It’s a really light-hearted funny moment. Also, the moment Ollie sees a sweaty, half-naked Nate is great comedy gold.

6. Laurel is lying to Annalise?

I live in perpetual confusion with this show, but apparently, in order to find Frank’s whereabouts, Laurel has to sign something for her father, which she does, then... lies about to Annalise. Oh Laurel, you know this isn’t going to work out in your favor.

7. The episode starts out with the flashforward...

Annalise gets booked and printed, Ollie erases everything from Annalise's phone like a good foot soldier, and Bonnie is alive. At the end of the episode, we flash forward six weeks, to the time of the the house fire and apparently there’s someone else that’s being brought out... and they have a pulse! GASP.

What was your favorite part of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments!


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