Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise 3x08 and 3x09 Roundtable: Bed, Wed, Behead [Contributors: Chelsea, Rebecca, Alisa, Patti Murin]

On the second-to-last week of Bachelor in Paradise, Wells goes out on a lot of dates, Ashley and Caila get in a fight, and Evan and Carly are gross. We honestly cannot see how even one couple will get engaged next week, but here we are. See what Chelsea, Rebecca, Alisa, and special guest Patti Murin have to say about these episodes of Bachelor in Paradise and who the new Bachelor is going to be.

First things first: What do you think of Nick as the new Bachelor?

Patti: I love it actually! About half-way through the after show I had a feeling that it was going to be him, mainly because I don’t buy into the possible Jen/Nick engagement that is being teased. And he’s really been such a big part of the Bachelor franchise that they kind of owe him a shot of his own. Like him or not, Nick split open a whole new world for The Bachelor when he was the first person to talk about sex on air, so he’s been a bit of a driving force in the modernization of the show. Wow, that was so much more intellectual than I intended. In short, I’m excited about it!

Chels: I was so stressed out waiting to hear who the new Bachelor would be. Even when they brought him out and I could only see the back of his head, I had a split second of panic that it was going to be Robby. He is the most entertaining outcome for the show, especially when you think about just how dull all the men JoJo had in her final four. I’m excited for Nick to find love. I’m going to go back and watch his seasons since I have no history with him outside of this season of Paradise. He’s kept it real the whole time on the show and I’m happy to have a whole season with him.

Rebecca: I have mixed emotions about Nick, but I’m glad to see him get another shot at love where he can’t be the runner-up! I agree with Patti that he’s been such a huge part of the Bachelor franchise, so I didn’t find it too surprising that they chose him. I remember not liking him on The Bachelorette, but I enjoyed him in Bachelor in Paradise. It will be interesting, and I’m curious as to what kind of women he will have to choose from.

Alisa: Well, I’m disappointed that once again, the perfect Chris Harrison has been passed over for The Bachelor title. Doesn’t our lovable, sardonic host need love, too? And I would totally sign up to be on a Chris Harrison-as-Bachelor season (apologies to my boyfriend). But I guess if it can’t be Chris Harrison, then Nick is the next best choice. Like Rebecca, I have really mixed feelings about Nick. I hated him on Andi’s season and barely tolerated him on Kaitlyn’s. But I will admit he’s been hilarious on Bachelor in Paradise, and he will definitely bring the drama which means it’ll be the most entertaining season we’ve had in a long, long time.

Sharleen Joynt Bachelor in Paradise recap

Let's play version of a game similar to one we're all familiar with. This one we'll call "bed, wed, or behead." Your choices are the women Wells went on dates with. Go!

Patti: Obviously bed Shushanna, KILL ASHLEY I. PLEASE, and marry Jami.

Chels: Bed, wed, behead is too easy. Obviously behead Ashley I., just to put her out of her misery. Bed Shushanna since she’s fun and obviously up for a good time. Wed Jami since she’s adorable and probably too nice for this franchise.

Rebecca: I love this idea! But like Chels said, it’s too easy. Bed Shushanna — she’s hot and likes to have a good time. Wed Jami — she seems so sweet and genuine and like she’d make a good wife/girlfriend. Behead Ashley I. No explanation needed.

Alisa: No-brainer here. Ashley I. should’ve been beheaded long ago. Get her gone. Bed Shushanna, obviously. And wed Jami, I suppose. Jami is adorable and all, but she doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb so it could make for a dull marriage.

Who do you think will be getting engaged in the finale next week?

Patti: Josh and Amanda! And now that Nick is the next Bachelor, I’m assuming it won’t be him and Jen. Maybe Grant and Lace? I kind of hope so.

Chels: Grant and Lace are the most stable couple in this show. The way they handled their fight was so real and mature. I see them going the distance since they actually seem to know each other and want to make it work. Jen is another one of those normal people that doesn’t belong in this franchise. I like her though. She didn’t really have enough time or a fair chance with Nick. Wells has options. He’s coming out of this show a champion. Carly deserves so much better than Evan. Can we go back and have her as the Bachelorette? What a missed opportunity. Josh and Amanda make my skin crawl.

Rebecca: Well from the previews, we know Josh is going to propose (unfortunately). I don’t believe that Nick is going to propose to Jen although the previews made it look that way. I’m also rooting for Lace and Grant, but I don’t think Lace is ready. I can definitely see Evan proposing to Carly, but I’m hoping he doesn’t — or that he does but Carly says no.

Alisa: Unfortunately, I think Evan and Carly are gonna end up engaged. I reeeeeeally hope not because Evan’s so gross and creepy. And I could see Lace/Grant and Josh/Amanda ending up together as well, though I don’t see any of those couples lasting in the long run. I agree with Chelsea that out of all of these couples, Grant and Lace actually seem like the most stable and mature which is terrifying and shocking, but I guess that’s life for you.


  1. What is it about Evan that's so bad? All I see is a good guy who is a bit quirky in love with a woman who loves him back. What's wrong with that?

  2. What is it about Evan that's so bad? All I see is a good guy who is a bit quirky in love with a woman who loves him back. What's wrong with that?