Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Bachelorette 12x07 Roundtable: Horses Of Course [Contributors: Rebecca, Alisa Williams, Chelsea, Rae Nudson]

This week, JoJo and her boyfriends spend a lot of time with horses before getting down to some serious feelings talks. As JoJo gets ready for hometown dates two men had to say goodbye — and we’re not that sorry to see them go. See what Rebecca, Alisa, Chelsea, and Rae thought about this week’s The Bachelorette.

Whose hometown visit are you looking forward to the most? Whose do you think will go awry?

Rebecca: I’m definitely looking forward to Jordan’s and Robby’s the most — they will definitely have the most drama, and I’m a sucker for the drama The Bachelorette provides. I’m interested in learning more about Jordan’s rocky relationship with Aaron (which, by the way, didn’t he play up being brothers with a famous professional football star in the beginning of the season? And they don’t even talk? WTF!). Robby’s will probably be filled with tension because of whatever claims are being made about his ex.

Alisa: I’m looking forward to Jordan's and Luke’s hometown visits the most. Jordan’s will undoubtedly be drama-filled thanks to the bombshell they just dropped about him not speaking to his famous brother. I’m honestly surprised ABC has been able to keep the lid on that juicy tidbit this whole time. As for Luke, he really grew on me this week. Despite the fact that I still think he has the face of a super villain, I thought he and JoJo had a lovely date where he was able to be comfortable and just let his guard down. I hope we get more of that during hometowns.

Chelsea: Luke and Jordan should have interesting hometowns. I already knew Jordan and his brother don’t get along from following Olivia Munn on Twitter. Our frontrunner has a salty past with Ms. Munn’s friend that has damaged his relationship with his brother.

Rae: I’m interested in Robby’s hometown thanks to that drama-filled preview they showed — except I always fall for the previews and then it turns out to be nothing. Luke’s family looked cute (was that an adorable little baby I saw at his house?), and I hope his visit goes really well since he’s my frontrunner.

How do you feel about who JoJo sent home this week?

Rebecca: I’m not surprised. James was my only consistent favorite from week one, but he disappointed me this week. I feel like he’s a good guy, but I was totally turned off when he started causing unnecessary drama this week. Stay in your lane, dude.

Alisa: I am overjoyed Alex is finally gone. What an immature and angry little man. I understand that it’s a bummer to be the last guy standing who hasn’t gotten that coveted one-on-one, but the way he kept rubbing it in when JoJo picked him up was petty and uncalled for. All his little jabs about how he’s “been waiting a long time for this” and “this has been a long time coming” got old rather quick. Plus, it didn’t really seem like he and JoJo had much chemistry. #ByeFelicia

As for James Taylor, I really liked him... right up until this episode. His behavior on the group date just seemed so immature and put Robby in a tense spot where he was having to defend behavior that may or may not have been completely fabricated. Plus, the seeds of doubt James Taylor planted in JoJo’s mind about Robby are probably at least part of the reason she’s getting so upset in next week’s previews. If someone’s already implied a guy you like is busy checking out other ladies, and then you hear there might still be something going on with his ex, you’re going to be more ready to believe it because it’s going to seem like a pattern. I’m not even a fan of Robby’s, but he didn’t deserve to have James Taylor’s random drama unleashed on him unexpectedly. I think James Taylor really let his lack of confidence get the best of him and it ruined any last chance he had with JoJo.

Chelsea: I’m not surprised to see either one of them go because of last week. Like, finally and thank goodness Alex left. He’s the real villain this season because he thinks he’s a nice guy and has no awareness about his toxic masculinity. All he did was whine this season about not having his one-on-one date and bullied the other contestants.

I liked James Taylor but it was so apparent that the producers got him to stir up some drama since the show has been kind of stale. I’m not surprised to see him go. He’s so nice and too pure for this show. And there is some clever editing with this because Jordan and James Taylor are basically best friends on social media.

Rae: Alisa, your “what an immature and angry little man. ” I’m dying and I completely agree. It was a little anticlimactic she kept Alex around just to send him home immediately, but when JoJo made a horrified face when she heard him say "I love you," it was time for him to go. I knew James Taylor wasn’t going to be the one for JoJo — I got the feeling she was keeping him around because she knew he was a good guy and she wanted to want a good guy — so I think it’s ultimately good he got sent home before things went further. But it was still sad to see him leave. He seems so nice, and I bet his family would be, too.

Who do you think will be in the final two? Are you ready to declare a winner?

Rebecca: I’m almost certain Jordan will win. Although I am not fond of him, it’s clear JoJo is super into him. They have a good chemistry, and he’s really opened up to her about his feelings and himself the past couple weeks, which you can tell she appreciates. I can see Robbie in the final two if they make it past the ex-girlfriend drama/rumors.

Alisa: I have no doubt Jordan will be in the final two. He and JoJo’s chemistry seems the strongest, and I could seem him winning. Now that I’ve tentatively become a Luke fan, I’d like to see him in the final two as well, but I don’t see him winning. I could see him as the next Bachelor though. I still get bad vibes from both Chase and Robby, so I’m really hoping neither of them make it out of hometowns.

Chelsea: Jordan has been the frontrunner since day one, and I’ve been up and down with how much I personally like him. I think he and JoJo are looking for the same fame-type things from this show, and I have a feeling he’ll win. As for the last spot, it’s really between Luke and Robby for it, and I have a feeling she’s going to give it to Robby because he’s the first guy this season that said he loved her and she didn’t freak out about it. Luke is super cute, but he hasn’t really opened up and they’ve been emphasizing how much of a physical attraction they have. I say Luke leaves after the Fantasy Suite. How is Chase still here? He looks like Jordan and Vinny had a baby with zero personality.

Rae: I forget that Chase exists every time he leaves the screen. When they were all on the bus, I literally turned to the person next to me and asked who he was. So I’m hoping he goes soon. I think all the men left over look almost exactly the same, which is kind of funny but also kind of weird.

I think Luke and Jordan will be in the final two, and I’m really hoping that Luke is the last one standing, and not Jordan. I think that Luke would provide a grown up relationship for JoJo and Jordan would just provide gossip-fodder drama. On the other hand, I would much rather watch Luke as the next Bachelor than Jordan, especially now that I know there won’t be any cameos from Olivia Munn.


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