Sunday, October 30, 2016

Grey’s Anatomy 13x06 Review: “Roar” (Doing the Right Thing) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

Original Airdate: October 27, 2016
A surprising return, Alex at his best, and Bailey standing up for herself are at the forefront of this week’s new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. There’s also a shocking showdown on the way that is likely to shake up life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Even though it all seemed random, a lot went down very quickly.


Was I the only one scratching my head when Dr. Leah Murphy randomly showed up as Grey Sloan’s new resident? It’s been a few years in show time since Murphy was fired, so seeing her back is a little more than surprising. Shonda Rhimes did a good job of keeping this secret because there was no indication that Murphy was going to show up. I’m not sure what the motivation to bring her back was or how long she will be a guest star for, but at least she’s a familiar face.

After being fired, Murphy enrolled in another hospital’s residency program and became the top of her class. She idolizes Maggie and came back to Seattle to work with her. Murphy wants to be a cardiothoracic surgeon, so it seems like a good fit. Whether Murphy will handle the pressure of coming back or not will likely span a few episodes.


Catherine Avery has always been cold-blooded, but in this week's episode, she went further than I thought she would. Not only did Catherine threaten Bailey into making a decision about Alex’s employment, but she also indicated that her husband, Richard, might be a problem to the education of the hospital’s residency program. Catherine is overstepping her job title yet again, and it’s getting old. She needs to back off and let the proper people run the hospital. Next week’s episode is going to focus on an overhaul of the residency program, so the big question is whether Catherine’s influence will cause some doctors to be fired. It’s a little soon in the season for such a huge move, but it should be interesting to see what exactly happens.


Alex and Bailey were each able to come into their own in this episode and came together. After thinking a pregnant patient has cancer, Alex consults with Bailey, who takes the case. Bailey keeps trying to put Alex in his place after Catherine’s threat. Alex doesn’t take any of her nonsense and oversteps her authority multiple times, just like he used to. It was good to see Alex sticking to his guns and doing what is right. His suggestion was also able to give his dying patient some extra time to potentially allow her baby to be born.

Bailey also does the right thing by eventually standing up to Catherine. She says that she won’t fire Alex and believes that he deserves another chance because he is an amazing surgeon. It was nice that Bailey stood up for her one of her own.


There were also two odd things in this episode. First, Meredith only shows up for the first thirty seconds and the last minute of the episode. She leaves the house in the morning to go to work, but she’s never shown. This is so rare because Meredith is the titular character, so where was she? It’s always a little off-putting when Meredith isn’t around. At least she was there for the end scene, which was a very nice moment with Alex. He truly believes he is going to jail now, and my fingers are crossed that he doesn’t. I don’t think Meredith will survive without her two best friends.

The second thing I noticed wasn’t necessarily odd, but definitely shouldn’t be happening. It appears that DeLuca likes Jo and is trying to get with her. Jo doesn’t see his advances, but it’s pretty clear that they are spending a little too much time together. DeLuca needs to back off and let her figure out her problems with Alex.

Jo and Alex are good for each other, and they deserve each other. It would be rough to see that be even more jeopardized when Alex is already in hot water. Also, when is Jo going to admit her past to everyone? That has to be coming up soon because there’s no way she can keep it bottled up for long.


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