Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beauty & the Beast 4x07 Recap: “Point of No Return” (On the Run) [Guest Poster: Bibi]

“Point of No Return”
Original Airdate: July 14, 2016

In this week’s episode, we open with Vincent joining Cat at home, completely unbothered by what happened last week because he knows he killed Hill in self-defense. His unleashed days are quickly overshadowed by DHS busting in and him changing into beast form. As it turns out, that is all a dream. In reality, Vincent is so concerned about being caught by DHS that he and Cat are living separate lives. They are so disconnected for safety reasons that Cat doesn't even know where Vincent is.

Meanwhile, DHS shows up to take away J.T. and his computer. When he gets to their offices, he is introduced to Hill’s replacement and see Heather there, whose whereabouts have been unknown. While Cat tries to earn her new boss’ trust by convincing him that she doesn’t know where Vincent is, Vincent attempts to lay low and Tess gathers as much insider info as she can.

Vincent eventually blurs and takes Cat to a safe location to tell her a plan where basically she needs to throw him under the bus and convince DHS that's she's on their side. While reluctant at first, she eventually agrees to the plan. Vincent then captures the person who has a bounty out on him and, with the help of J.T., sets some things in motion in order to get access to DHS leadership. Meanwhile, Cat’s every move is being watched by DHS. She invites Tess and Heather over to chat about turning in Vincent. Cat meets Vincent and after a lengthy discussion, and turns him over to DHS. He is angry and blurs away just in time. Cat meets with the team and tells them she isn't sure he bought the plan, since she isn't sure of anything right now and didn't have a chance to fill him in beforehand.

Eventually, Cat and Vincent meet up and she explains that she arranged that talk with
Tess and Heather because she knew DHS was following her. She sold DHS on her betrayal of Vincent, but now they need an ACTUAL plan.

So what did you think of the episode? What will they do? How is Kyle involved? I know he's involved because one, it was obvious in the beginning and now, he's asking too many questions about Vincent. Heather trusts him, but I'm not sure why (and she reveals a bit too much information to him). What will Cat and Vincent do to ensure he doesn't go to prison?

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